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Do You Want Legal Remedy For Elelection Fraud Violations?

ToolsforJustice has a new link to our private forum for you to document voting rights violations and election fraud abuses committed during the Republican primaries in preparation for filing a 42 USC Section 1983 lawsuit for violations of our voting rights, 42 USC Sections 1971-1974.

GO TO: http://www.ElectionFraudRemedy.com to directly access the page on our ToolsforJustice site. Please help support this effort by sharing this information far and wide! Contact: 561-747-8496 / 850-417-8543.

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Lawyers for Ron Paul

Recommended this site last week.

If this is legit how come

no actual names on the 'about us' page? I can imagine that the Feds would love a database of all the Dr. Paul supporters.

optimystic's picture

"who we are"

is the page you are complaining about. I see nothing wrong. If you have been disenfranchised, you can join and document your experience. Otherwise, vote up for others to see this thread and move along to trash the next post, you're on a roll!

Why aren't there names of actual people?

Then we can look them up to make sure they're legit. I want us to combat election fraud, but the right way, and not just giving our names or money to the CIA. Suspect Dr. K is CIA, btw.

If Dr. Paul's campaign vouches for them, then of course, I support it, but I can't find that info.