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Washington State Convention - May 30-June 2 - Open Thread

The Washington state convention convenes tomorrow and adjourns on Friday. 40 delegates are being elected, 30 by congressional district and 10 at-large. Make sure you attend if you are a delegate or alternate, you may be seated!

"The Washington Republican State Convention (consisting of 1,500 delegates, 1,500 alternates, and the automatic delegates) convenes [WSRP rule 36].

National Convention delegate candidates declare their Presidential preference or uncommitted status at the time they are nominated. These delegates are bound for the first ballot at the National Convention [WSRP rule 37]."


Update #1:

I think I have found the Ustream link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/washingtonconvention

Update #2:

Romney - 24
Paul - 6

Update #3

A lot of you are disappointed that we did not win many delegates and will not win Washington, even if we win all 10 at-large delegates tomorrow. But remember this: Ron Paul supporters are flooding PCO slots up for election. These positions are rarely contested, but this time around there are many spots that are being contested. We are taking the party over from the ground up. Get in contact with the grassroots so you know who to vote for on the August 7 ballot. This is not over.

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Delegates fail the responsibility they accepted.

The Campaign runs on money, it's not a free gig.

People were fooled by the MSM, ignoring the releases of the campaign.

I don't follow the MSM and nothing in the Campaign releases fits the media spin. Maybe it depends on which one is read first.

Free includes debt-free!

It was obvious

the media wuuld jump on that statement and say that Paul has dropped out.
And the public would believe it.
And there would be no public retraction.

Only someone who had sold out would make such a statement, knowing how the media would use it.

How much would it cost to send 2 or 3 people to each State Convention?
How much would it have cost to send Ron Paul to Wa Convention?
$10,000 total. Something like that.
You could get that by firing Benton.

Ron Paul has been getting some very bad advice in this campaign.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

So the MSM distorted and misrepresents the Campaign

So of course, it is the Campaign that must offer a retraction. Doesn't that sound backwards to you?

I can't help it if people want to drink the Kool Aid.

For those that bash individuals working the Campaign, is an indication of how deeply they have drunk.

Free includes debt-free!


I don't watch tv. I don't own one. The only info I get is what I see here, and emails from the campaign. I am curious to know if there was any attendance, help, etc. to the convention from the campaign. That is what their correspondence last was...that they were focusing on delegate conventions. We donated money to that particular strategy after the campaign's correspondence was sent out. I am curious to know if they did anything with the money we sent to help the WA folks. It would make sense that they would considering thats what we were told. Your post doesn't answer a fairly good question imo.

There are 50 States.

How many people signed up with the official campaign to get information. In 2008 the Campaign supplied online training, local phone lists for your precinct. Their are over 100,000 precincts in the US.

The money the Campaign raised was for national purposes not for State campaigns, except in the early primaries where success in Iowa and New Hampshire would help all the State campaigns.

But for the millions spent the MSM spend millions to whitewash and blackout of ALL the campaigns except Mitt's. Each one got a chance to surge and then sink into the MSM memory hole. The only Campaign that moved beyond personality and has a group of individuals seeking liberty for all by reducing the size of the government that is tyrannizing everyone, by taking the fruit of their labors, by sexually abusing them at airports, by tapping their phones and reading their email and so on.

There was a lot more money in 2008 and money 4 years ago bought a lot more goods and services than it does today because inflation has been running 10% a year.

I can't speak for 2012 specifically. I sent donations because I trusted the Campaign to continue to uss the money the best they could based on their record.

I haven't been disappointed at all. Not with the Campaign or the staff.

Free includes debt-free!


You are not answering the question yet taking a strange defensive position. The campaign correspondence said that they were focusing their money and efforts on the delegate conventions. I am wondering if they were involved in WA. The last moneybomb, which garnered over a million after the infamous email was sent was supposed to be for that purpose.

If they did not spend a dime in WA where we had a reasonable shot at performing well, I am concerned. There really wasn't a better place to put the efforts into then WA.

I don't understand why people get so defensive when people want to know how their money is being spent.

Damned if they do and damned if they don't

If they say to much they will be condemned for giving campaign secrets to the enemy besides being second guessed for every action.

If they say too little they are condemned in other ways.

People gave their money, end of story. There are a million other ways to help the campaign financially. If any find a better one, use it.

A whole million Dollars, that's peanuts. Target ten states and you have a budget of $100,000. Send ten people to a State to work for a week, pay room and board and travel and that pittance is gone.

What is needed is grassroot phone calling and get out the vote (GOTV) and get out the delegate efforts. How could the national campaign help in that effort. Holding hands, singing Kum-by-Ah. Dialing a phone to show how it is done? Teach us rhetorical and oratorical skills? Tell us again what we've heard dozens of times on youtube?

Defense against unreasonable expectations is appropriate.

Free includes debt-free!

It isn't a ton of money

However, I would think resources would have been spent on conventions where Ron Paul could control the state convention. WA seemed like a place that could have actually occurred with some strategy. Grassroots is important, but many are doing these things for the first time and need guidance. One or two experts could have been sent to help deciphering the strategy. Even if it was 100K that was spent, it would have been money well spent. Unfortunately it seems that my assumption is correct that they didn't spend anything there. My question now is what are they doing with the "peanuts" we did send them? It appears to be nothing...Oh well. My peanuts will be sent to grassroots organizations from now on.

the campaign should use some

the campaign should use some of the money it saved from not doing primaries anymore and use charter buses to get our delegates to the convention

Bad news - Romney won all 10 at large

First ballot.

I attempted to convince the Romney supporters sympathetic to our ideas to vote 3 of ours, seven of theirs. Many speakers implored the delegation to vote the same...

But the Paul and Romney delegation failed to forge a "unity slate" prior to voting, thus we received none today.

In my opinion, it would have been savvy by the Romney campaign to give us an at large delegate today as we make up ~35% of the state delegation. Alas, both sides voted their slates.

I did vote the 7/3 slate, and was told by one of the elected Romney delegates when I (last minute) attempted to convince her to sway her group that the only delegation present which did not get on their Romney slate was Paul. Apparently, a Gingrich and Santorum supporter made their successful slate by agreeing to work with them. But when they approached the Paul leadership we believed we would "steamroll" (her words) the convention and did not play ball.

Tough to say, but I'm sure what we would have had to give up for that delegate likely wasn't worth it. We won't declare fealty to the 'king', because we are the new Revolutionaries.

Truth and liberty are mutually inseparable.

I just don't Get How We Are Being OutNumbered

I would show up with hundreds of people and with my own cops. Too bad I am in NJ



LIBERTY2ME's picture

did they vote on teh 10 at

did they vote on teh 10 at large today?

Be Proud Washington State!

Keep fighting...this is a battle from the ground-up for control of the Party. Come 2016, even more Liberty-Minded people will be in the Party. Keep going!



By 2016

We'll be holding our caucuses in reeducation centers.

I expected much more

than 6 from Washington.
Was turnout weak?
How was the Romney camp able to capture so many delegates?

we were out numbered. Our

we were out numbered. Our people didn't show. All we had to do was show up and we would have won.

not true.

not true.

Lack of attendance

probably due to the false claim that Romney clinched the nomination.

People have got to stop

People have got to stop booing, that's being just as classless as the other side... You don't win anything but negative headlines and bad perceptions from everyone else by doing that. Some people need to grow up a bit.

A stunned silence is much more effective at Convention.

The people left cheering wonder what they are doing wrong.

Cheer with them when you can, cheer without them when needed, apply silent disagreement to protest.

At Convention, it will be noticed.

Free includes debt-free!

Ron Paul chair loses permanent chair

by 300+ votes

Why Paulites keep booing Romney's son?

Is there a reason why this keeps happening? Don't these people know that booing start negative headlines and articles going everywhere?

I just started my day as usual; googling Ron Paul. Well top five headlines are Ron Paul supporters boo Romney's son.

I thought WTF? Is this old news or what? Nope! The booing come from Washington state this time and making headlines around the world.

Is there any other way?

Josh Romney held up the 'UNITY' Slate!

Want to know why the Washington RP Delegation was booing? Josh Romney got up on stage and started talking on how the election was basically over and then proceeded to hold up the 'Unity' Slate (with no RP supporters on it of course) and told delegates to vote for it! His actions were out of bounds and inappropriate.

Don't come in to a convention with a mass amount of VOCAL Paul supporters and expect to get a warm welcome with this kind of behavior.

Dr. Paul is probably embarrassed and

disappointed with this booing and some of the other childish antics going on by some of his delegates and supporters.


Because he's a douchebag just

Because he's a douchebag just like his dad?

So how does that earn delegates. Are you feelings most important


Free includes debt-free!

There is another way: Don't applaud...

... Sometimes, silence can be deafening.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Stream is back

Stream is back on...