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top of NH closer to Canada (i.e., Berlin, Colebrook, Pittsburg NH), is less expensive than the lower part (Keene, Manchester) but it all seems pretty reasonable.

No income tax in NH, some of the least restrictive gun laws in the nation, no restrictions on knives. It's easier to get elected into politics there if you want. No mandatory seat belts, helmet laws, or vehicle insurance. No tax on machinery, equipment or inventory. Lowest tax burden as a percentage of gross income in the nation, low unemployment, lowest percentage of poverty. Alternative currencies, free trade zones, liberty media outlets...

I'd love to move there.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

freedom doesn't come for free

You stand a better chance staying and fighting to restore our Constitution then to go anywhere else where rights have never been recognized as anything but the whim of the government

If we don't stop the gobalist scumbags here

there's not going to be a safe refuge anywhere for long.

Retake congress next.

one option

Rancho Santana is by far the most developed seaside community in Nicaragua.

Meanwhile, all around the world, billions are waking up to the beauty and empowerment of capitalism. A billion people in China who are almost all of a free-market bent but who were forced down the disastrous communist road for a few decades are building a new future. In the old Soviet Union almost everyone is pro-capitalism after going through the horror of communism in the Soviet Union. Chinese people now rent helicopters to fly over properties in Canada for purchase while Russians are well known the world over for being some of the richest anywhere. In Mexico, tourism was at a record last year despite the US propaganda as Russians streamed into the freest country in North America. And dozens and dozens of other countries in Asia, Latin America and the former Soviet bloc are all on the capitalism bandwagon.

Some places people are moving to;

■Argentina (September 2010 Basic/Premium)
■Dominican Republic
■New Zealand
■Uruguay (July 2011 Basic/Premium)

Stay and fight

Why are you running? If we go down the world goes with us. Don't be a "Summer Soldier". Stay in the fight.

Leaving isnt running...

(soon to be) Americans had left Europe due to excessive taxation. To settle somewhere they could have more freedom.

Someone leaving here is the same thing. Leaving an opressive dictatorship/monarchy for more personal liberty.

I say let him find his place with support from those who chose to 'stay and fight'.


Switzerland is safest country to live in.

Switzerland has not been involved in WWI or WWII. Switzerland is where people all over the world have been hiding their money for generations. What country would want to bomb the place that holds their money?
Switzerland is democratic, and the people vote on everything. Their Govt is basically Administrative as I hope ours will become one day when Ron Paul gets elected; the people rightly have more power than the government.
You would be exposed to at least five languages which in itself is worth the visit; so you can live closest to the language area of your choice (I think).
It's probably expensive . . . but a safe haven as the world goes into meltdown.

Switzerland is calm because

Switzerland is calm because thats where the people that are responsible for this mess live. The ones that pay for the bad deeds done by others. They are the ones that pay off our polititions.


Switzerland, much to do about international Banking.

Mischief & all. Switzerland did not declare war on other countries during WW I nor WW II. Of course not. They played the role of international banker receiving & forwarding to both sides. They were much involved. Many international companies continued operations on both sides. Switzerland accepted & transferred funds for both sides of conflicts.

Just a few months ago, Switzerland devalued their Swiss Franc 10% overnight. Their national currency is not safe if by decree, it loses 10% overnight.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Send Me An Email ...

... I'll try to steer you straight on what might be a good option for you.


highest standard of living in the western hemisphere behind canada
can own guns for self-defense and hunting
marijuana is not a criminal offense (multiple offenses sometimes require counseling classes)
motto is "Liberty or Death"
has a healthy group of free market advocates in parliament
fastest and most widely deployed internet in south america
second place in south america for software development and rapidly growing
literally, the best place on the planet to escape Fukushima radiation

I'm wondering if Uruguay is heaven... :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Can you get by if you don't speak Spanish?


From what I understand...

There are situations where it might be spanish only but there are very healthy ex-pat english-speaking communities scattered around the country.


I forgot to add above:

Uruguay houses are generally 1/4th the price in USD than in the US.
comprehensive medical care for $50/month (govt run insurance :( -- but hey)

I researched places to move to for about a year. I become puzzled after a while about why Uruguay was not in most of the Top 10 lists. After reading lots of ex-pat glowing reviews of Uruguay and some of their comments I figured it out. There are always gems of places that are kept secret and you never hear about. Kind of like the very best jobs and apartments are never advertised. :)

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Is where the Bush family have a massive spread, they own a bunch of water rights there too. The Nazis from post-war Germany also set up in Uruguay.

The Northern Hemisphere is gradually getting more contaminated and constantly washed with Cesium from the Japan nuclear facility. The only safe place to live (for a while) is the Southern Hemisphere, the Northern Hemisphere is polluted and getting worse

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

Next door...

in Paraguay is where the Bush ranch is. Paraguay does not extradite...

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Thanks for your kind reply.

I had actually looked into Uruquay a couple years ago but thought the Spanish might make it hard for me. It certainly sounds enticing.

The United States of America

If you want a better future, work towards restoring this country, do your best at your minimum-wage job, and volunteer to help those less fortunate.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

No moral requirement to be...

emotionally attached to some imaginary lines. Especially when the imaginary lines are engaging in endless war and genocide and building a massive police state skynet infrastructure at home.

I respect each individuals decision. It's ok to love America, but damn, our Rulers are pushing the limits.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

He asked for an opinion.

That's mine. I'd only argue that the lines are not imaginary. While by now many countries have adopted some of what the founders provided for, our Constitution is unique - and it only applies within our borders. It's atrocious what has happened to the Constitution, as also the wars and debt. While it seems as if the usurpation of powers is currently in overdrive under the current administration, as Ron Paul said, these things have come on us slowly and steadily over time, but in small degrees, so that we didn't quite realize what was happening. He said, and I agree, we need to take action now, before it's too late. Our also usurped education system has done an excellent job at pointing out America's flaws and promulgating secular humanist, OWO/globalist beliefs, a very poor job in fostering an appreciation for the founders and all that was right in our history. Our founders risked "their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor" to provide the framework of freedoms and checks & balances they did, for posterity. I recommend working to restore it.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Amen. It is getting more

Amen. It is getting more difficult living here by the day.

I moved to Brazil

I moved to Brazil and love it here. It's an amazing country, totally self-sufficient, massive export surplus, paying down federal debt, never at war, economy growing at 10% per year, wonderful people, great climate.

Check out at book called "Brazil for Life" at http://brazilforlife.com. Really helped me out.

Sounds like a great place, I

Sounds like a great place, I may have to try it! One piece of advice, if you own a house there, SELL IT! There's a massive real estate bubble going on there now! It will crash, SOON!

Global Depression

The world is going into a global depression. The central banks and governments all over the world are to fault for it. India and China are going to see a pullback in their fierce economies. Europe will be in shambles and that will lead to the United States and neighbors into the same boat. Singapore has VERY lax economic rules, but their civil liberties are questionable as caning is still practiced there (old British colony). New Zealand and Australia would have been good options, but they are under central banks thumb and a part of the globalization.

My recommendation is to stay in the US. We have a history of freedom and a solid background to fall back on when things get bad. Our people wont turn to Nazism or Communism (anyone say Greece?) when it gets bad. We have TONS of guns here and disarming the population will be a very difficult task for those in power. Commodities will be the future. Finance is going into a pullback and farming/agriculture will be big money for anyone involved directly or indirectly. If you don't have the money to buy some farmland, go work for a farmer and learn all you can. Stay away from the big cities (where you are seeing massive civil liberty clampdown in places like NY and LA).

We can be a great nation, once again. We just need to get together and clean house of all the politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, banksters, and crony corporations that are ruining the country.

Hungary has a wonderful

Hungary has a wonderful culture and it is comfortable enough. Unfortunately, the best counter economies are situated within very uncomfortable developing and third world nations. India can be amazing in the right places, with a wonderful counter-economy... otherwise, in the wrong places, it could be very, very uncomfortable. Same with Bolivia. I would recommend a country where you could easily learn the language and/or teach the English language. The Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia circuit provides a pretty good life for expats if you're not ready to give up your U.S. citizenship.

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I'm with Teafortwo...North Dakota, or anywhere the energy...

industry is hopping.
Get a job as a laborer with a construction company. You will learn some valuable skills. The hard work, change of venue, and being fully responsible for yourself (out of your parents house), will give you a much clearer head to work with.

Undo what Wilson did

I have to disagree a little with Teafortwo

For a single guy it probably isn't bad in ND. But there is almost no chance of finding a wife there. The place is filled with a lot of desperate dudes....There aren't enough women and the ones there are, have a high probability of being prostitutes.....bad things happen in the man camps there.....kind of like prison if you catch my drift. I know 20 or so people who work there. Some don't mind it and others hate it but they have no better options.

If you are a big strong kid, go. If you are smaller and can't take care of yourself, be careful and pay a visit before you head up there.

The US Dollar is actually

The US Dollar is actually doing much better as of late....gold and silver are down, and Treasury Bills are in vogue again, lowering home mortgage rates down to 3.78%, the lowest in home loan history.

If you ever want to own a home, now's the time to do it. Borrowing over $100,000 over the course of 30 years for 3.78% interest is dirt cheap money. Good luck finding a new home in Europe or Asia. Expect to pay astronomical rent figures for living in a 600 square foot box.

And the Euro is in tatters...they don't know what the hell to do over there besides suck off productive countries like Germany, and redistribute their hard earned money to unproductive countries like Greece, France, and Spain.

If you do move away, I'd demand payment in US dollar bills because everything else isn't doing very well right now, and your employer sure as Sherlock isn't going to pay you in gold.

If you think the US is bad, just go over to England or Canada....

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

It's nice that you have Germany as an option.

And it would be one worth considering, especially if you can get your citizenship. They are an industrious people, and Berlin rocks!

You could also consider Iceland, for the reasons Bob-45 mentioned below. Great freedom fighters, and I hear that the females far outnumber the males.

Singapore would be my third recommendation. You can get citizenship after living there for two years. That would be far better than Japan due to the radiation problem which still exists. The Japanese government has stated that they may need to evacuate 40 million people, including the city of Tokyo.


Can't blame you for planning ahead. If I were younger, I'd do the same.

Iceland would be a

Iceland would be a consideration, and that is good to hear women far outnumber men there. Less competition. That was one of the factors I was thinking in choosing countries lol. Blonde/blue eyed girls are my type lol. It would be a teaching English job, an ESL they call it, which my friend is doing in Japan, and yes Berlin does rock! Went there 3 years ago and all over Germany and loved it there. There was always so much to do and going on.

nope. Icelandic men = handsome, Icelandic women = not so much

AND Iceland is the only place I have ever been where I wanted to get a tattoo. I wanted to get a SUNDIAL tattooed to my butt! YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!!! Winter= six months of darkness - no sun - like none. Summer = Six months of light - no nighttime. I was so screwed up. Seriously. It is nice to visit though. And very interesting on a lot of different levels. I honestly appreciated that these people who lived in the dark half the year really do believe in trolls.
Go visit for Summer Solstice - its fun.