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Mitt Romney has "won"

"Although the race has been essentially over for weeks, Romney finally cleared the necessary benchmark of 1,144 delegates for becoming the Republicans' presidential candidate after a long, bitter primary battle with a host of conservative rivals."


Hopefully no Romney delegates show up at the upcoming conventions. I mean what's there to worry about? It's "over"!

Their strategy going to backfire. They're now completely vulnerable to our grassroots support. We're taking this nomination, no matter what.

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Sick Media

The media is losing their minds. The article didn't even mention Ron Paul. So, who did Romney beat in the Texas primary? haha unreal.

this is great

now i can relax



If you're a Romney supporter, sure. Feel free to relax at home. No need to waste time electing delegates.


Be vigilant patriots. The enemy is a master of deception.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

Let's triumph in the local

Let's triumph in the local and state conventions!

We shouldn't become overconfident.

I doubt Romney's supporters in Texas are complete idiots. They know we're going to try and capitalize on this and Ron Paul supporters should not take anything for granted.

very true. Pride goeth before a fall

I am however encouraged by the fact that no one seems very inspired to BE a Mitt Delegate in the first place. I envision this exodus of Mitt delegates dialing the party asking; "Does this mean we don't have to go? We can stay home right...and still keep the Olive Garden coupons?"

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I bet Wolfe Blitzer

...just popped open a bottle of champaign and celebrating.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Excerpts From Reuters Piece + My 2 Cents

"In a statement, Romney said he was humbled to win enough of Texas' 155 delegates to secure the nomination."-Reuters

Really now? I haven't voted in my convention yet! I guess the msm are delegates now:P

"Romney endured serious threats from Republican opponents from Rick Perry to Rick Santorum to reach a goal that his late father, former Michigan governor George Romney, fell short of achieving -- win his party's stamp of approval as its presidential candidate."-Reuters

What about RON PAUL,who is still in the race and collecting delegates in every state?!

Screw you Reuters,Hannity(Fox),CNN and the rest! It is WE who decide! DELEGATES

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And I read somewhere - maybe in that article

That he had prepared it/released to a few outlets well PRIOR to our election today...

Susie 4 Liberty

GOP Nomination Fight is Over

I will repeat this for those who are not getting it. Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee. Ron Paul even if he is given his 225-275 delegates cannot defeat Mitt Romney in Tampa, Florida. The voters of this country have spoken and their want a socialist versus a flip flopper. For those two million or less who voted for Ron Paul in the GOP Nomination we appreciate your support, time, vote, and funds. Nevertheless, the battles over other races including Ted Cruz is not yet complete. Please join us on Daily Paul, Ron Paul Forums as we battle in these crucial primary races.

As long as there' s a chance that a ton of Romney delegates

are Paul supporters and a chance that Romney's 'true' delegates have a moment of clarity, I'm not leaving the battlefield. Not after all the cheerleading I did to encourage good people to sacrifice so much to commit to being delegates. No. We'll see them to the very end.

The republican party is a Phoenix

burning its last flame. We have the brains, we have the passion, we are the only one with a vision, and we will own the convention. I have faith in our people. Maybe you forgot this is a rEVOLution, change was never born at the polls, not as long as there is no transparency.




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":Romney People" show up for him by the tens - & often a treat

On the other hand, Dr. Paul has crowds of thousands. The 'non-existent base' Romney has is NOT throwing up the roadbloacks; it's the "Party Elites" who don't want a Candidate in office who cannot be bought. (Would mess with everyone's crony games...) Well, we'll just have to determine whom is most determined: those who believe in OUR Constitution and the Freedoms and Liberty granted to ALL Americans in that Document! I won't bet ya 10K - but I'll wager a $1.00 that the GOP Elitists and the backers of same will have found their match/one-up in the tenacity/integrity/intelligence of Liberty Loyalists! You better start looking for a place to hang your heads in...defeat...and OH NO! At the HANDS of We the People! We are coming, and We are a Mighty Force...

Susie 4 Liberty

I hope things continue

I hope you're right. But at the end of the day I'm pretty certain these guys aren't going to roll over and suddenly allow a fair election to take place.

The writing is on the wall. The GOP/Media/Dems will continue to turn up the heat no matter how much they expose themselves to the world. They'd rather not steal it in broad daylight but they will and they are. It's really interesting though and I can't imagine how it will play out.

They aren't going to roll over

They're making a new party to avoid losing. What do you think all the media spin is setting up? And the rumors they are spreading to rank and file GOP voters? Think of how many they have alienated and woke up just by their blatant attempts to force mittens into the slot. Only thing to do now is cut their losses, claim that the party's been taken over by use of arcane rules etc. and launch the new RINO party, hoping they bring along enough of the Fox Koolaid addicts to keep control. Whether they do or not the MSM will treat the new party as the major one and the GOP as a fringe. But it will wake some more up and we can still win. Come on now you weren't really expecting the revolution to be televised were ya?


Yeah, this nonsense is on Yahoo news as well. It's probably on all of them. I can't wait until the RNC in Tampa! It's going to be a huge wake-up call for the GOP!

Ah, they're so cute when they're asleep. Why wake 'em?

"Go to bed early, get up early--this is wise. Some authorities say get up with one thing, some with another. But a lark is really the best thing to get up with. It gives you a splendid reputation with everybody to know that you get up with the lark; and if you get the right kind of a lark, and work at him right, you can easily train him to get up at half-past nine, every time--it is no trick at all."
- Mark Twain. Advice to Youth speech, April 15, 1882

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul