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Eating dandelions!


What are you eating for your health? You will love dandelions that can help your immune system, balance you blood pressure and detox.

Have you ever thought that what society calls a weed may actually be beneficial for your body? Try some!

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I like milk thistle...

Drink the tincture fairly often. Living where I do, I wouldn't eat ANYTHING from the ground, so if I want dandelions I'll have to purchase a tincture of it from online. Anyone have recommendations for good ones online?

Here's a few recipes

on the Malto Mario website

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If you're eating them, just make sure...

that the property you're eating them from is not treated with pesticides (antkillers are most common), herbicides, or lawn fertilizers.

Even if a specific part of the property from which you are picking wild edibles, such as dandelions, is not treated with any of the above, it's quite possible that the drainage runoff path from treated areas are running through that area. Just something to keep in mind because it's common for runoff pathways to pool up over time and really saturate a soil in certain spots.

Being careful about what what we eat!

Yes we learn about the history of the land we get the plants.

Also still fighting to have officials stop chemtrails.

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Let's not forget that

Let's not forget that dandelion buds, before they are about to bloom, are great if you pickle them either with a brine or vinegar. In fact, I also eat them splashed with olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper. There are also many varieties of similar greens as dandelions, such as cat's ear and sow thistle that are also very good.


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my grandmother use to eat dandelions all the time
try this is you like spinach
rinse then saute in raw milk butter
just till the leaves are wilted
omgosh awesome
(please please if you put ANY kind of chemical on your yard
DON'T eat your dandelions) come to my house you can have all you want

dandelions are a great antioxidant and they use to eat them all the time to keep regular
I am so thankful I listened to all her stories

ok continue on

I Want to Try this..

Did you mean raw buttermilk? or "raw milk butter" If so; where do you get it?


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No, he means butter made from

No, he means butter made from raw, unpasteurized milk.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

Dandelions extract pesticides etc from soil

They pull everything out of the soil, good or bad, one reason they are considered a weed.

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Very interesting information!!!

Thanks for sharing. I can see how it has that power.

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Just a reminder though if you have a dog...

... don't eat 'Yellow' dandelions? :P

If I am not mistaken

If I am not mistaken dandelions were actually grown as a crop in North America by early settlers from Europe. I remember thinking when I first read this, "What an easy crop to grow! Just try to grow grass instead, and presto! -- dandelions."

Dandelion tea touted as possible cancer killer

Researchers hope to test dandelion tea on patients at a Windsor, Ont., clinic after it was found the roots of the weed killed cancer cells in the laboratory.

The promising research is being led by a University of Windsor oncologist, in association with the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre.

John DiCarlo, 72, was admitted to hospital three years ago with leukemia. Even after aggressive treatment, he was sent home to put his affairs in order with his wife and four children.

The cancer clinic suggested he try the tea. Four months later, he returned to the clinic in remission. He has been cancer free for three years.

He said his doctor credits the dandelions.


Thanks for the link

Interesting article.

How does one make the tea? Leaves, Stem or the flowers?

I assume I will have to find wild Dandelion since in the past I have have you dandelion killer! LOL.

I have purchased in the past from whole foods the leaves for salads... My father has CL and would be interested in trying I wonder how much you need to drink per day and any problems with heart medications.

Make tea from the roots.

Make tea from the roots. Amazon has 1 lb bulk root for around $8, enough for many, many cups of tea.

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Glad you posted this! People,

Glad you posted this! People, don't kill off your dandelions. I even have old timers recipe books with dandelion recipes. You cook the leaves like greens/spinach. They have salicylic acid in the stems. You can squeeze the juice on warts several times a day (kind of like Compound W). Not sure about the flowers but probably have antioxidants in them. The leaves are good for digestion. No, I'm no expert. Just started saving up info for future use when the feds finally destroy the money.

I have been trying to make

I have been trying to make mental notes on what is edible around where I live (just in case) and there are lots of things out there that are ok to eat. Bamboo (not too tasty though), female cattails (green, eat like corn). Look up plants indigenous to your area and find out which ones are edible. You can get the National Audubon Society's books "Field Guide to Wildflowers" and they have one on trees too. Pick your region for each guide and it will tell you what is edible or what is poisonous. I'm so glad I got those. Very helpful guides.

Ultimate prepping and beyond.....

I don't care how much food you can realistically store, it will eventually either run out or become inedible. The knowledge of wild edibles, and there are MANY, is essential to anyone who wants to thrive either "after the crash" or simply because they don't want to take part in supporting our skewed Keynesian food industry.

Additionally, most wild plants, with their varied genetics, are MUCH more nutritious than their domesticated offspring. Often times they are tastier as well.

One of my favorite wild foods educational sites is "Eat the Weeds":

And for all of you worried about pesticides, yes, be aware of how your plants are grown as well as how they are harvested, whether it be in a lawn or the farmer's fields


Ofthefield.com is also an excellent resource for wild edibles.

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Thank you, that is a great

Thank you, that is a great site!


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Sounds tasty

Going to start. Should have a bunch coming up soon...
If you can't kill em, eat em ... I suppose....?

Be careful; allergies!

Many, including this poster, are allergic to dandelions. Be careful.

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The articles that I've read

The articles that I've read said if you have a latex allergy you should avoid dandelions. Something about the white juice in dandelions that is the cause.

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excellent weed

hopefully the surrounding grass was not sprayed with anything

Eaten regularly

in many European countries...Greece is one...my husband ate them all the time.

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We eat a lot of weeds

I have been teaching a "Wild Edible Foods" class for several years here. Here's a video of my then 3 year-old "grazing" in a patch of Lamb's Quarter.



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Have you ever seen or

Have you ever seen or harvested Staghorn Sumac berries? During the fall, you can find them along road sides, they grow up to 33 feet, but I've rarely seen them that tall. You can't miss them, for on the crown of the trees you will see tall pointed clusters [hence the name Staghorn] of hard fuzzy berries. Harvest those berries, place them in a large jar of water, set them out in the sun...in a few hours you will have something that looks like pink lemonaid and when you add wild honey, or sugar, you will have a drink that taste like lemonaid packed with vitamin C.


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