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Demand is So Strong for Government Program Paying Farmers Not to Plant Crops That Some Were Turned Away

Demand is So Strong for Government Program Paying Farmers Not to Plant Crops That Some Were Turned Away

What a gimmick, huh? You pay the taxes so your food will cost you more and the politicians buy the farmer's vote with your money! 'Keeping it green' for DC at least.

Posted by Robert Wenzel

Pay people enough not to do things, anything from working to planting crops, and they won't.

More farmers than expected applied to put their land in a government program that pays the farmers not to plant crops and not all of the acres could be accommodated, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Friday.

The USDA accepted 3.9 million new acres into the Conservation Reserve Program, or CRP, in the latest sign-up period and turned away 600,000 acres, reports WSJ.

Of course, this is all mad central planning used to buy votes, under the guise of protecting the farm land. WSJ writes:

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Just another way of taking

Just another way of taking over the economic means of production...

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.



A number of years ago

I was renting my land to a dairy farmer (i have a different tenant now) I was offended when he told me he made $50,000 on government payments from land he rented! This was land he rented, did not own and was paid not to grow on it! When diary prices fell he got a huge bail out check from the USDA to sign a contract that he would agree not to produce dairy for 5 years. He kept his land and equipment as per the agreement, he just sold his cattle. 5 years later he was back in dairy again with another subsidy. I am sure there is some kind of twisted logic for the government to do this, but I sure don't understand it.

This was originally part of the New Deal

Roosevelt implemented this exact thing as the AAA (which was later found unconstitutional but he managed to reinstate it with the threat of court packing.)

Big Government

Will most likely be getting some more votes from some farmers by the looks of it. ;)


our federal taxes

are not subsidizing this or that particular program. Instead, we throw our money into a bottomless pit that spends a trillion more than it takes in


they should make pie charts that look like dart boards so we can better track our tax dollars.

CRP has been in existence for many years

and contrary to some beliefs, it is good for wildlife habitat. The land does not sit idle, it must be planted with native grasses and/or trees. So at least the wildlife have a place to go when the crops are out. The gov't rents the land from the farmer and the farmer must plant and maintain it. The USDA markets this program as the environmentally responsible thing to do and that's why there are so many farmers enrolled. I'm not saying it's a good program, it's not! My personal opinion of it is that it probably vastly increases revenue through hunting. More habitat equals more deer, more pheasants, more turkeys, more tags sold and more revenue the state makes. I see a ton of out-of-state hunters paying premium to hunt here, whether for geese, deer, pheasants, or turkeys. I live in the middle of nowhere and during deer season I have on average 4 door knocks asking to hunt per day and probably 40-50 vehicles pass by my house per day. All other times of the year I may be lucky to see 2 cars pass by per day. The state makes huge money from this, and if game numbers drop it would cut deeply into state revenue.

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Drives up food prices and killed the family farm

You are dreaming - what really is earned from hunting? - what huge money is made, is made by the hugh corporate farmers who are insured an income after these price manuplations have already killed the family farm. They get paid for doing nothing and there are no risks.

There is no upside to the Agriculture Department. You have to pay for them in overhead and salary and then you have to pay for them at the store with higher prices.

In addition, there are millions of hungry people. I am sure our unemployed masses would like $.50 a loaf bread.

There is no defence for these practices.

The state revenue

thing is something I would consider a problem and anti-freedom, rather than freedom promoting. Just another negative of this program. Wildlife has and does thrive more so under private management than state management.

I also live around CRP in Idaho. I remember thinking it was a stupid idea when I hit about 8 years old and my dad said that the government paid the farmers not to raise crops.

I don't disagree

I didn't say CRP was good for freedom. I was simply stating the obvious when I said that the program was for state revenue. They obviously want more money, not that I agree with the tactic.

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Been around since the '50's

This has been going on since I can remember (back to the 50's)
There seems to be huge contridiction in the government as to whether the American people need to have pay higher prices for bread because the government can gain power buying up wheat and bribe other countries with charity, or should they pay the farmers not to raise wheat. Either way the population pays more for bread.

This goes on throughout agriculture. We pay more because of the FDA - one of the reasons Ron Paul wants to take away their department. It's not just raw milk!!!! The whole department wreaks of corruption lobbyists. and foreign aid in disguise.

If Ron Paul is elected or if the dollar collapses this is another disgusting horror that will go away

Central planning...

I thought Soviet Union was dead.
I guess I was wrong.

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Of course not.

We will continue to try the Soviet experiment until we prove it successful. The Soviets didn't have enough time. It was all of the events outside of central planning that caused the Soviet union to fall. Namely too much freedom and Austrian economic principles. And that pesky hatred of birds........

And liberals think we're dumb.

Ron Paul Living Legend

Ron Paul Living Legend