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I got this email today about the Nevada Delegation & it made me FURIOUS!

This is the msg & how I responded:

Cynthia -I read this blog today -tell me this is NOT the plan -as if it is -it is unforgivable:

They couldn’t win at the ballot box – they didn’t win primaries, they didn’t win caucuses – in Nevada’s caucuses, they captured only 19% of the voters, but through state convention hijinks and outright deception, they captured nearly all of the state’s 25 delegates.
I take EXTREME offense to the above statement, "but through state convention hijinks and outright deception,"

WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT? I want examples of these "hijinks & deception" by the Ron Paul people.

I guess he didn't know that:

1. Bud Southard stood up at the rural caucus on Friday & enlisted the delegates to rise with him & his gang to walk out on the convention if they couldn't change Rule #4. Southard wanted to close down the convention just like Sue Lowdown four years ago, if he & his gang weren't getting their way. The Ron Paul people did nothing of the kind.

2. The Credentials Chair, Mrs. Rice, pleaded with the rural caucus on Friday to allow registration after 9am, against the RULES, so that some buses could get to the Nugget on time. Those buses were filled with bogus delegates. The Ron Paul people did nothing of the kind.

3. The Credentials Chair, Mrs. Rice, made a HUGE mistake & recorded 3,400 delegates, instead of 3,100, thus throwing the credentials into havoc that took hours. The Ron Paul people did nothing of the kind.

4. The Romney people salted the entire convention floor with visitors who were VOTING, making EVERYONE have to leave the room & be correctly identified before they could come onto the floor & the convention begin again. This added more unnecessary delay. The Ron Paul people did nothing of the kind.

5. The Romney people distributed a fake/counterfeit Ron Paul slate in order to confuse delegates, & the people who perpetrated this were thrown out of the Nugget by the police. The Romney people had their own slate & the Ron Paul people did nothing to try to fake a Romney slate, or confuse anyone. Their slate had "Ron Paul" right at the top.

6. The Elections Chair (a Ron Paul person) wanted to give people their ballots when they registered, but the RNC didn't want it done that way, so the elections ended up taking hours. This was done by the Romney people in another last-ditch effort to try to get people to give up & go home.

So, after reading this, can you tell me anything that the Ron Paul people did that was "hijinks or deception?" How about the Romney camp? How many Romney people got up & walked out right as Mrs. Paul was introducing Ron? How many Romney people walked around with glum scowls all day in that convention room? They were not happy campers. So, now they try to rewrite history.....

“Pledged” to Romney, they nonetheless support Paul, and at least some of them seem intent on doing whatever they can to disenfranchise Nevada’s conservative Republican voters by either abstaining from voting (denying Romney the nomination he’s earned at the ballot box) or actually voting against the express will of Republican primary and caucus voters to steal the nomination for Ron Paul.

Here are two scenarios for Nevada:

1. The delegates vote on the first ballot according to the caucus rules.
2. The Ron Paul delegates abstain, or invoke a rule that allows them to unbind.

The main reason for Ron Paul delegates to find a legal way to unbind is because:

1. It's legal.
2. The horrible, unfair, against the rules treatment the Ron Paul supporters have had at conventions, caucuses & primaries across the country. As you probably know, politics is dirty. Ron Paul has been marginalized or blacked out by the media & received no support from the RNC compared to the other lesser candidates. He has the message and platform than can defeat Obama, yet, he's been confined to the back of the bus. Why? Because corporate & military industrial interests don't want him elected. Imagine what would happen to the Federal Reserve if he was elected? So, just imagine how STRONG the activity is to keep Ron from the nomination at ALL COSTS. Believe me, if you'd been following the campaign as closely as I, you would see the ramifications of all those costs.

The result is, a group of nationwide, dedicated national delegates who refuse to be bullied or corralled anymore. What you will see at that national convention are free agents. Those delegates worked hard to get to Tampa & spent a lot of their own money (You won't see the parties spending anything to help Ron Paul delegates, as they did McCain & will for Romney.). They will feel they have more right to their vote than anyone else.

It also comes down to ultimate ethics. Our country is in horrible straits right now. Who can save our country? The only one is Ron Paul. The Ron Paul delegates feel this to their very souls, and if you have this kind of dedication to your country's future & its Constitution, what else can you do?

Right now, it looks like Romney won't get the nomination on the first ballot, so even if Nevada voted according to the caucus percentages, Romney wouldn't get it. After that, we can vote for whomever we please according to the caucus rules. I was there at that State Central Cmte meeting when those rules were formulated. But, I was also in court when we tried to bring suit over our votes being stolen at the 2008 convention. The judge pretty much said the republican party was a private club & there was nothing unlawful that was done when those votes were stolen. When push comes to shove, the RNC can do whatever it wants. The Ron Paul people know this, are forewarned, have been fooled once, and "won't get fooled again" - Pete Townshend.

If they succeed in disrupting the Tampa convention, one of several things will happen:
1. They will actually steal the nomination for Ron Paul, a man who has never had any national success at the ballot box, ensuring that Obama will win in a landslide; or,

Ron Paul wouldn't be "stealing" anything. A microcosm of the voting populace voted in the primaries & caucuses. It wasn't a level playing field at all, & plenty of chicanery went on in many states. Many polls have found that Ron Paul does better than ANY candidate against Obama. Imagine how popular he would be if he had HALF the coverage as Romney? The media WON'T even report that he's still in the race, yet he draws THOUSANDS to his rallies, when Romney can only get hundreds. Look at where Romney's money is coming from? Little of it is from the working man or woman, nor the enlisted.

2. They will so disrupt the nominating process – live on national televisi0n – that whomever (presumably Romney) eventually gets the nomination will be “damaged goods,” giving the election to Obama, but not by a landslide.
Either way, Obama will be the only winner, American will be the big loser, and Ron Paul’s supporters in Tampa (aided and abetted by Ron Paul himself) will be to blame.

Romney LOSE because of activity at a national convention? Comon', that's a load of BS. If Romney does get the nomination, the election is HIS to lose, not Ron Paul's. If Ron Paul gets the nomination, THANK GOD, we will finally see the debates of the century where the Defender of the Constitution slaughters the Trampler of the Constitution.

The idiot who wrote this must be 12 years old. I'm 58, and from childhood watched many a contentious national convention on tv (I even named a cat after Hubert Humphrey). Those conventions stopped in the '80's because by then the "Powers that Be" had their candidates all sewn up & nominated by the time of the national convention. That's why Ron Paul & his followers are such thorns. They know the TRUTH, and they are SICK of having these republicrat PUPPETS in the oval office. Look at the comparisons between Obama & Romney & you won't see much difference. Either wins, the puppet masters win.

One final note – if this happens, if Ron Paul’s supporters so disrupt the Tampa convention that Obama wins re-election, the future national political career of Rand Paul will be toast. In his second term, Obama will finish what he started, destroying America as we know it. Republicans will never forget – and never forgive – the Paul political family.

Excuse me, Rand Paul is concerned with NOW. Right now he is working on auditing the Fed & other unconstitutional matters that keep getting thrown at us. Last week, his dad was working against the Ex-Pat Act. Yeah, you didn't hear about that on the news either, did you? Rand could give a rat's ass about his political future. He only cares about his country. He's a statesman, not a politician. I'm sick of this ridiculous argument about Ron ruining Rand's career. Was this jerk around in 2008 to witness the Ron Paul R3OVLution? Well if he was, he'd know that it's grown by the MILLIONS around the world. He's the ONLY candidate with an INTERNATIONAL following. Ron's movement multiplies by thousands every year. His son will inherit that mantle if he wants it. It's not going to be harmed one iota by any decision his dad makes. His dad has made good decisions 100% of the time. He's wise, he's smart. What this writer also doesn't know is that the R3OVLution is not Ron or Rand, it's our Constitution. You're NEVER going to lose people from the movement to protect & bring back our country to its Constitution. That's what's so laughable about the people who criticize Ron or Rand, and the people who follow them is, they're essentially saying, "Look at those jerks who want our country to follow its Constitution! They are so stupid. I could NEVER be that much of a loser to want to support the Constitution! Not me, never...!"

What’s really odd is that Ron Paul’s Quixotic campaign in 2012 seems to have really been about laying the groundwork and building the political machine to carry son Rand Paul into future national prominence, and perhaps a Presidency for himself. But if the Paul machine disenfranchises millions of Republicans and hands the election to Obama, that dream will die stillborn. Yet the Paul supporters who are so enthused about disrupting Tampa don’t seem to understand what they’ll be doing to their own long-range dreams.

It’s as sad as it is frightening.
Ned Barnett – Nevada Conservative

Utter nonsense. Rand is as frightening to the puppet-masters as Ron. The Paul machine will hand the election to Paul. The thing Ned needs to worry about most is voter fraud. It's not the votes that count, it's he who counts the votes. You can bet that four years ago, those votes were counted before anyone went in a booth. It will be the same in 2012. That's why we need a R3OVLution.

One more thing Ned didn't detail in his "frightful" editorial is the logistics of the voting body.

1. There are more registered democrats than republicans.
2. The republican party needs disgusted democrats, independents, libertarians, evangelicals, green party, and other people to make up that difference in order to beat Obama.
3. Do you think those people will vote for Romney? Right! Hell No they won't vote for Romney, so he's toast all ready.
4. Do you think they will vote for Ron Paul? Hell YES, because he speaks to them ALL the time & they LOVE his message.

Cynthia Kennedy

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How do you know you are legal?

Do you have an attorney?

Ron Paul's attorneys are NOT delegates attorneys and if you are waiting for Ron Paul's attorneys to save this mess, you will miss Tampa.

Richard Gilbert

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"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Yes Read That and find out it's Legit!

Thank you Grasshopper.

Great response!

Really stellar. You were articulate and knowledgeable. It would be a great basis for a letter to the ed (edited for size). Only next time don't hold back. :)

I'm telling ya

This is spin to set up for a breakaway party run for mittens. The claim will be that we by following the rules have cheated the straw poll voters. Nevermind that they cannot show the delegates ever matching the straw poll results before. The RINO's will just abandon the GOP for "Team Romney" taking all the establishment funding with them. I came to this conclusion after watching them set up these shadow party's, take the funds from state party's before resigning, and now they have opened a shadow organization in Ohio where I haven't heard of us having taken over anything yet. They know they can't win at a nationally televised convention, their tactics would enrage the people. Also they have most likely calculated at this point the only way to keep the video evidence of the cheating off the MSM is if Dr Paul is still running, because as long as it could help him the MSM won't show it. Where if he was out they would use it to bury Mittens.

This is what the creepy opposition does. It is methodical

and done through out history...

they want to discredit you and to do this they need to make stuff up.

It's the same way they fire people. I know it is horrible. We stand with you.


Yep and if you stay silent

Yep and if you stay silent they take off and run with it, piling lies upon a lie...

ask for exactly what the

ask for exactly what the hijinks are

And While "They" are at it...

..ask "them" what definition they are referring to...

hijinks: horsing around, monkey business, monkeying, monkeyshine(s), roughhouse, roughhousing, shenanigan(s), skylarking, slapstick, tomfoolery

I'd volunteer to "roughouse" those neocons over their "monkeyshines",
but it's apparent that we are "having fun" doing this.......more fun and "horsing around" than they are.

Revenge is best served "cold"...and the GOP has a case of oral frosbite...too bad for them.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Please help Ron Paul win

Please help Ron Paul win South Dakota www.southdakotaforliberty.com

I thought it was GREAT!

Eloquent. Specific in detail.

You nailed it.

Good responses

But need to use a little more diplomacy. Also, it was a little hard to read. It might be helpful to list the body of the email and response separately for better comprehension.

+1 I was confused until I got down here

Enjoyed the read but didn't realize how it was formatted as nothing was specified, it was just divided.

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!


but I get really incensed when people are lying. The person who sent this was at the convention & should have known better. For as long as this post will last on the page, I'm not going to take more time to make it readable. I find it easier to have remarks grouped with responses.

Thanks though!


I hope you sent it to every1

I hope you sent it to every1 who got her email, too..liars should be exposed.

I think she sent it

only to me. Funny thing was, she also ran for a delegate slot. Because she had almost zero following, she didn't have a chance. Frankly, I think one of the biggest Zombie gripes was that they had no organization. We had TONS. That really pissed them off. That's why I can't stress organization enough, AND we started YEARS ago to amass our power.

I wasn't elected a delegate at that convention because of me. I was elected because I'm Ron Paul!

Cynthia Kennedy


Well done Thank you