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Instead of a recount...

A recount would be easy (raising 67k could be achieved by friday with the strength of this grassroots support structure), but then you're still working within a flawed and corrupt system. A more effective way of tracking the real vote count for Ron Paul in this country (and I don't see why any other candidates can't do this as well) is to set up a web site where voters can go, of their own volition, and register their vote. We can then set up a google map somewhat akin to this one:


with which EVERYONE can track where the votes are going. We can even set up a phone line for non-internet users (we're not all spam-bots) to call in their registration, and we can post that data online nation-wide. It will be the most open election ever, if just for one candidate.

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PLease set it up

PLease set it up