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Seeking Understanding - 9/11 Coming to Terms


One of the largest mainstream media and government coverups of the past century is 9/11. This portion of video explains cognitive dissidence, trauma, and why people have trouble believing or even paying attention to facts and evidence which conflict with their established or accepted world view.

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Moment of losing trust in Government

The older lady who talks about how shocked she was when she realized she couldn't trust the government was interesting to me. I stopped trusting the government when I was 12 years old and my brother was murdered and the police did nothing, despite having many witnesses and knowing full-well who killed him (a favored son of a wealthy local resident). I can't even imagine what it would be like to grow to adulthood trusting the government, but I suppose many people do. To me it is surprising that an obviously intelligent woman could get to late middle-age still thinking the government was there to protect her.

For me it was not so much shock

As it was disappointment in myself for not caring enough to pay closer attention to important things outside my own life.

Skip a Hollywood Film

If you have not watched this whole film before, I encourage you to watch it the next time you are tempted to sit down and watch a Hollywood fairytale. Instead, watch this film about the greatest most influential event of the past decade.

9/11 has resulted in not only war across the world, tremendous government debt, and the loss of our liberties, but also the traumatization of our country.

So skip a Hollywood film and watch this instead.

No Hollywood, Yes 911 Doc.

+1. thanks for posting the film, & a very fair suggestion. We learned so much about human nature, re psychology, - the inner responses to outside info, and the causes of denial.
this film is very enriching, there are one liners I wanted to quote but realized there are just too many gems within it, e.g. pride is a basic human flaw,.
= see it yourself, share.

One day just the Lusitania

One day just the Lusitania the truth will be known. Who knows when... Look at the false flag for the entry into Vietnam. Trust your own beliefs and respect those of others. You can't force this issue in fact the more you try to the more it's engineered propaganda is reinforced.

Ron Paul

The only chance of an independent inquiry of the events of 911 and the cover up that followed.
Bring it on!

I disagree completely... Just

I disagree completely... Just like the Gulf of Tonkin it will take someone directly involved coming clean or time for the lies to fade and the truth as it always does to be the only thing standing.