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Illegal kidney trade booms as new organ is 'sold every hour'

Denis Campbell and Nicola Davison in Shanghai
guardian.co.uk, Sunday 27 May 2012 15.00 EDT

The illegal trade in kidneys has risen to such a level that an estimated 10,000 black market operations involving purchased human organs now take place annually, or more than one an hour, World Health Organisation experts have revealed.

Evidence collected by a worldwide network of doctors shows that traffickers are defying laws intended to curtail their activities and are cashing in on rising international demand for replacement kidneys driven by the increase in diabetes and other diseases.

Patients, many of whom will go to China, India or Pakistan for surgery, can pay up to $200,000 (nearly £128,000) for a kidney to gangs who harvest organs from vulnerable, desperate people, sometimes for as little as $5,000.

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Universal organ donation

Universal organ donation would be a step towards eliminating this nonsense.

Organ Trafficking - Rabbis and Asians

New York Rabbis and the Asian Gangs (Pakistani, Chinese) commit these crimes against humanity.


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made this comment on facebook when i posted it...

A few interesting things the article neglects to mention - Black markets don't exist when items are legal in a free market. While in America last year only 11,000 people donated organs to supply a waiting list of 113,000, in Iran, there is no waiting list nor shortage of any organs. Iran has legalized organ trade. Whereas on the black market kidneys cost nearly $200,000 for questionable organ quality, in Iran they cost about $10,000 for kidneys that have met quality standards.

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Wow I never knew that! How

Wow I never knew that! How bout we legalize freedom!!!

juan maldonado