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TV – living without it!

Who likes to LIVE? Will replace TV with...

How you will help your close ones to replace mass media with the internet? So that they will find unbiased real sources of information!

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No more TV

We got rid of our one 16" black and white television in 1981, when our first child was born, and we have regretted it not once or for one second in the intervening years. Neither of our children ever expressed any dissatisfaction with our televisionlessness.

I disagree with this man when he says that the WWW "replaces" it. You don't try to get rid of cancer and then replace it with something. Television's sole purpose is to propagandize, disempower, and depress.

If you want to give a bit of thought to a practice which takes up, on average, 45 hours per week of your time, pick up a cheap copy of Mander's "Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television." I guarantee personally that you will not find in it any argument that you have ever heard before. Mander never argues that the television is biased, or that it discourages reading, or any of the other cliches. Be fair to your own life. Read it:

No more TV!

Thanks for sharing! It's inspiring to see the book published tens of years ago and your practical decisions.

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Let's not pretend the

Let's not pretend the internet is any less biased than tv is. Just because one option sucks, doesn't mean the alternative is any better. At least on TV the bullshit is well produced. And there's still good shows being made, something like The Wire for instance.

If you're looking for the truth in either media or politics you're looking in the wrong place.



Internet TV can be just as bad.

Use the "self control" app if it becomes a problem for you.

I personally stopped watching TV (either internet or on the actual zombie box ) for 2012 ... and couldn't be happier

The Internet is not biased at

Dutchman, the Internet is not biased at all. It is simply a network. Anyone may post there. Television is run by private corporations that promote only their own positions. The two are not comparable at all.

That's not what I'm getting

That's not what I'm getting at. Of the course the network is neutral. But so is the satellite uplink tv uses. I'm talking about the reporting. Truly objective, unbiased reporting does not exist and that's really not such a far out statement.

Everybody on the net also only promotes their own positions. You can't tell me Alex Jones isn't biased, or FBN, or the Daily Paul isn't biased. Bias is always there in some shape or form. Even if the actual reporting is as neutral as can be, there's still the decision of what to report on and what to ignore. Do we report on Syria or Ron Paul? Of course you want that to be Ron Paul, which is your bias. CNN says it's Syria, and that's their bias.

Now I'm not saying screw it all, let's all go Edward Bernays. Truth is important and good reporting is as objective as possible. It's never that black/white with me, there's a lot of grey area here. Politics and media are basically one big grey area, imo.

Dutchman, I am fine with

Dutchman, I am fine with bias. If we read a variety of arguments from different viewpoints on an issue, we are helped to understand what aspects are common to all, and where the differences are, and by accumulating information, we are enabled to make more intelligent judgments. The problem with television is not that it is biased, but that it is a tool for the purpose of manufacturing consensus on behalf of its owners. It is not a medium of communication that has gone wrong, but is a technological device to manipulate opinion. It is a wonderful thing for the monopoly corporations that own it, but not very useful to a consumer, unless the consumer likes to be emotionally manipulated. Unfortunately, some consumers these days do actually like to be manipulated in this way.

I agree with you, I'm fine

I agree with you, I'm fine with bias too, I work in media ;) It just helps to realize it's there and understand it. Internet is a huge improvement over television, but it's still owned. But that's not the problem. What I have a problem with is the people who instead of watching the daily news and accepting that now watch youtube and take that for truth. You're obviously not one of them ;)

Internet also keeps a lot of misinformation alive. False stories or rumors take on lives on their own even after they have been debunked and debunked again. Or how about the Kony 2012 phenomenon? It's a blessing and a curse, much like tv was.

What tv had over the internet is that at least you sort of know who's behind the propaganda: the corporations that own it, their shareholders, and their advertisers. Online that's not so clear.

Let me be more clear. I do

Let me be more clear. I do *not* accuse the media of bias. They are not agencies pretending to give objective information or opinion and then slanting it. Rather, their purpose, which they do not hide, is to form a complete view of reality (morals, esthetic tastes, religious opinion, psychology, etc.) in their subjects (viewers) that will be advantageous for their corporate owners. This is done through sporting events, situation comedies, police dramas, news programs, advertisements, documentaries, public service announcements, etc. I do not even condemn this morally. There is nothing "wrong" with the media in regard to their purpose, which they fulfill very well. What I am saying is that I do not think intelligent and purpose-driven people are very likely to own or spend any time watching television. I do not think they will want to see sporting events, situation comedies, police dramas, news programs, advertisements, documentaries, public service announcements. Further, I do not think anyone at all honestly believes television, "public" or corporate, tries to keep people informed or even entertained. When people say this, I think they are just making excuses for choosing to allow their consciousness to be formed by corporations for the corporations' advantage.

Wow this has inspired me to

Wow this has inspired me to not watch TV anymore.

You inspired me to read the constitution...

You inspired me to read the constitution... again! Thanks for posting.

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4 months here

18 years old and I've gone the past few months without watching TV. At first it's tough, but the longer you go without it, the clearer your thoughts become. This is what's happened with me at least

When the only thing

worth watching is Spongebob Squarepants...... well, I'm glad to see folks on here get it.

"Mittens Romulan" : Square Deal...A New Deal For America

What a cast of characters...I can't stop laughing..These guys belong in a maximum security prison until their flesh rots off...

Cannanites from hell....Nazis from IG Farben and the many foundations

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I refuse to get it, granted i

I refuse to get it, granted i live alone but still why pay for just BS and misinformation and propoganda. Look at how they treated our champion this year "Unlectable,kooky,third party,fringe candidate,campaign for speech at the convention,long shot, unconventional (well that one i agree with :) In other words RP lied about, what else you getting lied about to? Cancel your cable/satellite and use the FRN's to buy precious metals. Youll be way ahead

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

That's right! Cancel the TV.

Thanks for sharing! It's inspiring to see sober minds.

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It has been years since I

It has been years since I have even had cable.
TV influences who you become.
Even if you do not believe the lies the repetition of them slowly seeps in.
If you do not think it is intentional then it is clearly working on you.

"KILL YOUR TELEVISION" Ned's atomic dustbin

"You only live free if your willing to die free."

1 year, 2 days, no tv. Only thing I miss are the Miami Dolphins

Yup, what was once a protest for the cancellation of Stargate Universe, has become a lifestyle.

Only thing I miss are the Dolphins games. That just gives me am excuse to visit my brother more often.

It really is great not having a tv. The few shows that I do watch are purchased through itunes. And 2 of the 7 have been cancelled, so I'll be watching Eureka and breaking bad this summer to the bitter end.

TV has been such a waste of my time, and I'm so glad I got rid of it. No more new shows, and when these shows are cancelled in the next few years, I won't have any reason to watch anything. Screw the networks, Screw the MSM, I love not being distracted.

No TV here. Yay to the net!

No TV here. Yay to the net!

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

I have 5 TVs hooked up to cable

but they are only used for sports, xbox and entertainment. And the so called news and talking head shows are never watched. Nothing wrong with having cable if you understand that the programming is purely for amusement and not serious information. Well, the weather is good information, but that's it.

be careful about that

the "shows" are nothing but subliminal programming, too.

Subliminal programming indeed!

Congrats for keeping your mind awake!

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No TV Here cable, no talking airheads...

do not miss it. No newspapers either. I have the internet and radio.

Amazing how much better I feel without constant media assaults.

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Worth Reading

A book worth reading about this subject, 'Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television' by Jerry Mander. An insightful and enjoyable read.

Two shorten the road.


17 years here..If there is the small chance that there is a series worth watching, I wait and buy it on DVD..Although I have to say that It's not the TV itself that I despise..It's the programming..The TV is just a tool and if actually used correctly could be used for enlightenment. Unfortunately though it's not..Yes the Internet has garbage too..Yet at least with the Internet you have millions of choices and if that fails, one can actually afford to create and broadcast themselves..Just like the DP :-)

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

TV does brainwash

I am a firm believer that the TV does us mind control techniques. It molds your mind subconsciously. Remember Pavlov dogs? After repetition the mind takes in what it hears, feels and sees and it can't decode it from the truth unless you have the power to know it on a conscience level to fight it on a subconsciousness level. With all of the fear programming and all of the commercials are about drugs and fast food cars and other system controls. Its a slow kill not to mention its not illegal for the mainstream media to report false information. Then you have a unhealthy, uneducated,fearful,sick and dependent society.Most people don't even know who owns the cable companies and the networks. I feel sorry for those that are addicted to it and have no way of knowing anything else.


Who owns cable companies?

Federal Reserve.

Federal Reserve promotes fiat money, high taxes, police state, mass immigration, stifling regulations, wars, tariff free trade and annihilation of marriage, family, children which are the engine of middle class.

Everything you have read published by MSM from 1913 onwards is false.

Everything condemned, suppressed by MSM since 1913 has merit.

Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Eustace Mullins, Rothbard, Ed Griffin, Ezra Pound, Lindberg, Henry Ford, they were all outside the Matrix, alerting people. But we did not listen.

BestRonPaulVideo, Totalitarianism
BestVideo, Political Correctness
Bestbook, Totalitarianism,

Charles Lindberg?

I would love more information concerning this. Do you have any links?

oh absolutely

i shudder to think of where they're at in the technology of subliminal advertising these days. We're pretty dumbed down for sure.


I don't see how watching TV is any worse than spending hours trolling forums and reading junk on the internet. Neither activity is enriching or productive.