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Coordinate and plan the trip and accommodation in Tampa during the Republican National Convention here.

Regarding the high hotel costs and living expenses during the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August, which is estimated to be 3000 U.S. dollars per person, is a threat to the democratic process during this election.

So I wonder if you have to stay at the hotel in Tampa, which is booked for delegates who will attend the Republican National Convention. If not. Surely there must be Ron Paul supporters who live in Tampa who can offer free accommodation for Ron Paul delegates. And it must surely be Ron Paul supporters with cars and buses in each state, which can offer free lift for Ron Paul delegates to Tampa. What is required is to coordinate and plan this on the internet, preferably here in the comments section, because each user can be contacted privately here at the Daily Paul by clicking on their names.

All delegates must register, that they will stand as delegates in Tampa, even if they can not afford it now, this must be arranged for August. You could at worst cycle to Tampa and stay at a campground in a tent, or is it forbidden?

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Rides For Ron Paul and Campfest 2012

Rides For Ron Paul is a volunteer group dedicated to helping as many Ron Paul supporters get to Tampa as possible. They help to coordinate inexpensive rides, and are now coordinating an inexpensive place to camp as welll!!!!


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