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Bayer and the Rothschild family, the spread of HIV

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg-52mHIjhs You may or may not be aware that the Bayer's are really the globalist banker family called the Rothschilds. Anonymity is crucial for these elite families who control the governments, the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries, and the mainstream entertainment and news media (they OWN AP and Reuters) to make it seem like those who are connected by incestuous interbreeding and business networks are actually unrelated, such as the Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, Schiff's, etc. Throughout history they have been able to hide behind their networks and front men to play down the amount of power, control and wealth they truly have. Almost all of the great industrialists and bankers in the new world order were set up by the Rothschilds as was the U.S. Federal Reserve,allowing them to print money out of thin air and then charge the public interest for said money, effectively, yet covertly STEALING our labor. There are several descendants of Rothschild that do not bare the name, such as Rockefellers and Astors via intermarrying and through bastard children and bloodline dilution, as well as descendants from the original German family of Bauers who aren’t researched because the focus is always on the Rothschild dynasty. The name Bayer can be traced back to Bauer, and as you know, Bayer is one of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical companies. Some even claim Hitler was a Rothschild bastard. Whether the name change was a deliberate deception or simply a fresh start for these satanic bankster criminials, the name "Rothschild" meaning Red Shield, is now synonymous with the global banking conspiracy, and the control and corruption of the food, water and medical industry is but one arm of this gigantic beast system.

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it matters

it matters because greedy insidious corporations like bayer for example sent tons of painkillers infected with hiv across seas to be.sold because they werent allowed to sell it in the american market. saved them tons of money but cost alot of foreign lives. but you wouldnt know that, would you? use google learn something and stop bashing intelligent posters , corporate conduct should be public knowledge!

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

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Eww, I always wonder what you bloodline

zealots imagine you can accomplish by posting such borderline bigot ravings. Decent and rational individualists judge people by their personal conduct, not by family heritage.

Thank you

According my research what you are saying is true.

Hitler was supported by

George W's grandfather. Check him out. He is NWO to the hilt and indoctrinated all his sons. George Herbet Walker Bush supports Obama 'cause he's a NWO too. Unverified but it's been news for a long time.

Keepin' it real.

Those are facts

The Bush family is not American but Nazi Germans.

re: rumours that Hitler was Rothschild

No credible evidence exists that Hitler was a Rothschild. This rumour, along with others -such as his being Jewish or a British Agent- were conjured up during WW2 by British Intelligence as part of a "black propaganda" campaign to demoralise European supporters and Germans in general. Such stories continue to be parroted today by people like David Icke and Alex Jones, however, anyone who bothers to research the origin of said stories will discover that they hold no water.

Just wanted to point that out. Carry on. :)

Glad you were able to clear

Glad you were able to clear that up with historical facts. We have way too many uneducated conspiracy theorists supporting Dr. Paul and just repeat whatever Alex Jones or some other idiot says is factual.

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Very well...

...said and true. All true.

How to hack at the head of the beast instead of the lower branches is the key to winning for the sake of the world.


You know the real reason why

You know the real reason why they wanted paper money is because gold and silver are terrible media for transmitting bacteria and viruses.

Paper is an optimal medium for spreading disease and depopulating the earth!

Wow, I'm just glad European

Wow, I'm just glad European royalty had nothing to do with it!


is responsible for the spread of Hepatitus C namely genotype 1.

They spread the disease from Blood donation banks which they are the chief owners of plasma donation centers operating under various names.

People getting and giving the blood during the 80's were exposed to contaminated blood with the disease which is a silent killer.

It was spread in blood banks just like aids was from Bayer during the early 80's to the early 90's.

They get shut down only to open another blood bank with another name.
Now they have tests for donors so it's not as easy to catch it. Blood banks GAVE hep C to donors too with their contaminated donation procedure at that time, as there were no gloves worn, use of the same needle was regular practice, and co-mingling of blood in the back rooms where they separated the plasma from the blood and then put the blood back into your veins.

More people have Hep C than HIV. It's an epidemic.

HIV and HEP C were spread viciously through this contaminated method during that time.

Bayer and it's subsidies are at fault.

Has anyone been successful in sueing them for giving them diseases?

They made billions off of this blood.

They shipped it to Canada's hemopheliacs and infected all of them.

Have they ever paid for this? It's a form of eugenics.

All people who gave blood in the 80's should get a hep c test. It's a slow killer. End result is a gruesome death from liver disease.

Keepin' it real.

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Thank you for this post. My mother died in 1983 from

Hepatitis C and I was only 13 years old at the time. She was a deeply religious and very virtuous woman and she died a slow, painful death. We were told by doctors that she probably had contracted the disease as a result of a blood transfusion she received in the mid-60's from a hospital that had been receiving blood from homeless people who had been selling their blood for drug money and they had all been sharing needles. I have often wondered who was to blame for all of it. Lord knows what unknown diseases are lurking in the blood donations people receive even today. If blood banks don't know a disease exists, then they can't test for it.

"More people have Hep C than HIV. It's an epidemic. "

...Tell me about it...:-(

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


I have read "Bloodlines of the illuminati"by Fritz Sprinmeier. it seems to be real.i dont know if they are truly satanist or Pagans/luciferians?but there not christens.and through out time most of them and there puppets clam to be,and the sheep buy in to it.


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I will not attempt to delve

I will not attempt to delve into the issue, but there are so many anomalies concerning the whole science behind HIV as the cause of AIDS that those anomalies should raise questions in the minds of anyone with half-a-brain. HIV has never been purified, isolated or even shown to replicate, thus the whole theory behind HIV as the cause of AIDS is questionable. If HIV is a virus, then it is the first virus with an IQ, for it decides which illnesses to present, differing in different patients in supposedly different risks groups. Additionally, the idea that AIDS is spreading rampantly, especially throughout Africa, is also questionable. Big Pharma is making a killing killing people with their extremely toxic concoctions and using HIV as one of the excuses to carry out this hideous crime.

I have to question the entire premises behind HIV/AIDS, even the ELISA/Western Blot test state the fact that they cannot test for HIV/AIDS, but billions upon billions of dollars are being made on the test themselves. The test all come back as NON-SPECIFIC for antigens to HIV, but that is to be expected since HIV has never been purified or isolated. Even the inventor of the Viral Load test has stated that there is no possible way that the test he invented can produce a count for an HIV Viral Load due to the fact that those test cannot determine the count of something that has to date, been non-specific in test. Not to mention the fact that studies have shown that every single sample of blood test positive if that sample is not diluted to a ratio of 400:1, that too should cause anyone to question the premise. In other words, every single person on earth will test positive for HIV if dilution of their blood samples is not completed.

It should also raise questions that there are patients who exhibit AIDS symptoms that are not, nor have ever been HIV positive and vice-versa. It is bogus science that reaps huge benefits from governments, especially the U.S. government and it is a science that is killing people left and right. There are even reports of an Amazonian Tribe that has had no outside contact, no cases of AIDS and yet over 13% of that tribe test positive for HIV, now how is that possible?

So, if Bayer and the Rothschilds are spreading HIV, they are spreading little more than fragments of an unknown and here-to-date non-specific antigen to a non-specific virus that has never been isolated, purified or, for that matter verified to actually cause AIDS.

I say all that to say...I have questions!


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

HIV has never been purified,

HIV has never been purified, isolated or even shown to replicate, thus the whole theory behind HIV as the cause of AIDS is questionable.

Bullshit. It has not only been isolated, its genome has been sequenced.

You have absolutely no understanding of epidemiology or immunology, and proliferating bullshit like the "HIV doesn't cause AIDS" hypothesis is only going to endanger the lives of anyone foolish enough to listen to you.

Viruses usually weaken with time

I'm wondering why HIV hasn't burnt itself out by now
All thru history we have been Exposed to pandemics , endemics and epidemics
The human race should of been wiped out by now but it's not
It's due to these disease entity's burning out Yet even though HIV prevails and is on the decline
Why hasn't it vanished


Viruses usually weaken with time

I'm wondering why HIV hasn't burnt itself out by now
All thru history we have been Exposed to pandemics , endemics and epidemics
The human race should of been wiped out by now but it's not
It's due to these disease entity's burning out Yet even though HIV prevails and is on the decline
Why hasn't it vanished


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Not according the many of the

Not according the many of the top research viral and molecular biologists around the world, in fact, there is a growing segment of scientists who now question the whole premise of HIV. I believe there is a pretty big cash reward for anyone that can isolate HIV, thus far no one has claimed that reward.

Now, if HIV has been isolated and the genome mapped, then why are they still relying upon ELISA and Western Blot Test to determine a positive/negative result? Why are they still relying upon PCR to amplify only fragments of an DNA segment and not the whole virus? Certainly, that would not make much sense would it if they indeed has purified HIV, isolating it and qualifying its genome?

First, what is AIDS, well it appears to be several things depending on which country the definition diseases or medical conditions that have been lumped under the title of AIDS. The strange thing is that the NIH states that AIDS is nothing more than a surveillance tool used to track and record familiar diseases when they appear in people who have tested “positive” for antigens to HIV. Additionally, since they have not actually isolated the virus the only way they can determine whether a test is positive or negative is to test for a very specific protein that they theorize is associated with HIV, but since there has been no verifiable, isolated or purified sample of HIV, there is no real way for them to tell what that antigen really is reacting to in the body or if that antigen is an immune response to HIV.

If HIV were actually the cause of AIDS then why on earth would illness present differently in different risk groups. Gay men present different illnesses than IV drug users who present different illnesses than Hemophiliacs who present differently than straight people. Does HIV have such capabilities to determine which illness it presents depending on who it infects? Based on what the establishment medical profession and researchers tell us that is exactly the case and if that is the case then we don’t have a mindless virus on our hands, but a virus with the capability to discern which patient gets which illness and that is simply an impossibility.

So, can you imagine receiving what amounts to a fatal diagnosis but not being told that the diagnosis is purely based on an unproved idea and a testing system that is so uncertain that it even puts a disclaimer on the box?

Then imagine that you are prescribed some of the most toxic experimental drugs in the world, most of which were approved without very much testing, because that is exactly what is being asked of people who are unfortunate enough to get a modern HIV test with a positive result.

And you say I am endangering the lives of people….


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

There is no growing segment

There is no growing segment of AIDS-denialist quacks. You're lying.

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It is evident that since you

It is evident that since you cannot provide an adequate rebuttal you must therefore simply relent and stand upon the comment you made above. If what you say is true then it should be a simple case for you...prove it! Provide an adequate rebuttal otherwise you comments are simply nothing more than the passing of wind.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

"...otherwise you(r) comments...

are simply nothing more than the passing of wind."

As usual...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Tell us more. We and 1000s

Tell us more. We and 1000s of doctors and scientists would like to know what you know...

"the "HIV doesn't cause AIDS" hypothesis is only going to endanger the lives of anyone foolish enough to listen to you."

Interesting because if we are right, and we are, then giving people BS tests and then putting them on chemotheraputic drugs until they eventually get sick is what is dangerous... I used to think like you did, until I began researching...

"HIV" hasn't even met Koch's Postulate.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

If you want to know

If you want to know something, enroll in a college. I'm not the welfare office and I don't hand out free lessons.

Perhaps an education would serve you well, if you're not too far gone to learn.

In other words, you won't

In other words, you won't answer, but instead trying to be cute? Do you see how you lose credibility?

Maybe you don't hand out free lessons, but you sure hand out a bunch of nonsense and not ready to back it up..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

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For well over 20 years, every

For well over 20 years, every tid-bit of AIDS research has been completely and totally based on the HIV hypothesis and yet, throughout all these years HIV has never been isolated or purified by any method that is scientifically accepted to fulfill the requirements of classical virology. That is a substantial problem, one that is only now being addressed seriously by the medical and scientific communities around the world.

Part of the problem too, is that when the results of HIV are produced, such results are totally dependent upon another retrovirus which is called Friend Leukemia which, begs the question, if that is the case with such HIV cultures then why on earth would it depend on another known retrovirus to get any type of results in testing?

Interestingly enough, purification is not expensive, it is a rather rapid process to reproduce viruses in cultures and yet, they have failed to actually reproduce and culture a purified sample of HIV, why? Thus, it should be very surprising to learn that throughout the last 20 or so years, no one has ever succeeded in demonstrating actual HIV particles in the blood of any AIDS patient using the classical methodology accepted by the research community. There is actually a total lack of electron microscope evidence that substantiates a viral load in AIDS patients, while they could demonstrate retroviral particles or artifacts in the blood of AIDS patients they are, to this day, unable to verify that it was indeed HIV particles or artifacts instead of any number of other retroviral particles or artifacts. The only place that an impression, and it is only an impression of a virus they call HIV has been reproduced is in Leukemic mice, but thus far it has never been demonstrated in a single AIDS patient, the contradiction here should be obvious.

Most claims of HIV isolation are completely based on the generation of non-specific markers, but that’s it. Thus, since the HIV virus is absent for all AIDS patient samples the researcher must stake his research on markers instead which, can be physical, genetic or chemical in nature. Since all classical retroviruses thus far identified share essentially the very same shape and density, they all reach the same level during high-speed centrifugation, thus, they all sediment at the same density. But to complicate the issue, it has been well known and demonstrated that a large variety of cellular fragments and cellular debris will also sediment at the same density. Therefore, it is impossible to simply state that collecting sedimentary material demonstrates anything remotely close to retroviral isolation. Now, most of the research in HIV is based on the assumption that retroviruses all produce reserve transcriptase activity, but the fact is that they have found that such reserve transcription is not limited to retroviruses but in a very common occurrence.

Additionally, I find it very odd that it has never been possible for any retroviral particle to be witnessed by electron microscopy in the blood samples of any AIDS patient even when those patients were selected because a PCR test resulted in what was considered a very high viral load.

Strangely enough, there appear to be endogenous human retrovirus fragments in the human body that are essentially not from an external viral source but are indigenous to the human genome, of which, about 2% of the entire human genome contains a retroviral marked homology. That raises far more questions regarding testing than we can imagine. That being the case, then using PCR to measure a viral load can have absolutely no relationship with the ability to actually quantify what fragments are exogenous to those what are indigenous.

Again, Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the PCR method in gene research, completely and categorically rejects that PCR is capable of measuring HIV viremia, or a viral load, yet the medical profession is depending on PCR to measure that very thing and diagnose patients with a vial load number. Additionally, such cultures require hyperstimulation with one or more growth factors such as PHA, TCGF, corticosteroid hormones or interleukin2, all of which are well known to activate an expression of endogenous human retroviruses. Again, they are simply tossing these cultures against the wall to see what sticks and what falls away, not very scientific.

Thus, since HIV has never been isolated, nor purified, the question is what gives the official medical, scientific and pharmaceutical industries the right to act as though it has and what are the consequences of their actions in fighting something with drugs that are virtually unknowns in response. Additionally, there are literally dozens of other medical illnesses that can and do produce a positive result on all the test available today for HIV, even certain vaccines can produce a positive result in a person.

Now the big question is that if AIDS is really caused by a retrovirus called HIV, they why have the whole global scientific community failed to isolate that retrovirus? Why are they forced to use crossreactive serological test if HIV can be specifically identified?


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

I CANNOT believe there is

I CANNOT believe there is someone else who knows the truth about the whole HIV/AIDS nonsense... THANK YOU!!

The whole theory is akin to finding parts of different unidentified cars in a junk yard and then claiming they are from a specific car.

Let alone, the way the use the ELISA test is a fraud and means nothing.. they dilute the blood 400 times to get results, unheard of in the medical industry. When they don't, all people are "positive."

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

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As I said, I have numerous

As I said, I have numerous questions regarding the whole premise behind the science. When it is all said and done, this HIV/AIDS fraud will be just as criminal as the Centralized Banking System is around the world.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

What? I don't understand what

What? I don't understand what you're saying! Are saying doctors are lying to everybody? And telling people they have HIV when they don't?

juan maldonado

Doctors aren't lying to

Doctors aren't lying to anybody. AIDS-denialism is just crank conspiracy theory bullshit.

Usually I'd agree with just ignoring these idiots when they make their crank claims but when it comes to this subject, they ought to be thrown in prison for making those assertions.