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Help Nor Cal Activists in their Final Stretch: We Need Funding to go MEGA!

UPDATE: The last few days have been awesome. We've been able to drive all over our district putting up signs, handing out material to individuals and businesses. We put together a hand-out for the local Liberty candidate and included that with our Super Brochures. We attended a Community Bank meeting last night. We met with another activist in Napa and got him going for the weekend (this was Saturday night).

Thanks so much for helping me take care of the costs this weekend. I was able to fuel the car, pay for printing of hand-outs, pay for food/coffee/beer (beer is essential for volunteers). Doug even put up a quick post:


Now these guys need to get home (after Today's sign waving and precincting).

Every gallon of gas ($5) helps: http://libertyroadwarrior.chipin.com/ron-paul-road-warriors-...


I've been back for about a month and half now (from my 7 month U.S. campaign) and am still spending a lot of time and energy looking for work and figuring out how to pay my bills.


This has meant not as much activism on my part. I have been attending a “Transition” group in Sonoma Valley the last two monthly meetings. I have been going door-to-door for Ron Paul and training a couple other activists in the area to do the same. I have spent a day walking precincts with a local County Supervisor campaign and am about to be hosting a couple activists from out of state for the last weekend leading to the CA Primary.

I spent about $5,000 of my own money on my recent campaign around the U.S. Liberty activists have been able to help me out with nearly $1,000 during my travels. Now that I'm back, and am a week away from the CA Primary (and will have a couple people helping; who have a car!!!) I'd like to see if the community feels like contributing one last time to help us end with a bang.


The potential of this weekend depends on funding. I have none now right.

There is a Napa County GOP HQ Grand Opening on Friday that I would like to go to.
Saturday we can train and canvas if we can get around and get folks out with the promise of lunch (or something to that degree). I have a potential Vallejo and Napa activist to get out, in addition to my Valley activist and my two out of state activists.
Sunday we can go out to San Francisco (and hopefully meet up with the John Dennis campaign), or campaign around the district in CD-5, if we have gas and food funds.
Monday I need to work (I have two days a week at a farm that I do for cash/barter), or get paid; after work I expect we will be out all night putting signs up around the area.
Tuesday I will be on TV, voting and organizing polling locations.


So, as always, I have a chip-in going for my website/work. Any funds would be appreciated.


The Cause is my Life, my Life is the Cause. All funds will go to both.

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Just came back from appearing on Mornings in Sonoma

Jack Wagner

We just rocked St. Helena and Calistoga

Put up a bunch of signs along highway 29, and over to Santa Rosa (got a banner on 101). Earlier today we handed out material downtown Sonoma (Ox Roast!), and went door-to-door for a couple hours. Been a long day.

We even made a hand-out for the local Liberty candidate for Congress and handed those out with our Ron Paul stuff.

Jack Wagner

Long drives for Liberty

We finally made it! I'd say we had a considerably successful day as well, after driving up to Napa to get some materials to a fellow activist, sign waving for a good while and getting some signs up along the highway. Time to get some sleep so we can rock it all day tomorrow!

"All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible."

Doug and Jacob made it out!

Today I finished up my local Supervisor volunteer walking right in time for Doug and Jacob to roll in from Oklahoma. Jacob who hadn't slept the entire time passed out and Doug and I grabbed his car and drove out to Napa to meet up with an Activist out there. We got him stalked up on materials and then did a sign wave for a couple hours. Lot of honks.

Tomorrow we are rocking Sonoma. Monday Santa Rosa, and Tuesday the polls.

Jack Wagner

Just talked to Stewart Cilley on the phone, Liberty Rep. for HOR


He is running for Congress in my district. There are two Republicans running against our incumbent Democrat. If Stewart gets second he goes on to November (I don't think a majority will win it in the Primary for the incumbent).

I'm going to make up a flier and add his campaign to our work this weekend.

I have a local campaign that I might help on Sunday, so I can have Doug and Jacob work on Cilley's campaign (basically the same platform as Paul, probably easier than having these OK kids learn all the local stuff in a day).

Everyone contact a local liberty candidate and help them as you campaign for Paul!


Jack Wagner

About to barter for sign space...

...in our area it is pretty strict about sign placement, and the local papers make sure to point out illegal campaign signs.

I'm trying to barter some work for, in part, use of a major highway facing lawn for elections (hopefully for a while if it works out).

Jack Wagner

Was a Ron Paul fan...

...but didn't want political signs on the farm, I will be helping him out two days a week though.

Jack Wagner

$162 (and rising?)

A patriot hit me with a $12 donation at Noon today...solid!

Jack Wagner


Another $50 bucks!

Jack Wagner


Another $10 donation!

Remember to catch me at 8:30AM (Pacific) on "Morning in Sonoma"

STREAM: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/svtv-27-sonoma-television

Jack Wagner

27 3x5 banners

Are you up for a banner-bomb on the night before the primary?
Save America
Ron Paul

"All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible."

You know it!

I got gas money! I'll be working that day, so you'll have to do some during the day, but once I get off we'll hit some of the more rural areas in the district, make sure signs are up there too.

Jack Wagner

Transition Towns A UN Sustainable Development project

I call it, transition your ass outta here.

The late great Henry Lamb, and Freedom 21, show a map that has red areas, and says, "If you live here, you won't". Through the UN Agenda for the 21 Century, sustainable development gives us transition towns, that show people how to fail where they live so the government can relocate them.

Common sense tells you people can't fly, but they do anyway.

Transition Sonoma Valley


I've been to two meetings. I wore my Ron Paul shirt to one. It was a bunch of farmers. The people who run the Farmers Market attend. The people pushing for local currency go to it. They are open to have me speak.

The meetings are held at the Grange.

There was no love of the Federal Reserve there.

Either way, you can make assumption and close people off. Most people, even if they attend some group that is "associated with some other group" are not part of a conspiracy. We all registered Republican, it does not make us Neo-Cons.

It's just people. Individuals. The golden rule. If you want to be treated as an individual you best treat others with the same respect.

Jack Wagner

$150 for the night! (9% of total quarter goal)

Thanks everyone, that'll help a lot. I won't fight more though, could definitely use anything you are willing to give.

If I could get to 100% of my quarter goal I'd be set for the rest of the year as far as activism is concerned.


Jack Wagner



At 9% of my funding goal for the quarter. If we maxed this out I'd be set for this weekend and off to a good start insuring sympathetic candidates win locally and at the state level in November in my districts.

Jack Wagner

Just got $20 from Vietnamese Americans for Ron Paul


Did you know this group existed? I didn't until just now.

This is amazing, even from the point-of-view of being in the trenches with this movement it still surprises and amazes me!

Jack Wagner

This is the Potential of our Network

From: http://ronpaulsocialnetwork.com/jaktober/link-id_6738/

"We got to keep this network together in the future so we can do this type of stuff with other campaigns.

If we could post our campaign, say, "Liberty candidate for NY State house Need funds" and explain how you are going to use it, and get a few hundred dollars, it'd be amazing.

The local campaign I'm helping got a $500 contribution and it was huge for them!"

I just got $130 (minus PayPal fee) in a couple hours for our grassroots activism out here. That is major. If we could continue to organize funds and activism (phonebanking, resource creation, etc.) for platform sympathetic candidates and policy initiatives, by working on those campaigns, staying active in this forum, and continuing to kick a$$, we will have ourselves an epic win.

Jack Wagner


Thomas comes through with a couple silver dimes.

Jack Wagner


Ken comes through with twenty-spot!

Jack Wagner

$150 (minus PayPal fee)

http://vafrp.org/ gave Nor Cal a bump!

Jack Wagner

Just hit Benjamin

$100 total so far, thanks a lot everyone! (Jason the new contributor).

This will help out. More is more and will only give us more options. Our district is large and I'd at least like to hit it up Monday night with signs, this will help with coffee and gas. If we have more funds I can send Doug and Jacob (my out of town activist friend) around the district to explore (it is a beautiful area) and campaign while I work (farm) on Monday.

Sunday I want to hit SF as one of the major activists there has been focusing on organizing an independent/write-in campaign (that is my understanding anyway). If we can at least sign/brochure bomb the City it'll remind folks that Paul is still in it.

Friday depends if Doug gets here and I get home from work (or change my work day) in time for the Napa event. If it isn't a big budget dent, we can at least make it for the end of the HQ opening and talk to people as they leave, or be outside with information and brochures.

If anyone knows of any other GOP events in Nor Cal (specifically Sonoma, Napa and Lake county), let us know.

If anyone in neighboring areas want to do stuff, let us know. I want to use this to train and boost other activists as much as to promote Ron Paul (we do both at the same time really).

I want to make sure that win or lose, we keep working on local and state campaigns and eventually win no matter what.

Jack Wagner

Another 4 gallons!

Thanks Janice!!!!

Jack Wagner

optimystic's picture


and 10 gallons of fuel... Go get 'em, tiger!

Thanks so much!!!

Saw that! I wish I put that $5=gallon of gas at the top when I first posted the topic.

Thanks again!!!

Jack Wagner

Just sent an email to get a case of Super Brochures


I really need gas money now! Got to get these puppies out to folks.

Jack Wagner

Liberty Clip

This clip is from a movie that very much is all about Liberty!


Jack Wagner

bump from the bay area

bump from the bay area

Nor Cal!

Bay Area Represent!

Jack Wagner