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Tomorrow Magic Number Propaganda

Tommorow May 29th the Mainstream Media will claim Romney has the magic number of delegates to win the nomination which will be ignorant lies and propaganda not aware of whats going on in the state conventions now the question is whether to spread the real news or hush about it and surprise them. You will of course probably see Romney take most of the votes by vote rigging and election fraud in Texas and the other states left.

What i would like is for some folks here to put links to the real delegate counts taking the conventions and the delegate process into consideration.

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I would have said let them continue their charade and embarrass

EMBARRASS themselves again like when they said Ron Paul dropped out, then raised 850,000 dollars for his presidential campaign!

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

the new world oder

can do what ever they want so if its romney they want or jeb bush they can fudge the records and make the sheeple believe any thing they time go's on sheeple in the usa are getting dumber by the day,dont think so.?go to wall mart where ever you live and just look at every one.i hope i have time to make it to mexico.


Running will not help.

It will be a worldwide takeover. Mexico will not save you.

I'm tempted to take bets

And I'm not a gambler. Just as a joke, let's see who can guess the closest to the rigged number for all candidates. My bet: Romney 89%, Santorum 10%, Ron Paul 1% I'm sure those are the numbers the establishment would like to see.

It's great to know that the popular vote is what what determines the real candidate. Thanks for all you do, all ye delegates! The best I can do is keep track of those who vote for Ron Paul, vote myself, and then afterwards talk to them and help them see that if x% of people on this block voted for Ron Paul, but the "official" count says nobody did, then something fishy is going on and they ought not to trust said "popular" vote.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Tell the truth - the real numbers

The truth is what works...


If a big media-complicit lie can elect a Kenyan as POTUS,

how difficult can it be for the GOP to declare Romney the nominee by "acclamation" and run with it? Never mind the numbers, you only win if you come out on top.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.