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America's Education System Breeds Perpetual Adolescence

If you follow my comments, you know my disgust for the "education system" in America. Please pay close attention to the paragraph in bold print. Ron Paul supporters must understand the importance of family in the liberty movement if we are to succeed in the long run.

Article by Pastor Matt Trewhella

It is my contention that America breeds perpetual adolescence amongst its people. We are a nation of people that refuses to grow up.

First Corinthians 13:11 states “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” In this text, Paul is referring to a natural phenomenon to make a spiritual application. It is natural to grow up. To become mature. To no longer act and think like a child. To put those things away and embrace responsibility, maturity, manhood, womanhood. And so it
should be when it comes to spiritual matters is Paul’s point.

In America however, not only is spiritual immaturity a problem, but natural immaturity is a problem. Though some are beginning to realize and write about the problem of ‘perpetual adolescence’ in American society, few are able to isolate the causes.

One prevailing cause for perpetual adolescence amongst Americans is our American education system – it breeds perpetual adolescence.

At the founding of our nation, children’s essential schooling ended at age 13. They then either went into a trade or went on to college. If they did go to college, by the time they were 18, they were entering their field.

Now, in America today and for the last 70 years, we have what’s called ‘secondary education’ or ‘high school’ education. Children, rather than taking on responsibility and moving into their trade or field, spend four more years, the years of 14-18 sitting at a desk learning more information (though they are clearly dumber than ever).

There were no secondary schools during America’s Revolution era. In fact, at the beginning of the 1900’s only about 10 percent of Americans attended what had become to be known as secondary or high schools. A huge push commenced by the Statists and teacher unions of that time however, resulted in secondary education becoming a
standard part of the American education system by the mid 1900’s.

Young people now have to complete high school before going off to college or starting a trade. Thus perpetuating adolescence.
After four years of ‘high school,’ the young person finally goes off to college only to spend the first two years relearning everything they learned during the last four years. Then – and only then - are they finally able to study what they are actually interested in!

I remember when I was 14 and older feeling incarcerated at high school. Trapped. I wanted to move on with things that I was interested in. And every young person should be able to do so whether through learning a trade or beginning college. Instead, every young person is forced to stay at the desk learning about things they have no genuine interest in. This breeds conformity and kills independent thought, creativity and self-initiative.

The State likes such results however, as it provides an ample supply of autonomous (yet dependent) workers and keeps the locus of the economy in the State.

When families understand the importance of family, they pour their strength, creativity, and heart into the family - including the education of its’ members. The members no longer act autonomously, but see the need to retain relationships within the family structure, and strengthen the weaker members. They desire to keep the locus of their economy within the family, rather than in the State. In short, the family acts as a check to statism.

Our American education system breeds perpetual adolescence. Young people are never allowed to grow up. To risk. To achieve. To use their unique gifts to the glory of God and the good of their family and society. Rather, our education system kills the desire to
mature, to take on responsibility, to expand one’s worldview, and prepare for manhood and womanhood.

College for most young people is a big playtime. Mom and Dad (or the State) foot the bill while they continue to school and delay their maturing process. Hence, young people are in their early 20’s before they are finally allowed to mature and take on responsibility. They are denied and delayed their natural desire to do so nearly ten years earlier in their life because of our education system. Adolescence is perpetuated ad nauseam.

I submit to you that we should abolish secondary education in America. Fat chance of that happening however, when so many have their wallets tied to that system. The educrats and teacher unions would never allow it. For them, it is an industry.

Nevertheless, this needs to be discussed.

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From the top...

I pointed out in some earlier post, that I was surprised to find this same concept, more or less, plainly both directly and indirectly in the book "Justice, what is the right thing to do" by Michael Sandel. A colleague uses this as a political science text at Mercer University.

It is important to keep the populace dependent and immature. University professors have managed to live their entire lives in this dependent state, and have developed for us a world view based around it. Perhaps empty grocery store shelves, empty gas stations, and dead electrical outlets are what we need to solve this problem.

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Terrific points. Also valuable insights are in

The Ultimate History Lesson with John Taylor Gatto:


I got the biggest cultural shock of my life when I got my first job. I understand people working in fast food restaurants are generally underachievers (not always the case), but the immaturity that is displayed by people in their thirties is simply unheard of in the environment I came out of. Most of them literally behave like they just hit puberty yesterday. And it's not just a few isolated cases, but virtually everyone I've worked with under 40. There's a reason why minors aren't allowed to vote. But, when so many thirty year olds have the maturity of a 12-year old, how do you keep manipulative demagogues out of office when these people vote?
End the DOE!
End the Pell Grants!
End the Fed!


I don't blame education, I blame the commercialization, as corporations put young and beautiful happy people is media (Ron Paul is too old they say, Obama is cute, and a good speaker). Cosmetic surgery and foutain of youthy products are pressed on men and women, and there's no point looking young and beautiful when you act old and smart. BORING! And that's where our tech corporatism is taking society.

This is excellent

Is this a blog? Do you have a link to it?


not a blog. It's a newsletter Matt Trewhella puts out every month or so. He runs a ministry called "Missionaries to the Preborn"--I'll warn you though--it's controversial. I know folks who work with him that are strong supporters of Ron Paul.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Great post

This dumbing down and social engineering to train us to be obedient frightened children forever is BY DESIGN. It is animal training. This is documented FACT.
Homeschool if you love your kids. You will be amazed at the changes it will bring about to your family and kids.

Of course...

Do you blame them?

They are being handed over a bag of rocks for their futures. ie. they may be ignorant, but are perceptive.

Public schooling has given them some role models ie. most teachers and administrators today imo - that are ignorant themselves and are there just to get in the union and pick up a paycheck and whine about marking papers lol

With the web - the teachers are really put behind the eight-ball because the kids know they are being fed mostly crap imo.

They are most likely disillusioned and disheartened then anything else becuase their pre-occupied parents still believe that public education that served them well is the same today as it was before.

Some of my acquaintances are teachers and they brag on how they send their students to the office for expressing views they don't agree with.

They used to brag on how they helped students achieve a better grade.

Kids also should wise up that video games are not all that there is to live for.

my .02 cents.


I had a

discussion with a commie teacher who came out and said that if parents didn't care any more than to send him their kids he was going to teach them HIS beliefs, not the parents. I also know another long time teacher who comes right out and opines how stupid parents are and how she has to teach the kids HER (commie) beliefs, because they are obviously true. Noble molders of minds.

This reminds me of a book I read

It was called "Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations".

Here is the website about it. I recommend it especially if you are young. http://therebelution.com/

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

Just so you know, this is the

Just so you know, this is the only issue which I agreed with Rick Santorum on -the destruction of the family.

I will do you one better.

In 1834 a Chicago Senator made the first appeal to have public schools. To whom did he give such a presentation to, one might ask. It wasn't to the parents whom everybody assumes the public education system was setup to help. No; it was at an Economic Summit filled with business leaders. The public education system was never created to alleviate the necessity of an education from the parents; it was created to produce workers for the business leaders.

Also, 'Womens Liberation' wasn't about freeing women to be able to work or anything else. Women were able to have and maintain jobs before the 1900's, even though, most people don't realize it due to their public education.

Womens Liberation was designed to motivate women to exit the homes, to shed the major responsibility of raising, nurturing and educating the children, to weaken the emotional bonds between child and mother as well as the emotional bonds to the father. We can see this already in our current time; when parents reach an age when they can no longer remain independent, what do the adult children do with them. Does the adult offspring take the elderly parent into their home to care for their parent; no, they stick them in an old age home and very rarely visit.

The system works like this:

The woman gives birth, she has 6 week off of work to look after her child. After the 6 weeks she must return to work, and at which time the child gets a nanny or goes to a daycare facility -where the child spends the majority of his/her waking moments with strangers.

At 4 years old the child now goes to nursery school, where again, the child spends the majority of his/her waking moments with strangers.

At 5 years old the child goes to Kindergarten, and again between Kindergarten and daycare, either before or afterwards, the child spends the majority of his/her waking moments of the entire day with strangers.

At 6 years old, the child goes to 1st grade where it spends 8 hours and then the child may have a babysitter or nanny until one of the parents come home from work; again the child spends the majority of his/her waking moments of the day, in the care of strangers. This goes on until the child is old enough to no longer need a babysitter or nanny; however, by this time the child has friends and homework and such, so he/she still spends a bare minimum of time actually involved with his/her parents.

Depending on the child and the parents, at about 14, 15, or 16 the child now spends their time after school with sports or friends; and again, the child spends a minimum amount of time with his/her parents.

At around 18, most children go off to college or get a job and eventually move out of their parents house.

At 21 to 22 years of age, the child's parents are more or less strangers to the child, because they(the children) spent the majority of their waking moments, since they were 6 weeks old, with people other than their parents.

The point being is that, ever since 'Womens Liberation' made it cool and desirable for the woman to leave the raising of her child in the hands of people who need to be approved by the State, children have been spending less quality time with their parents; thereby becoming less attached and less appreciative of their parents; leading to the disintegration of family and society.

This is very good for the State, since it makes money off of Certifying Daycare facilities, Creating Public Schools which have teachers unions which will always sway the votes for ever increased pay for the teachers. The State makes money off of the Accreditation of Colleges, Universities, and Trade Schools. The State even makes money off of Certifying the old age homes and all of the nurses, aids, and doctors which work there; and the State makes large sums of money off of the backs of the parents and children in the form of taxes.

The destruction of our Society is from two things: the education system and 'Womens Liberation,' without both of these two things the modern desensitized Slave would not possibly exist.

Plus, we shouldn't forget that since the 'Womens Liberation' the majority of society now is forced to have two incomes; because the introduction of the other half of the population into the workforce allowed the FED to increase the money supply without it being noticed as easily. Nowadays, families don't have a second income for the reasons of saving for retirement or buying a better house or whatever; now modern families are required to have a second income just to survive equally as well as families survived off of one income back before the 'Womens Liberation' movement happened.

But, I'm sure that all of these benefits to the State and the FED which have resulted from the 'Womens Liberation' movement were just 'Happy Accidents' for the State and the FED; it's not like it was designed that way or anything. It couldn't have been designed that way; the State and the FED just love us way to much to do something like that -of this I'm sure. ;)

I would prefer to end the whole damn education system, which should be considered nothing more than a series of Indoctrination Stations.


When I recently became aware of Dr. Paul and the R3volution, I realized public education was flawed horribly. Especially, most recently, having my younger sister (graduated today) asking me for help on her homework and me being furious with how the questions and research required to answer said question was rigged to achieve statist resolution. But this, this blew my mind! I didn't think about it that in depth. I have been discussing the possibility of homeschooling my children with my wife who agrees with me wholeheartedly but fears she might not teach him as well as public schooling but after having read this, we WILL be homeschooling! Luckily, I make enough to support my family comfortably enough she doesn't need to work so she can be a stay at home mother, which is what we both feel is only natural. SMH the nursing home thing is messed up as well. Through high school my parents and I had a major disconnect and I rebelled but luckily got my act together. Since leaving the military my priorities are family. And I will not be putting either of my parents in a home. They took care of me for 18 years, if I must return the favor, then that is what I will do.


Not a "Happy Accident" at all, according to Aaron Russo.

"Feminism" was launched and promoted by the Rockefellers, AND the CIA funded Ms. Magazine. A good 8 minutes of information here:



You beat me to it. I was working up a post on feminism--but you said it perfectly. You should start your own thread with this comment. That way I'll just work on my
'special interest-groups in general' post.:)

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html