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PPP Poll: Dewhurst 46% Cruz 29% "Other" 2%

A May 24th Poll shows Dewhurst nearly avoiding a runoff vs Ted Cruz.


Or....this is what people such as Republic of Texas TV are doing to not help the lone candidate with a shot at the senate seat to win.

We have Cornyn who will vote the neoconservative way, now by joining the smears with the Dewhurst camp, you'll get another neoconservative, NDAA, TSA groper vote in the Senate.

"Other" isn't even all Addisson. Now isn't his time. Vote your conscience, but don't smear a man with a shot to help the Constitutional Conservative and Liberty Movements.

Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Jack Hunter all agree, and so do I.

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Dewhurt? AYFKM?

Dewhurst personally derailed the anti-TSA actions of the Texas legislature- a bold measure for a man seeking high office. This poll could be a front for some electoral shenanigans (not that Cruz is all that impressive- prob just another Rubio-type). Watch those polls, do exit-polling. does it even matter? if we have no chain of custody, and no way to verify counts- we're shit out of luck

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

YeeeeHaw!!! I am part of the 2%.

It was great voting for Dr. Paul. But I could not bring myself to support Mr. Cruz.

I voted for Addison

I voted for who I thought was the best candidate, Glenn Addison. Voting for Addison now has the same impact on creating a run off as voting for Cruz does, because any vote against Dewhurst, is another vote keeping him from reaching the 50% he needs. However, if it goes to a run-off I will support Cruz, because he is a far better choice than Dewhurst.

Do The Ron Paul (song) (there is some suggestive content)

no thanks.

Glenn Addison please. I dont give a sh!t who Ron Paul endorses...I decide for myself. Cruz is not a choice I would be comfortable with, I dont trust him. Having a "chance to win" doesnt mean squat.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

What do you expect

What do you expect the rEVOLution are a group of FREEDOM minded individuals that have come together to HOLD the LINE for FREEDOM and march steadfast with the CONSTITUTION in hand and nothing more. We don’t want handouts and we don’t want pandering. All we want is FREEDOM from the system. To be left alone. Cruz doesn’t represent that. This is why his numbers are weak. Once individuals looked into his background they saw he was a turncoat and turned their backs on him. Remember we are FREE minded individuals disenchanted with both the Democrats and the Republicans. Many of us have voted Democrat and|or Republican but NO more. What’s the point of voting for the lesser of 2 evils when you just get the same? Cruz isn’t willing to fall on his sword for the rEVOLution of for the Constitution. He is a constitutional fiscal conservative 50%er like Palin and many other modern day Tea Partiers. They love the constitution when it suits them but trample all over it to impede you from express your OWN rights. To vote for Cruz would be for the rEVOLution to condone this hypocrisy. Maybe now they’ll understand that we won’t be co-opted by these neo-rEVOL and do what we tell them to do next time. I understand your frustration but you need to stop reaching for what it not there because what you will find in the end is that you’ve made a deal with the devil. Look at the Tea Party, 10 of their freshmen in office are already taking money from banks as reported by Ben Swann. There are more seats than Senate. Run for Mayor, etc. Most municipalities only require around 1,000 give or take to win well in the cities around me. Target the local party seats like you have been we will get their slow and steady wins the race. Paul has fought 30yrs to wake most of us up and has never once compromised on the CONSTITUTION. The lease you could do if you have any respect for him and the FREEDOM movement he represents is to do the same.

Heed Ron Paul’s and the founding father’s words don’t compromise on the CONSTITUTION.

Ron Paul on Compromise and Democracy


I’m a Ron Paul Republican and I will abide by the Constitution and the Paul Doctrine WIN, LOSE or DRAW.

Hold the LINE for FREEDOM and MARCH steadfast with the CONSTITUTION in HAND

I'm a Ron Paul Republican

and that's why I voted for Cruz, as Ron Paul himself endorsed him.


To be a Ron Paul Republican

You have to be an individual that thinks for self and I will abide by the Constitution and the Paul Doctrine WIN, LOSE or DRAW. Not compromise or VOTE for candidates that compromise on certain aspects of the CONSTITUTION to select the better of 2 evils.

This is a WAR of ideas NOT a WAR for candidates.

I ask that others don’t attack or continue to down this guy| girl because he|she voted for Cruz because that is his|her constitutional right. Remember the mission is to HOLD the LINE for FREEDOM and MARCH steadfast with the CONSTITUTION in HAND nothing MORE nothing LESS. We are NOT a single minded collective we all unique individuals that have only come together to fight under the banner of FREEDOM for the constitution. Some will HOLD the LINE more than others but it doesn’t matter as long as you do YOUR job. Don’t talk down to others because they aren’t putting in work. Look to yourself to pick up the slack to inspire others to do the same.





Think for yourself

dont go blindly through life. Just because Ron Paul says it dont make it true or right. Ron Paul is righ about alot of things but about Cruz for senator, Wrong.


your a



spelling needs help

and Ron Paul is no fool.


But are you?

Why did Ron and Rand support Cruz who won't support Paul while Addison endorsed Paul?


I'm just following his


looks like that doesn't matter much anymore...

"I like Ron Paul, except his domestic endorsements"


That's right, point out spelling to hide your own INEPTITUDE

It's fools like you that destroyed this country. You are not a Ron Pual Republican. You are a sheep that will follow whoever says what you want to hear, then you will run over the cliff.

You will vote for Romney if Ron tells you to won't you? You wont investigate CRAP because you will trust others. I am sick of your type.

So simple to actually investigate Cruz but YOU FAILED!!! You understand NOTHING about political posturing.

Yeah, I'm a "Sheep"

for following Ron Paul.

I'm probably half your age. I didn't destroy this country, your generation did.


I served 27 yrs

to protect your stupidity... What the hell was I thinking!

That poll is not right

I expect my man Glenn Addison to be lowest, but not 2%. I think Cruz is much higher and probably beating Dewhurst. You can pay money to these polls. Dewhurst has Rick Perry and all the old rich dinosaurs behind him, but I think Cruz is still going to beat him. I wish it were Addison.

addison is

often not polled, and i dont think he's ever been over 5% on any poll.


PPP also guessed the

santorum surge correctly in iowa


They did Iowa well and may 2 or 3 other states, but

they have been way off on the others. I know this because I chided them on twitter every time they were way off and they blocked me.

LOL! They blocked me too!

They really gave Paul low numbers for MN and I went off on them telling them how they just copy things off of other polls. They didn't like it and blocked me.