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We should be supporting ISSUES, regardless of candidate: My take on the Romney Speculations!

So, I havn't done many posts in my time here, but I wanted to weigh in on all the *what if Romney*...speculation and *would you support?* questions. I support issues, not candidates. If Romney makes a decisive move toward libertarian and freedom oriented issues, I will applaud him and support him on those issues! If he chooses Rand as his VP or RP as his treasury sec., I will be pleased with those efforts to reach out and will continue to support many of the issues Rand and Ron have champion.


At this point, I think we all know where Romney stands! Well, on second though, I think we're mostly clueless as to where he stands, but at least we know that he does not stand with us or with Liberty. For that reason, I will not be voting for Mittens in the general election, but I will still support the same liberty oriented issues I have always supported and if Romney wants to adopt some of those issues, then I say: Great! I hope that he does so, b/c it will only help our cause. In that way, he can count on my "support" IF he becomes the nominee, but he can forget about getting my vote. Ron Paul has already earned my vote and that is not going to change. Just my eight cents on the matter. :)

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One of the biggest

One of the biggest problems I have with Romney is that he seems to "go along to get along". Even if Mitt did adopt Ron's entire platform, I wouldn't vote for him. He has an awful record of saying one thing and then minutes/hours/days/weeks/months later he says completely different depending on who is listening. I don't think Romney is aware that everything he says is being recorded and can be viewed at any time. As you pointed out in your post, no one is sure what Romney actually believes because it is so painfully obvious that he is pandering to get votes on almost every issue.

Does Mitt Even Do Interviews? Ron vs Mitt , I bet Ron has done

hundreds of interviews when compared to the number of interviews Mitt does. Mitt hides out while Ron Paul is always available to do interviews. Mitt is a coward and fears giving out wrong answers for fear he will be exposed more for being a flip flopper. Ron Paul speaks the truth, same answers all the time and loves to do interviews for the purpose on educating the public so they can make informed decisions at the polls. Caveman Mitt, his favorite place to live, in a dark cave where no one can find him.


For sure!

Yeah, Right on! In one way, it could be a good thing, b/c it means that we could (conceivably) control what comes out of his mouth...That can be said for many politicians. In the way that really counts, however, it means that they/he cannot be trusted and we should not reward them/him with our votes. So I say, lets keep pushing on the issues and get them out in the open for public discussion...One day, what is meaningless rhetoric may actually become meaningful policy.

"When I say liberty I do not simply mean what is referred to as 'free enterprise.' I mean liberty of the individual to think his own thoughts and live his own life as he desires to think and to live..." - Robert A. Taft