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[Old, Faked] Video of WTC Building 7

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Building 7 is going to blow up everybody get back!

This kind of nitpicking...

Is like an NFL official flagging a player for having his shirt untucked, while his teammate takes out the knees of a player on the other team with a gnarly illegal chop block that goes unnoticed.

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guaranteed doctored video & repost

my favorite is the added in UFO, see flaw list @

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Of course it's fake. The

Of course it's fake. The camera wouldn't pick up those sounds that far away...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I say this video is

Fake. Pause video at :16 seconds and look above the building. We were lied to about 911 but this video shouldn't be spread to family or friends.

No longer consipracy "theory"

Just so you know folks...there is no theory. It was an inside job - end of story. Do about 1000 hours of research like I have and you will come to the same conclusion.

As far as Ron Paul...he is not a fool. My guess is that he cannot, at this point, say a word even if he did know the truth of why/how 9/11 happened. Al Queda did it with the U.S. Government knowing it was going to happen and NORAD standing down. That's the simple answer.

Spend the time to do the research. Until then, don't act like people who DO know the truth are nuts. I don't think you're nuts just because you're uneducated on the subject.

No credible source supports your outlandish view

Not one credible source supports your outlandish view.

To believe such a vast conspiracy could exist is an embarrassing demonstration of ignorance about human nature, politics, history, and science.

Stop reading the nut job sites and read something sound that stems from clarity in thinking.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."



"To believe such a vast conspiracy could exist is an embarrassing demonstration of ignorance about human nature, politics, history, and science."

One could say the same thing about fifteen Saudis and four other Semites with box cutters (two of them with kryptonite passports) conspiring to take down the mightiest security state on the planet. Just sayin'...

As for Dr. Paul, he is part of the legislative branch, not the executive. If he were head of the FBI... oh never mind.

How about - piss off!

better now sheep?? Keep on believing we are all nuts because we know the truth. That's exactly why the get away with this shit.

you make me sick.

You're an embarrassment to the human race

You're an embarrassment to the human race.

Your brain is capable of logical thought and reasoning. Unfortunately, the line between that and rationalizing is pretty thin, but you should be able to discern the distinction. Please use that ability.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


You know the campaign is over

You know the campaign is over when all that's left are delusional "truthers" salivating over blatantly fake video.

God help us.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Sorry folks but...

That the detination of an old las vegas hotel not building 7

True or not

The fact is that 911 was caused by terrorists in Washington DC and Israel. Anyone who would spend 3 hours doing the most basic research with an open mind can only get to this conclusion.

One simple comment: IN order

One simple comment: IN order to make a building fall straight down on itself all of the support columns would have to buckle at exactly the same time. How in the hell would a fire do this? That is imposible. If only one or two buckled the building would have fallen over on its side not straight down. I saw this the day it happened. In my oppinion there is no doubt it colapsed from multiple explosions triggered remotely at the hands of a very sick bastard that got away with it. The terrorist responsible are right here with us laughing at our stupidity. I build those types of buildings for a living everyday, there is nothing in the structure of that building that will burn, nothing but maybe carpet. You really think that carpet and kerosene{jet fuel]BURNING WILDLY IS GONA MAKE ALL THOSE SUPPORT COLUMNS BUCKLE AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. Not once but three fu@kn times in a row! Not a chance in hell those people were murdered in cold blood by there own people. Wake up pansie


That is the truth

Not fake

I don't know why people think this is fake but those windows are the same windows being blown out on other wtc7 videos. So only a fool would believe an apple is an orange or a steel frame building fell due to office fires instead of a implosion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvUiMwCXf08&feature=youtube_g...

You can see the explosives being detonated before the collapse and during. Which only indicates one possiblity.

Recently the mainstream media showed pictures of Iraqi children dead in 2003 and claimed it was a 2012 photo of dead children in syria.

9/11, fear, wars and deception is what the controlling elite need for you to never question!

The video the op posted is great 100% evidence of an implosion but those who are living in fear and ignorance will always be blind to the truth!

Trust your own understanding not an almighty slave master!

this could be CGI and I still think it's more credible than T.V.

atleast a swamp man catching a big foot didnt fly by the screen followed by an alien battleship.

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hey, NO need to spread a fake film, when the bare TRUTH

is incriminating enough.


It isn't "new." If I recall correctly, it's at least 3-4 years

old, and was already debunked to be a cgi hack job. They simply took other footage, and "blew out" the windows with localized light flashes, then darkening them in the next frames, and layered in the explosion noises in sync with each one.

There is plenty of footage from both sides of the building that do NOT show these flashes or windows being blown out. Thus, this is a fake folks.

That's prettyy much what I thought when I saw it.

I find it hard to believe that the explosions would sound like snaps that kids throw on the ground on the fourth of July.

that was my first

that was my first thought...fake!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

I remember when it first happened...

The NYFD released the audio from inside the buildings, stating the fire was out and they were heading down, within a few seconds you could hear explosions, screaming and it was over.
(one of the saddest things ive ever heard, RIP brave heroes)

Also in order for a building of that size to come down, the temperature would have to reach, i forget if it is 3000, or 30000 degrees, just to even warp the beams holding it together, but you can clearly see people standing AT the plane, the point of impact waving thier arms out the broken windows, and no human could withstand even 3000 degrees. The building was DESIGNED to take impact damage and not be broken.

Remember the building in Madrid, Spain, built by the same guy, everyone thought it would fall but it stayed up for 3 days on fire before the flames were put out.

Building 7 has audio of them saying "Pull it" right before it goes down. One of our politicians where there, i forget which one.

It's either Conspiracy or Insurance Fraud, all 3 buildings were owned by the same person, who renegotiated his insurance plan just a few weeks prior.

I wouldn't put it past them as Insurance Fraud killing thousands to get it, these people are not human, they are the lowest scum who would do anything for a quick buck.

Note very carefully that I made ZERO claim or even discussed

the issue of "if" Building 7 was intentionally demolished or if it fell due to structural weakening from fires as the official story goes.

I merely was pointing out that this particular video is a fake, and is NOT evidence of a controlled demolition.

That is all.

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God Help Us!

God Help Us!


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

Yes, God help us from fake

Yes, God help us from fake videos and fake 9-11 conspiracy theories.

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Exactly! Anyone who would

Exactly! Anyone who would fake something like that, calling it Building 7 should be castigated or castrated.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

But It was a inside job! Just

But It was a inside job! Just so we can invade Iraq and afghanistan, it's so obvious I'm surprise you can't see it! What took down building 7? Fire? Comeon! What about the first two buildings? Fire? Stop it guy!!!

juan maldonado

Then you must regard RP as

Then you must regard RP as either a fool or liar because he has repeatedly said that Al Qaeda (NOT Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney) attacked us on 911 because we are "over there." Indeed, it is the ENTIRE BASIS of his foreign policy. Perhaps you should consider a candidate who agrees with you because RP most certainly doesn't.

Well he is lying! He even

Well he is lying! He even said it! He just doesn't want to look even more like a nut then he does. If you look up William Rodriguez and hear his story you will believe. I challenge you to do that! He actually worked at the wtc for 25 years. There was another man who walked into building 7 and said there were bodies everywhere before it went down. Here's the video the good dr.... And I don't care that he's lying because I understand why he's doing it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrQVaiFYmcg

juan maldonado