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Prayers for today and next week

Thread for prayers

Lord, help us with your strength and understanding, because you are our strength and understand things you are making happening that we don't always see. Lord, calm our spirits if we are hurt, help us when we doubt, forgive us when we are sinning, and lead us into all righteousness for your name sake. Lord, also help us leave an inheritance for our children's children - the next generation, and a good country and better than we got it. Thank you God, Amen.

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to those awesome prayers.

I heard from a great preacher the other day a story I had not heard before. In 1940, when the British Expeditionary force had been all but defeated and was about to be crushed by the oncoming German forces, ending the British Army's ability to fight, Churchill called for an international day of prayer and fasting. That somehow God would save the British forces from destruction. That somehow Liberty would not be extinguished.

Around the world people prayed and fasted. At that moment, Hitler was struck by a feeling that they were winning too easily, that somehow it was a trap. He called all his Generals back to Berlin. They were livid, they knew victory was within their grasp. But they went back, they had a meeting discussing the campaign that lasted two days. They all concluded that it was going fine and went back. But during that time a call had gone out to every British vessel, from the smallest fishing boat to the largest ship, to come down and go over the channel and help rescue the Expeditionary force from the beaches of northern France at Dunkirk. Somehow, by their combined efforts, over half a million men were evacuated back over the channel, the main part of the British army, was saved to re-group and fight another day. By the power of God's divine providence. In answer to profound prayer.

Oh God, Liberty once more is under threat now in the United States. Please Lord, move your ALMIGHTY spirit, against whom none can prosper, that raises up and casts down the nations, that overwhelms all opposition, to work miracles, to open up doors, to soften hearts, to bring righteous, blessed success to Dr. Ron Paul's presidential campaign this year in 2012. That he in turn blesses the United States, and all of the world, with his great and true leadership.


Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

Great prayer.

I'll add this.
Dear Lord, please open the hearts of those who have committed/are intending to commit election fraud and will do anything to retain their own power. Help them to realize that personal gain means nothing without integrity and honesty. Help them to understand that it was Your Will that created America - Divine Providence - and that they should allow Your Will to work now. Help them to see that by not following the rules, they are corrupting the system. May Your Light shine in their hearts. Amen

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Good Prayer, Thanks Brother for it.

We need at this time. This is a good time for it. We need the GOP offices protected from fleecing. We need our country protected from fleecing. We need our people and our US citizens , Christian or not that are for Liberty and freedom protected. Thank you, Lord God.