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Support the Troops

As a veteran myself who doesn't believe in the wars (I got out because of that), I am a bit uncomfortable when someone tells me "thank you" for my service.

Do any other veterans here have a hard time with the typical "support the troops" chant?

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Yes. I have a problem with the typical "support the troops"

chant. It usually involves the lie about troops giving their lives to keep our nation free. Sadly, our men and women have not been fighting and dying for the cause of liberty, and the majority of americans will never face that fact.

Undo what Wilson did

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suggestion if I may.

I would say something like, "if you want to TRULY thank me for my service, you can get involved in helping to restore our country to the principles it was founded upon."

Or, if you're in a state that hasn't voted yet, you can say "You can thank me by voting for Ron Paul, who has the most support of the military," and start the conversation from there.

There are few things more powerful than a veteran who has been "over there," realized that what they were told were lies, and now has come back HERE and is speaking out against the corruption taking place. This is ultimate bravery, and seems like an action that would bring about the most healing from the trauma from an unjust, illegal war.

I hope the veterans going to Tampa will make such a profound impact on the National delegates, that they realize they are about to make a huge mistake by nominating Romnney, and vote for Paul instead..

The TPTB are probably going to try and prevent any exposure to the veterans for that very reason.

Great Suggestions!

I especially like the "vote for Ron Paul" plug. The perfect opportunity to draw someone into Ron Paul and perhaps bridge that divide that some people think that Ron Paul is an "isolationist".

Nobody want's these

illegal wars. There is no reason for you to feel guilty. We just want to bring the troops home and we do appreciate the sacrifices they have endured. God Bless and God Speed.