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Formal Complaint to Demand Indiana AG and Secretary of State File Criminal Charges Against GOP Chair Jamey Noel

Formal Complaint Delivered to Indiana GOP Concerning Indiana State Police Officer Jamey Noel Who Serves As Both Clark County GOP Chairman and Congressional District 9 GOP Chairman; Denied Elected Candidates the Right to take their Elected Office


Text of document above follows:
May 27, 2012 via newsgroup@indgop.org

Dear Indiana Republican Party: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke

I am compelled to do something to respond to election fraud and voter disenfranchisement taking place in Clark County. Kelly Khuri and Teresa Ballew were elected to their Republican state convention delegate positions by the voters of Clark County Indiana on May 8, 2012. Kelly and Teresa paid their delegate fees via PayPal on May 18. Those fees were returned to Kelly and Teresa, stating that their fees were not paid on time. Martina Webster, Sue Atkins, and Donald Stahl also paid their delegate fees via PayPal on May 18, and were accepted, and those 3 delegates were informed that they would be seated as state convention delegates. Kelley Curran attempted to contact Jamey Noel on May 18 and her call was never returned. Kelley Curran then contacted Wayne Carter and he left a recorded message that she had no reason to be concerned because her fees were marked paid (she did not pay for her fees). It is my understanding that other delegate fees have been marked paid, without them being paid out of their own pockets as well. I do not know the source and exact timing of the payment of these fees that were paid in behalf of many delegates, but not others.

I am a lifelong Republican. I donated to many candidates, and worked in several campaigns. My Republican credentials are well documented. I do not want to air this dirty laundry for all to see, especially our Democrat opponents. However, this corruption under our own tent cannot be allowed to stand. This is one of the most blatant cases of election fraud and disenfranchisement that I have ever witnessed.

If the Indiana Republican Party does not step in and take immediate action to seat Kelly Khuri, Teresa Ballew, and others, to their legally elected and earned state convention delegate positions, I intend to ask the Indiana Attorney General (who grew up in Clark County) and the Secretary of State to file criminal charges against the Clark County Republican Chairman Jamey Noel for election fraud. If nothing is done to remedy this injustice, several voter plaintiffs will also join with me to file an injunction to stop Chairman Jamey Noel, and the Clark County and Indiana Republican Party from disenfranchising Kelly Khuri, Teresa Ballew, and other delegates similarly situated, in Clark Circuit Court on Friday June 1. We will also seek damages on behalf of the voters of Clark County.

Obviously time is of the essence in that the Republican State convention is June 8 and 9.

I look forward to hearing from you before Thursday.

Respectfully yours,
Jerry L. McHugh, CPA
Republican Citizen, Clark County Indiana

CC Chairman and Clark County Republican Party, via email: chairman@clarkgop.com, et al.


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"Strike Deep"

into the heart of the criminals!

Campaign was given money to deal with this kind of stuff.

But as they won't do their job, rp supporters give them even more money to be stepped on with fraud.


I have no idea how efficient

I have no idea how efficient the campaign is with their money, but the grassroots is bigger and has done more for the cause of liberty than the campaign has. If we keep the grassroots going, then Ron Paul will make it with or without the official campaign

you are what your name is

a "LIB" ... "OH, there are problems and someone else need to fix it", "They have all the money, they should fix it". Typical democratic stance.

Let me EXPLAIN the Republican stance Mr. Neophyte...

The PEOPLE are the ones that protect and fight for thier LIBERTY.

Did Ben Franklin say "We gave you a republic, it is up to the government or political party to keep it? No. he said "YOU".

A true republican sees the problem and takes care of it from the bottom-up. You simply want "your man" in there and he can then "DICTATE"... Sorry, home-boy... educate yourself and then start making comments.

your version of republican never existed.

a 'true republican' aligns with true democrats and forms partnerships and gets things done, versus just talking about it.

you don't want to partner with anyone other than romney, whom you want to 'dictate'.

you speak out of both sides of your mouth. on one side you speak of being against the one/2 party tyranny and then want to link up with just one of the sides, while saying paul was a cross-party platform.


Just curious.

Exactly who is it in this campaign that you support anyway?

So why is this so hard to see?

I just cannot fathom the reason why these concepts are so hard to understand? Just unbelievable.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Why are you still here?

Why are you so intent on "trying to" sow seeds of discontent and fracture this movement?

Surely you are gettng paid to.

I like it......

I wish more people were doing what you are doing.Great Work!

Bless you and Godspeed.



Hmmm.... Clark county Nevada,

Hmmm.... Clark county Nevada, Clark county, Georgia, and now Clark county Indiana? I am beginning to see something in common here!


Quite a co ink i dink

You and me both.


I still believe there are a few principled people within the GOP

I pray your complaint reaches one of them

Attention All Delegates! Break your "Binds" and vote for the Constitution in Tampa! Ron Paul 2012

Go get em

Hopefully others will follow this course of action