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HuffPost needs a lesson!

I can't see straight after reading this - please post your opinions to this article - they have a large readershiop. They need to know exactly what's happening in this election.


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No longer read Huff....

they sold out along time ago.

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Will you STOP sending traffic to CRAP articles?

The more hits an article gets, the higher it rises in search results. How many times do we have to pound this into people's heads?

Ron Paul's outreach, unlike any other candidate's, is through GOOGLE SEARCHES.

STOP SENDING TRAFFIC TO BAD ARTICLES! It just makes them rank higher in search results!


Helping Liberty candidates, crowdfunding campaigns, and entrepreneurs get the publicity they deserve.

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This article really made me mad

This is HORRIBLE reporting. This idiot traitor should be FIRED!!! It's these RINOs like him who are destroying our country! I havent read such BS in a very long time. This may top it all.

Why are we still

delivering traffic to these websites and these types of articles?

Huffington needs to be objectively rated too

Stop complaining about the media if you aren't willing to take few minutes to rate and review the different media outlets, reporters, ...

Rate the Huffington Post here: (Need to register, takes less than 50 seconds to do so)


If you check the posts, about

If you check the posts, about 90% are in favor of Dr. Paul. I think they actually helped to spark the people again. I love it when we find this lies and manipulation and we unite to let them know; We Are Not Sheep!

Ron Paul for Freedom!!!

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

as always lol

as always lol


But I doubt that it will be posted and I probably should have spell checked it. I'm really getting tired of hearing the same dribble in those articles that are linked on the DP accusing us for destroying the RP when it is their corruption and lies that is destroying it.

The more they ignore us and continue with these fradulent acts the stronger it makes our movement by increasing our numbers and granting us more credibility by validating the points that we continue to make.

So I will just continue to infuriate them by simply smiling after I thank them for supporting our movement.


I read that article and my comment to it is Hogwash.He knows not a thing on which he wrote an article on....or... They're trying a new spin on misinforming the public to drum up fear of the R3volution .
Either way it's hogwash.

Let's investigate - shall we? Eli Lehrer

Eli Lehrer is not the VP at Heartland Institute - I posted this fact on HuffPo a few minutes ago and we'll see if they allow it.

Slate reported on this recently: http://www.slate.com/blogs/weigel/2012/05/14/climate_change_...

Heartland had good stuff on the climate BS - REALLY GOOD stuff. Very interesting what this character is spewing now after his break from that org.


Can't find my comment

Most of the approved ones are in the respect of Ron Paul but mine with MSMs waning arguments is not present

They censor moderate the

They censor moderate the responses and rarely post my comments. I responded to the article but of course it's waiting for the Nazi's moderators to agree with approve the comment.

HA. They posted it

“Really.. for the sanctity of the party, Romney should go ahead and step down now. It's all but written on his forehead that most Republicans can't stand the Mormon R.I.N.O. He is the God-Father of Obama's health care bill and Romney has changed his mind regarding important topics more time than a teenage girl changes clothes in a day. Romney is no Republican and the people who are advocating for everyone to just drop out and give the race to Romney are no more than Democratic shills writing under the guise of a 'Republican pundit' in an attempt to bring more of Obama's policies to the forefront.

Anyone advocating for all other Republicans to drop out is no Republican I want on my team.”

Saw Heartland Institute

Immediately ignored everything contained with the article.

tried to post this however no luck..

Who are you to pick a winner and loser? This country was once a republic where the vote mattered and was counted. When the press picks the winners and losers that is called fascism, when the people pick their leaders it's called democracy. If the idea of freedom is killing the GOP and Obama is killing the USA Ron Paul is the best chance for returning this country to it's constitutional roots. We got her with the Republicrats as they are very little differences anymore between them. Ron Paul's success stems from actual hard-core enthusiasm from a dedicated committed base. Romney's support is for whoever we pick i will get behind and i don't even care who it is. Ron Paul folks care who their candidate it and what the stand for. That is called principle's, ethics, truth and transparency. It has been a really long time since the USA has seen a leader like this and quite possibly the last time we may see a leader a solid as Ron Paul. Give Ron 4 years it would be a massive improvement over Rombama.