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Why The Party and Media Elites Don't Understand 'The Liberty Movement'

Writer Shirley Husar, in the 'Washington Times' Blogger community, attempts to compare the Ron Paul 2012 campaign to a 'fad' using the 'Cabbage Patch Craze' of the 1980's as a template to explain his popularity. Ms. Husar is making the same mistake that many are in dismissing the 'Liberty Movement' that Ron Paul is rallying around his campaign. Like many traditional pundits, politicos, media hacks and other slingers of bullpuckey, they attempt to filter what they cannot understand (or have poorly researched) through the lens of traditional campaigns that focus on sloganeering, pandering to special interests, pimping the candidate out for massive corporate donations, and relying on the 'cult of personality' to distract voters from the REAL campaign message (or lack thereof!).

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I agree with Lars below.

People here have given the "benefit of the doubt" to these evil people far too long.
They know exactly what they are doing.
There have been coordinated attempts at fraud of various types in virtually every state caucus, and indications of likely fraud in the electronic voting in the primary states. There have been statements overheard that "Ron Paul must be stopped at any cost" from GOP state chairmen and other state officials too. Our people have been blocked at every turn. Priebus himself was on the phone, giving instructions, during that debacle. These Georgia, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arizona meetings that ended with our supporters out in the street, were not coincidence.
These are NOT people who just "don't understand" us. They don't want anything to do with freedom, and they are fighting their hardest to make sure that nobody in this country ever gets freedom.
If you can't see this, then you are myopic.
They are doing every form of fraud and shenanigans in the book, and denying it. That's a conspiracy. There's no other word for it.

The media is even worse. They do what they are told, whether they understand anything or not. They are whores with evil intent.
After the total media black-out that RP received, it is impossible to assert that there was no conspiracy. They did it, they attempted to act like it was nothing, and secretly employed their blackout.
That's a conspiracy. There's no other word for it.

It's time that people here wake up and smell the coffee.
We don't have a bunch of nit-wits in the RNC and media.
What we have are a bunch of organized criminals who are holding their turf, to deny freedom to the people of the United States, and keep their power monopoly as they gut every last nickel out of the people of the US.
This is a criminal syndicate we're up against, and it's worldwide, but the US is a big player with the muscle for the mob.

It is much more sinister

They very much do understand that their control system is crumbling and they are doing everything they can to put the genie back in the bottle.