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A month after Mitt Romney's loyalists were trounced by supporters of Ron Paul in the former governor's home state caucuses, the Massachusetts Republican Party is trying to invalidate some ballots…

To participate in the caucuses, voters had to be registered as Republicans before Feb. 15. Those whose names did not appear on registration lists were allowed to cast provisional ballots and told their votes would be counted if they were proven eligible and if the election was narrow enough to make a difference.

But last week, the party's counsel began telling Republicans who were questioning the results that the provisional ballots would not be counted and that the rules had never allowed provisional ballots to be cast in the first place.

read the rest here: http://www.indecisionforever.com/blog/2012/05/28/ron-paul-re...

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I received this email the

I received this email the other day from one of our elected delegates in District 5, titled: Liberty slate in MA 5th congressional district needs your help.

I'd like to thank you for attending the MA Republican caucus on April 28th and helping to obtain a victory for liberty. Unfortunately, I now need your help again as the caucus results are being challenged.

The challenge is based on the fact that the chairman of the caucus forgot to have everyone sign a form as they checked in. The hearing before the allocation committee is scheduled for Tuesday May 29th. We need everyone who attended to sign a copy of the attached statement and get it returned to us to ensure that the results will be counted. More information is available at: http://www.redmassgroup.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=14715.

Unfortunately as this is a holiday weekend, there is no time to use the postal mail for this. We've arranged two drop-off locations for signed copies of the forms, have a fax number available, or you can send us a picture of the signed form. We need the forms to be returned by noon on Tuesday at the latest.

Additionally anyone who is interested can attend the Allocation Committee meeting where the challenge will be heard in person. It will be at 6:30pm at the Holiday Inn at 265 Lakeside Drive, Marlborough, MA. Please let us know if you are going to be attending in person and we can announce the number of available witnesses to the committee as we plead our case. Regardless of whether you plan to attend, please attempt to return this statement.

The forms can be faxed to Jonathan Mitchell at 781-629-1152, a picture of the signed form emailed to ajprout@hotmail.com, or dropped off at:


If you cannot print a copy of the form easily, blank forms and a pen will be available at both locations. If leaving it unattended in Framingham, please seal it in one of the empty envelopes that will be available.

Again, thank you to everyone who helped ensure a win for liberty at the caucus. Now that we've won, lets make sure we defend that win from anyone attempting to take it away.

If you didn't get the email or need a form, and attended the District 5 caucus in Framingham, MA, email ajprout@hotmail.com

not televised!?

The fix is in.

And, why are Hillary and the Sith Lords running International military exercises with Black Hawks at the Tampa convention center? Was their Death Star in the shop?

I'm used to establishment GOP running this show on Dems, but never expected them to turn so draconian on their own (and my new) 'party.' Seems desperate and not an actual 'party' at all. #Winning. At this juncture I'd say, abandon first ballot for Romney and plan to run 3rd party nationally after. So many Dems and Ind. want to support him 3rd rail anyway. I hear it all the time along the Pacific coast and here in CA.

I'd laugh, but it's all too R/D creepy.

This isn't even a controversial article, really.

It got moved to front page and it started getting down votes.

Not televising the convention on CSPAN is

controversial - very. The post is just missing the nut from the full article. I'd verify and put it upfront and center:
"Recently, Paul supporters captured 22 of Nevada's 28 delegate slots and have taken control of the Minnesota delegation. But thanks to procedural shenanigans on the part of the Republican establishment in Massachusetts, the Revolution may not be television CSPAN 3 after all…"

But, I can't say surprising. CSPAN credibility is shot:

At any rate, I wrote Ilya Gerner (author) to clarify the claim.

No CSPAN?? Ustream instead.

Ustream instead.

Why are people down voting this article?

Fearful, chickens#!t Romney people.

Voted down.

The article implies that Mitt is going to win when it says: "at least on the first (and only) round"

Worse yet, the article implies that Ron Paul supporters are becoming corrupt when it says: "Which means Paulites will be bound to a candidate who they don't really support. Just like everyone else at the convention. Maybe Ron Paul supporters are becoming real Republicans after all."

Learn to read between the lines and recognize when you are being trash-talked. Then you will know to not link the trash-talk from the DP.