Shepler's Ferry leaves the 'mic' on for Ron Paul Supporters...

Remember when Fox News left, what appeared to be, Rudy's mic on during the last debate in New Hampshire so that he could so rudely laugh and snicker when Congressman Paul spoke? It seems that Shepler's Ferry, in conjunction with the 1st. Amendment, did the same thing for a ferry ride back to the mainland from the recent Mackinac Conference for all the Ron Paul supporters. We were vocal, in supporting Ron Paul - just a reminder to Mr. Giuliani that blowback is a real thing.

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Fair Treatment...

I was there. It was not 'out of hand'. It was an impassioned moment that was simply too irresistible to pass up. You have to admit, Rudy's had this coming ever since May 15th. Blowback, you know. Dr. Paul probably would not have shouted, "Ron Paul, Ron Paul". But then gain I don't go around and shout, "Bill, Bill, Bill".

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

Just a matter of time
I wasn't there so I don't know if this really happened. I watched the video and all I could hear was Ron Paul Ron Paul.
I hope this really wasn't the behavior of Ron Paul supporters.


Blowback, you know.

Blowback could just as easy as a potential voter looking at that video and saying, "I'm not voting for whoever he's supporting..."

Maybe "not cool" to some, but "karma" to others

Given Rude-y's treatment of Ron in the last debate, he had this one coming! If anything, the universe was in alignment that night and some degree of cosmic justice was found on that ferry ride back to the shore.

I do agree that we don't show up where other candidates are, but when they "are" where WE "are"...oh well, so be it. Never heard that the RP supporters did anything other than chant Ron's name, so they were simply showing their support for THEIR candidate. No insults.

Might make Rudy think twice on the next debate before he laughs and giggles on the microphone when Ron is speaking. Just goes to show that God DOES have a sense of humor :-)

Not Cool

This is borderline harassment. I am a supporter of Ron Paul but I think that this was uncalled for. I'm sure they meant well but don't picket other candidates. You are not going to get Guiliani to support Paul so whats the point. It does nothing but make you look bad.

Take the high road, just smile and wave, he knows the Revolution is coming. ;)

Ron Paul 2008!



One will notice that it was taken during the darkness of night. so you may find it hard to pick him out.