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♫Merry is the Month of May♫ Ron Paul Wins America!

♫ Merry is the Month of May ♫ Google Trend indicates massive, overwhelming support for Ron Paul (measured by Google Searches.

Google Trends: Ron Paul vs Barack Obama

Ron Paul wins America by far. Ron Paul wins every region. Ron Paul wins all but two cities listed. Cities showing more support for the other guy are: New York & Chicago. Washington DC shows bias toward the other guy. Imagine.

PS: The news coverage charted in Google Trends show the other guy with many more news mentions... Many times over.

PSS: Curiously, despite the bias for coverage of the other guy, "No news articles were found."

PSSS: Mitt Romney chart somewhere near the middle on both charts. Whether measured by Search or Media Coverage, Google Trends indicates Mitt is mediocre. One Fox News showed up about "Bullying Mitt Romney?"

Google Trends: Ron Paul, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney

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Interesting, however..

You're missing something. Most people who do a search on what the pResident is up to aren't going to type out his full name. They're just going to type "Obama"..

Not surprisingly, when you omit his first name in the trends search, he comes out on top. http://www.google.com/trends/?q=Ron+Paul,+Obama&ctab=0&geo=u...
Conversely, nobody's going to just search for either "Ron" or "Paul" when they're searching for "Ron Paul". The names are just too common.

When you throw in "Romney", things look even more dismal. The masses haven't woken up just yet. Fortunately, that doesn't really matter within the system (delegates) in which we're working. Those who are more knowledgeable of the process will be the victors, and it's strikingly clear that RP supporters hold that claim. The month of June is going to be a glorious one, and the positive vibes will carry on through Tampa. Third time's a charm, Dr. Paul... We've got this.

Fun, but I don't know that it says much

For instance, I'm a Ron Paul supporter yet probably google something to do with Obama more than anything, not as a candidate but because he's the president - and keeps doing these things I consider unconstitutional!

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Some claim titles of nobility. Others hold authoritarian sway.

More oft than not, neither is right nor rightful. I suspect Mr O claims far more than he is. He suppresses much of what he is. The same might be said of me.

What you stated about differing reasons to search is indeed so. No doubt.

I wonder why Google Trends report no news found off to the right hand side of their screen when reporting trend lines for Ron Paul. None found when reporting trends for Ron Paul & Barack Obama; yet when adding Mitt Romney, this tripe comes up: Bullying Mitt Romney? Fox News - May 16 2012

News mentions more oft than not correlate with search interest. News in the sources searched by Google for news media coverageevidently suppress Ron Paul to an extreme.

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