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Neil Boortz's Amazing Kennesaw State University Commencement Address

Disclaimer: I do not in any way endorse the Neil Boortz radio program or the politics of the man himself. His views on most issues are diametrically opposed to the views of most of us here at the Daily Paul. However I believe the material presented in this speech would be an excellent way to wake up Leftist, collectivist-minded sheep.

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Just like a new born

Just like a new born calf...
Sometimes a person in the process of rebirth can seem ugly and at odds with itself.

Mondo Neo-Con...

..and Paul detractor...please ignore as this is disingenuous thought typed out for your befuddlement and it has as much probative value as one sound bite of Howard Stern saying "I like that Ron Paul guy..." and then 300 sound bite's of Howard bashing him endlessly as an "idiot"...

Screw this guy...and Howard...

One downvote for MSM liar...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


ok, the speech was quite brilliant !!
though in the past sometimes he has not had the best of words for Dr.Paul,so i was not very inclined to read this.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

While this would have been a great speach

for a commencement, it was never delivered at A&M but rather in a book Bortz authored. "The Commencement Speech You Need To Hear."

Neil you are no Libertarian

While I agree with the personal responsibility stuff, you are no Ron Paul, you dont qualify to hold the drippings of wax from holding a candle to the good Dr. All this Fox news talking points will harden the positions of the "entitled" and maybe boost the ratings on your radio show, (maybe)neocons are a dwindling species in my opinion. You know nothing of what the Jack boot of uncle sam feels on the neck, from perched in your ivory tower. Yes you pay 40% of your income I know, but you have food in your belly if a happy meal costs $5 or $20, and gas in your car if gas is $3 or $6 yet you still advocate spending my money, through the force of the govt gun, for more wars, more inflation. Check yourself, have some real balls, get behind Dr Paul, the true conservative, and get back to me.



I've never heard of this Boortz guy before,

so I had no preconceived notion about him. Therefore, my reading of the speech was totally objective, and I thought it ROCKED! I somehow believed that he must be one of us, speaking the truth so courageously.

Sorry to read, here in the comments, that he's a media whore. That's a bummer, because the speech was freakin' awesome.


"You may, for instance, think that you have a right to health care. After all, President Obama said so, didn’t he? But you cannot receive health-care unless some doctor or health practitioner surrenders some of his time – his life – to you. He may be willing to do this for compensation, but that’s his choice. You have no “right” to his time or property. You have no right to his or any other person’s life or to any portion thereof."

WOW, Powerful!/Agonzo1

BOORTZ is a Fraud Lib-NEOCON

Only a idiot would EXALT that scum bag on this website.

Boortz cares 100 times more about lining his pockets than ....

The true cause of liberty.

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.

Neal didn't deliver this for a commencement but

Neal didn't deliver this for a commencement but he did deliver it to a happy crowd at Kennesaw State University all to benefit Make A Wish Foundation May 20, 2009.

not sure what conservatives he's referring to.

The only "conservatives" that fit the description that he put forth:

"Conservatives think — and, setting aside the theocracy crowd, their identity is centered on the individual."

are active on this website, and a few others.

He's certainly not talking about the vast majority of self described GOP conservatives, almost all of which are conservative in name only.

nice speech. too bad he didn't talk about hypocrites, and point out that his party and the democrat party are filled to the brim with them.

This is absolutely awesome...

... something's a cooking at A&M.

He saved the best for last... postpone buying a TV for as long as possible. Someone posted below the article, "I got rid of my TV 8 years ago. It is the best decision I have ever made." I concur. Want eight days in your week. Trash the TV. Live life to its fullest.

What an incredible speech. There is hope for America.

Plano TX

I used to like Neil Noortz back in my NEOCON days!

It's too bad that Neil doesn't have the sense to support Ron Paul. But I'm sure he was was probably told that if he says anything good about Dr. Paul, that he'd be fired. Then he'd be out millions of dollars! Just another MONEY GRUBBIN RADIO WHORE! (like hannity, rush, medved, savage, etc...)

Loose Moose

He's a Neoconservative

on foreign policy. I don't know much about him, when I was a kid and my Dad listened to talk radio, I really couldn't stand him, mainly because of his attitude. I think he's pretty straight on domestic and Constitutional issues though.

"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests." - Charlie Reese

But Keep the Radio!

Yes, notice how he did not say, "...put off buying a radio as long as possible."??

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

He is a Hannity wannabe

Has been dropping Hannity's name every time I turn him on lately, which isn't for long. I keep thinking he will talk about Ron Paul since he is always talking about a need for a real conservative that fits Dr. Paul's description perfectly but he is more interested in relating the time he spends with Hannity. You're right, a MONEY GRUBBIN RADIO WHORE, AND THAT IS ALL!


Neil Boorishtz

still eat up with neoconnish mindset, regardless of speaking at alma mater .He and Herman are super tight.
If he could be quiet long enuff to hear Ron Pauls message, he would be a huge asset for the R3volution!!!!

reedr3v's picture

An amazing, cold splash of reality for the students.

Why isn't this guy in our camp? He has the spirit and courage.

does boortz give RP fair

does boortz give RP fair treatment? I listen to him ever once in awhile and never hear him mention him... He does bitch about Mitt a lot though...

Republicae's picture

Boortz says he agrees with

Boortz says he agrees with about 95% of what Dr. Paul says, he also calls himself a libertarian and yet, questions remain about his actual stances. He still says he will support whoever the Republican nominee is for President, leaving, I suppose, room for the possibility that Dr. Paul could win a brokered convention in Tampa.

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

Posted this a few minutes

Posted this a few minutes after you. Deleted now.

Highly recommend everyone read this and then pass it on to any college student you know. Better yet, pass it on to everyone that needs it.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

I know this doesn't have anything

to do with Dr. Paul. Just thought some of you might like reading it.

"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests." - Charlie Reese