'Twas the night before Mackinac...

Twas the night before Mackinac, and all through the state…
The Ron Paul people gathered, a statement to make.
The Paul signs were hung on overpasses with great care,
In hopes that Ron Paul…would soon be there.
The sun came up Friday and not soon enough…
For Ron Paul’s supporters to show their stuff.
They stood on the corners and shouted his name,
“Ron Paul, Ron Paul…Let Freedom Reign”
I saw Isaac, and Jonah, Naomi and Chloe.
In fact hundreds showed up (it was really showy!).
There were so many there…dubbed a ‘sea of supporters’,
From the quote that I read from a Detroit Free Press Reporter.
Ron Paul showed up and without a delay,
Got aboard the ferry boat, dubbed the Ron Paul Freedom Sleigh.
“We’ve a new captain!” a supporter yelled out…
The rest cried out, “Ron Paul, Ron Paul”, in an gleeful shout.
Minutes later with Ron Paul safely on the dock, with his Freedom Reign-deers...Mackinac rocked!
From the streets you could hear the horse’s clip-cloppers,
From the Grand Hotel...the GOP flip-floppers.
There was Rudy, and Mitt, John McCain, and King Saul
Fred Thompson, Newt Gingrich, a real neo-con ball.
Ron Paul led the way of that sea of supporters,
the pied-piper of freedom, just what the "doctor ordered".
After we all headed to Mary’s Bistro for some tasty dinner,
Full well knowing, in our hearts, Ron Paul is the winner.
Ron Paul joined us later in classic Ron fashion,
And spoke to us truthfully - no candidate trashin.
Ron Paul is a gentleman, not pretentious you see,
He’s like most Americans…like you…and like me.
As he stood on the sidewalk, with a word and a wave,
We heard him exclaim, ‘off I go…America to save!”.

God Bless & Protect You Ron Paul!

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What a great tribute :-)

Loved it! Obviously it will make for a great theme as we approach the Holiday season as well :-)