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Hey Banksters: We Are Fully Awake

"We mourn the fallen heroes you took from us"


Memorial Day 2012: To the International Banksters, We the people know your crimes. We mourn the fallen heroes you took from us through your contrived wars. But we celebrate the heroes who are still with us. Heroes like Dr. Ron Paul who have the courage to stand against you. And like Dr. Paul, we the people stand against you - We stand for Liberty. We are fully awake.

Voice Over: Mike Rivero

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No folks, only the Heavens tear down the Federal Reserve....

No folks, it's time to wake up! "We the people" will never take it down, because in a preplanned agenda, the Elites already did it!

It is flat over, the Federal Reserve is in process of being brought down as you type this. They already beat you to the punch.
They have liens against all Central Banks and bought Judges.


As the Federal Reserve is a pure evil institution; only Heaven and its angels bring down the Federal Reserve with the Elite's co-operation. The "agreement" has already been signed, called the law known as NESARA.

Oh yes, make no mistake, the Elites are finished not because their time is up; but because they are taking down their own system so the real masters of the world can Rule.

I want you to read the Book of Revelations loud and clear to yourself, accept reality. The Angels are going to dismantle whats left of the Federal Reserve; then whisk themselves in to assume control over Earth.

Who are these "Angels" anyway? Well, lets just say some of the worst mistakes our civilization ever created. Including the one possessing David Wilcock.

Lets just say that yes, there will be trials for Elites but then many will be let go & subjugated to rebuild this planet.
By decree of the Angels.

These "ANGELS" have more power & ferocity in their three fingers, than millions of you have in your entire body.

They are neither good or evil, but will commit acts of great evil and insanity during their stay on Earth.

This is the tribulation of great Deception, and I warn you again...


During the Tribulation of great deception, you will be told there is "Free Energy" and "Abundance Programs" for all- that means endless Peace on Earth is what the Angels will claim. In Unison, I mean.

They will offer you the Gift of Eternal Youth, the "Gift" of Channeling, the "Gift" Abundance programs produced by NESARA & many other occult gifts and material items. They will let you "come aboard" a vessel maybe or do anything your imagination wants.

It can sound pure, peaceful and good to all yet it is PURE DECEPTION. Should you fall for this total garbage, they will force you to help build their utopia & be given free gifts. They will force you to worship "ONENESS" and usher in the Anti-God aka Anti-Christ to rule Earth. Everything will either be Love or "PURE LIGHT" and if you resist this notion, you will face punishment.

Because the Angels are now completely crazy, you can NOT believe a single word any of them say! Not Michael, not Moroni, not Avantis, not any of them! No matter what riches they promise you, you better run the hell away if you wish to save your soul! Millions will be deceived and yes this is already set in stone. http://the2012scenario.com

Even though you can easily arrest & kill elite bankers, you can NOT ever kill or destroy an Angel. By this point there will be few bankers left actually. The Angels will order the bankers to perform permanent service & when an Angel sees a group refuse he/she will say "So you Reject pure goodness and oneness? How dare you!! Off to hell with you!" and you will see the group be eradicated. If you agree with them you will be killed by a laser, witness the "Angels" on the other side blaming you & be incarnated again near where they died. As punishment.

Should any of you be foolish enough to pick up your guns & attack an Angel/Fallen Angel, they will use a DIRECT ENERGY WEAPON & wipe out thousands and I mean that as a guarantee. This is real!

They CANNOT ever be killed or harmed, period! Angels have gone crazy, do exist on Earth & should you not wish to serve the mark of the Anti-Christ you must simply stay the heck away from all of them.

Only GOD the Almighty with his Son, will DESTROY the Anti-God & stop the Angels from wiping out all who reject "ONENESS". Remember, Angels will assume you are with the "Cabal" if you reject their "peace". Angels watched unimaginable horror during the reign of the Elite on Earth & are desensitized to it, thus their fatal flaw is they know no such thing as ATONEMENT or REPENTANCE.

They enabled the world to almost explode, so in tribulations, they will blame YOU for enabling these horrors & say to you "So herefore, are you not grateful for me freeing you from the Zionists on Earth?" and if you say you are ungrateful....they will KILL all of you. That is no joke! They will assume if you don't want endless peace you are the Dark side, and kill you.

God the Almighty will be the ONLY being who banishes the Angels/Dark Angels & you must EVICT yourself from SS number beast system: the only path to freedom!! No Angel on Earth or off ever learned atonement, thus the Tribulations, and God's wrath unleashed.

Angels are here to usher in the Anti-Christ God, thats correct.

I can confirm for a one hundred percent fact, Angels and fallen E.T's rule the entire New World Order. Especially Saul, Moroni, Salusa, Leviticus, their channeler Cobra, Sanat Kumara, etc. I can also confirm something very scary, but you should not be afraid. Never give into fear, remember that!

There is not a single good "Angel" left and those receiving messages from them must know this is nothing but deception.


There is an individual who can stop them, who infiltrated the entire Anti-Christ legion and he may just do that. Angels for decades have violated the Book of St. John or whatever "fictitious" religious laws they made up.



Angels have consistently violated humanity's free will, no matter where they go- especially Earth. They were supposed to sit back and allow the elite fascist Israelites to blow up the Middle East and kill themselves, thus wiping out the New World Order and allowing mankind a chance to be fully redeemed of their sins.

However instead the E.T. Angels, the Aliens, intervened and disabled all nuclear devices in the Middle East violating GOD'S plan on Earth. They also arrested plenty of untouchable Bankers for causing suffering. On top of this unpardonable sin, they did all of this in order to force the Treasonous Global Bankers into accepting "Love" and reforming dark souls without the repentance process.

By doing this, they joined Satan and Lucifer willingly and violated GOD'S unpardonable sin! Permanently casting themselves from God's loving grace. They committed blasphemy by interfering in Man kind's free will & attempting to force man to accept Ascension.

Indeed, part of this planet was supposed to blow up if not the entire thing say some scribes. The individual who knows how to stop these entities, is far more powerful than the Angel types and has infiltrated their group. He loudly exclaimed he would shoot every last Global banker, receive return fire non-stop, and kill literally all of them if they weren't arrested. They then signed the surrender order & began the take-down.

That one is fed up with ALL angels, light or dark; due to them being so pure evil in they interfere with man's free will and break the covenant. He has sworn to toss every last one of them off into hell, and wipe out the E.T's who have for generations interfered with human's choices.

So if you see all the older folks going off to join an "Ascension" or a space ship down the line, to worship the beast's social security #, know that this one gave you free will to opt out. You don't have to want eternal youth, instant debt forgiveness, limbs that grow back forever or anything else if you have the Holy Spirit. So since the entire planet will be judged, stay the living hell away from that filth. Live and rebuild your small communities, never trust a ruler or king again.

Totally neutral to all things, he would rather live in a world where man can choose to worship a flying spaghetti monster for all they care or anyone he/she chooses. Including Jesus, Sananda, the only Christ of this Earth. Otherwise we get nothing but communist fascism. As it so happens, most rational humans tend to agree; let the people go decide.

Students Pay U$ury to Bankster.

Students Pay SLM 9.25% on Exploitative Loans for College -

Its the $ystem, we canNot blame any-one person or institution, so many are involved in setting-up the exploitative system of usury, i.e. interest %. The bankster has a go-ahead, with govt as partner, licensed by 'law', acquiesced by religion, taught in college, protected by the state, promoted by media, etc.

Now, who will help the students ??

See the movie "Wisdom", with Demi Moore, 1986, or
"The International", with Naomi Watt, 20- -..

Well said

It'd be a beautiful thing if suddenly, people boycotted the whole school racket.

Then again, the government would probably keep schools alive, even without students, just because it looks like a good excuse to rob...I mean tax...people.

U$urious System where -

Naive children are schooled to enter and calculate,
chequered to note it$ compound interest Percolate - in the Bank.
Pricing robot, Programed & proficient calculator,
heartless Rambo is that bogey-man who acts SOB'er - in the Bank.
Harvard, Oxford, Sorbonne & -Azhar are all set-uPs,
fake university training managers to Pen write-uPs - for the Bank
Seduction, blackmail, threat, used for debt-traps,
but em'Ploy'ment remains the surest bet for grabs - at the Bank.
A forgery for Evil mania by only a Satanic genius,
a lechery of money-lenders greed for the usurious - is the Bank.

And We Are Coming To Get You!


*Sniffle Sniffle*

I always get so emotional when I watch videos like this. Especially when I see all the freedom lovers out there in droves standing out with Ron Paul for freedom. The Truth Movement is far from dead! Its alive and healthy. PRESIDENT PAUL! 2012. Good luck, and fight strong!

+1, for Truth Movement,

with the hope it translates into Empowerment via elections, re Delegates, the Rp Party, the White House, Congress & Senate, & even within States.
Best wishes, RP 2012.

"Greenbackers" are not Libertarian


This may be news for some of you folks, but this stuff about Lincoln's war and the greenbacks as an example of a way to move forward into freedom is a fantasy. Please read my friend's article on this topic. Thank you!

There are many paths toward liberty, but "government issued fiat currency" is not one of them! Ron Paul supports competing currencies, which is a ground up approach, but what the Money Masters and Ellen Brown supports is more central planning, just under a different branch of government. The Federal Reserve is a branch of government or do you not understand how fascism works?

The point is that the banksters were not in charge of them.

Lincoln skirted the banker/war financing trap and they were ticked off. I didn't get that this video was promoting greenbacks, just showing us how berserk the monied interests get when they don't get their way.

Given enough time, the banksters probably would have co-opted greenbacks in short order.

We the People are NOT awake

Americans are stupid. There is nothing to left save in this nation. We are fully undone. We deserve more tyranny than Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined. Truly there is nothing more frightening than ignorance in motion.

See this sad video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndshbH3qZ6Y&feature=youtu.be


Dude, seriously- take your damn meds already!


~Your perception becomes your reality~

God almighty,

we've got to get this man elected President.

+1, expose banksters.

banksters have been/ are spreading corruption, & playing with Time. now they are sensing that trouble lies ahead, because of & with the increase in awareness among the people..
very good, banksters' arrogance & control will be reduced.

there is a movie that exposes banksters' crime =
"The International", with Naomi Watt.

carry on the good work.

This is free press in the 21st century... BIG BUMP!!

My understanding of the events Around Abe Lincoln:

Abe Lincoln was losing the civil war because the greenbacks weren't working to stimulate war production in the short run. So from what I hear Abe gave way to the bankers when he supported the first legal tender laws to coerce congress to borrow money and loan it into war production to appease the bankers with gold, and sell the masses short on the greenback; this is supposed to be what turned the tide at the battle of Gettysburg. After the North won my understanding is that Abe lincoln tried to bring back the greenbacks and default on the social capital created to pay back banks.

Abe was going to let the war industry deflate back to equilibrium but the bankers continued their conquest after murdering President Lincoln in 1865.

With an eventual return to gold convertibility in mind, the Funding Act of April 12, 1866 was passed, authorizing Secretary of Treasury McCulloch to retire $10 million of the Greenbacks within six months and up to $4 million per month thereafter. This he proceeded to do until only $356,000,000 were outstanding in February 1868. By this point, the wartime economic boom was over, the crop harvest was poor, and a panic in Great Britain caused a recession and a sharp drop in prices in the United States. The contraction of the money supply was blamed for the deflationary effects, and led debtors to successfully agitate for a halt to the notes' retirement

While the United States Notes had been used as a form of debt issuance during the Civil War, afterwards they were used as a way of moderately influencing the money supply by the federal government. During the Panic of 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt attempted to increase liquidity in the markets by authorizing the Treasury to issue more Greenbacks, but the Aldrich-Vreeland Act provided for the needed flexibility in the National Bank Note supply instead.

Eventually, the "need" for an elastic currency was addressed with the Federal Reserve Notes authorized by the Federal Reserve Act, and pressure to alter the circulating quantity of United States Notes subsided... like a calm before a storm... the beginning of the world wars and a central war planning hedgemony.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

SGT is a patriot! He has also

SGT is a patriot! He has also been a huge money bomb supporter, for example, getting the word out on specific money bombs with guest interviews with bob chapman. One of the top guys in the freedom movement!

Big Bump!!

Thank You spreading it !

We wont be fully awake until

We wont be fully awake until these evil people are being tried in a court of law that is unbyassed and elected by the people for this one single purpose. Not the court that they have bought n paid for. much like they have bought n paid for the american people with all these cheap foreign lugsuries that are overruning our nation, this is keeping everyone pasified. Admit it if it werent for all the little lugsuries that we have, we would be a much more aggressive people, we would have to be to survive You wont realize it until the lights dont work anymore and you cant feed your kids. For all you constitution buffs out there, is it not our duty to keep this government in line, hence duty not right. I salute everyone that is acting on this its about time. When this group of true americans gets large enough and organized enough we should be able to get them in to court and explain themselves at the least.


You CUDAN'T Be Better....


michcrow's picture

Great job

A very well put together video. SGTbull has a nice website as well. sgtreport.com

Two shorten the road.

another great find Cuda!

brilliant mini doc.

SGTreport does it again!

Banksters beware, we ALL know whoTF you are!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul


Posted on FB - I hope this one goes viral...

Very Interesting - (Pray for Ron Paul)

Looking at the eight-member Warren Commission (Wikipedia), yeah, to include the President of Chase Manhattan Bank/former President of the World Bank does seem odd.
Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the U.S. (chairman) (1891–1974)
Richard Russell, Jr. (D-GA), U.S. Senator, (1897–1971)
John Sherman Cooper (R-KY), U.S. Senator (1901–1991)
Hale Boggs (D-LA), U.S. Representative, House Maj. Leader (1914–fl.1972)
Gerald Ford (R-MI), U.S. Rep. (later 38th President U.S.) (1913–2006)
Allen Welsh Dulles, former Director of the C.I.A. (1893–1969)
John J. McCloy, former President of the World Bank (1895–1989)
Actually, I found this odd, too. (It was 1963.) The two youngest were Boggs and Ford - one who died in a mysterious plane crash; the other elected president. The rest were born in the late 1800's (or 1901).

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

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Arlan Spector is missing

I am sure Arlan Spector, former senator from Pennsylvania was a member or somehow attached to this group. It was he, who came up with the spectacular tumbling bullet theory. He proported the bullet went through Kennedy, through Conleys upper body and tumbled down wounding him in the leg and was found in perfect condition on a patient cart at the hospital. That was the only way this collection of clowns could make the evidence fit their theory.

Just thought I would share this with you since you indicated an interest.

Thank you for pointing that out

While there were only seven individuals on the Commission itself, as you noted, others were also involved: General Counsel; Assistant Counsel (14 individuals, among them Arlen Specter); plus staff (12 individuals).

This post is what got me interested. And, you know, given the overt media blackout of Ron Paul along with the actions of the Republican Party, it's made me look at a lot of things differently - not that I didn't always think the magic bullet theory was screwy!

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Bonus info

The 1972 crash in Alaska also killed rep Begich, father of Dr. Begich, the HAARP guy.

Get this: Hale Boggs is Cokie Robert's dad.

Small world, huh?

Angels don't play this HAARP

I learned that about Nick Begich's father when I was looking into H.A.A.R.P. Yes, it's amazing what a small world it is. For a time there, it seemed that no matter what I was looking into, "all roads led to HAARP." And here it is again! Ron Paul - monetary system - Kennedy assassination - Warren Commission - Boggs - Begich - HAARP. Maybe you've seen this. I love it, Begich's great talk on what HAARP is and how he got involved with it all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74b-gA9qq3o

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Good point

This might be why:


good stuff


You either stand with Ron Paul

or you stand with the criminals! We will help you come to grips with reality and help you accept the hard TRUTH that our Government has been usurped by enemies of America. But, if in a reasonalble period of time, you continue to support our enemies, we will make no distinction between our enemies and those who support them.