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Even NPR 'gets' that Romney will NOT 'clinch' 1144 after TX Primary; MSM sound asleep!


When a day comes that even NPR 'gets' the reality of delegate process, you know Team Romney are gonna be a nervous train wreck all the way to Tampa!

For those who have participated and voted for nothing less than the full restoration of your Natural Rights, we salute you Texas R3VOL!!!

Even with their usual and typical MSM negative spin against Dr. Paul and our chances, they admit:

"Texas Rep. Ron Paul's supporters have attended other state conventions en masse and have won disproportionate numbers of delegates for Paul, so there is a reasonable chance that Iowa's delegate slate will be something other than the media estimates following the January voting."

Shh... what's that sound? The last gasp of MSM's final breath of 'relevance.'

No long faces, R3VOL! Scorched Earth, Tampa bound.

Even After Texas Primary, Romney Will Remain The 'Presumptive' Nominee

by S.V. DÁTE | 04:02 pm, May 29, 2012

At the moment the polls close in Texas Tuesday evening, most media outlets and very likely even the Mitt Romney campaign will declare that he has secured enough delegates to win the Republican nomination for president.

For what it's worth, there are two problems with that statement. First, as a practical matter, Romney actually won the Republican nomination when the other candidates competing for delegates in the primaries and caucuses stopped doing so. That was weeks ago.

And second, as a technical matter, Romney will not have the "bound" delegates he would need to win the GOP nomination, regardless of how well he does Tuesday night.

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NPR is not anti paul or

NPR is not anti paul or mainstream media. They have consistantly treated Dr Paul very fairly in their coverage. NPR is amazing.

Romney has 1144 delegates? Okay then PROVE IT.

The come-back answer to anyone who tries to tell you Romney has clinched the 1144 delegates needed for the GOP nomination: "Okay, what are their names? Give me the 1144 names of the national delegates that are committed to voting for Romney." Until the Romney camp and the MSM can do that, then that is our proof to the world that Romney hasn't clinched Jack Squat.

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I can see it all now

The look on Romneys face and every neocon f**k face A**holes on Fox news is going to be hilarious when he loses in november. I really am hoping Paul wins. But having to see Romney come out and admit defeat after paying to basically have smoke blown up his own a** will be extremely satisfying. What makes it even more funny is that he believs the garbage and lies that he will be the nominee and he will win.

Even if Paul loses the nomination I still have something to look forward to.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Ron Paul

Would lose even bigger, in a tsunami-like landslide. Come back to mainstream society, become a moderate Democrat. The truth is in the middle.

Moderate Democrat?

Don't make me laugh. Communism is a failed economic model, it brings poverty and death.

not it is not

the truth is the truth, the middle is for the unprincipled

I'll need to add NPR to my small list of trusted sources

Now they'll join Jon Stewart, SNL, Jack Cafferty and that Ben Swan guy.

Twice a day

even a broken clock gives the correct time.

I thought this way for a while too...

But after watching numerous episodes that skipped over Paul, and just went on and on about R-Money, Newt, and the Sanitizer I got pissed. Comedy Channel, owned by MTV, owned by whoever-else-on-the-list is a sell out I think. Stewart's writers are smarter than what I had watched the last few episodes, so I am convinced they are being pressured to not mention Paul.

I agree

Presumptive nominee Ron Paul sounds much better and more accurate, i'm using it.

I think we should start touting Ron Paul as the presumptive

nominee in all social media posts. Let's start now.


MSM Asleep ? Hardly. The Slow Water Drip on US Minds

The MSM is (liberally manipulated and owned)*. They want Obama so bad they are downplaying all this...

1. Obama Allows Chinese to Buy US Banks
2. Obama Allows Chinese access to US Treasury Computers to Directly Buy T Bond (Since Last Year !!)
3. Obama's Watergate - The Fast and Furious Scandal
4. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Denied Access to Afghanistan, Clinton Denies Accounting of Expenses in Afghan
5. Obama Extends Afghan War to 2024
6. New Libyan Government - Who is it and why are they asking to buy more US Weapons Now
7. Obama - Amnesty at Any Cost, the Document on War Waste (Obama seeks to secure docs for 20 yrs)
8. Paneta - US Military Bodies are Dumped in a Land Fill

Not to mention today's news that USGDP falls to 1.9 from estimated 2.2

They are well aware that Romney, a Venture Capitalist that has 250 million in Swiss Banks, dismantled many US Companies, a card carrying member of the "1%" is the PERFECT candidate to lose against Obama at this point in time. They need a bad PR act like Romney, to beat a sad case like Obama.

RT, BBC, Xinhuanet, Al-Jazeera have the world news not ABC, CBS, NBC, AP, NPR, Thomson/Reuters.

* Read The Mind Managers, Bias CBS Insider Exposes How Media Distorts the News, Information Highway Paving over the the Public. or Wikipedia look up Sumner Redstone, Telecommunication Act of 1996

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Not So Fast!

Romney has NOT secured the nomination as he's bragging because 108 of those 112 or so delegates from Texas have not yet been assigned.

Romney has lost most all delegates in at least 11 states, including his own home state of Massachusetts!

Romney therefore still does not have the 1,144 delegates he needs to assume the nomination despite the celebrating and even opening campaign HQ in NH. The NH GOP is also breaking rule #11 promoting him as the nominee. I've reminded them of that many times.

By attempting to form an illegal 'shadow' party to try to circumvent the will of the delegates in some states and trying to disqualify the delegates in others, we see the GOP imploding.

Also, as we speak, Romney supporters are protesting an Obama operative (David Axelrod) in his HOME state of Mass WHERE HE LOST ALL BUT TWO OF 19 DELEGATES.

People are not going to reward Romney's GOP for his campaign's widespread criminality in this primary.


Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Number of Bound Delegates?

I remember reading that NPR article and it said that Romney had around 904 bound delegates before Texas voted. And I remember reading another delegate count (one that was operated by a Ron Paul fan) that said Romney only had around 591 bound delegates? Assuming for a second that we forget about Rule 38 or abstaining, shouldn't bound delegates be something that is easily kept track of and perfectly consistent? Thanks!

What does "bound" mean?

There's a difference between 'bound' and 'selected'. The AP bases their delegate count on the primaries, but those delegates haven't been selected, so their count is off. Maybe WAY off.

That's where rule 38 comes in, where the importance of Paul-friendly chairmen, committeemen, rules committees, etc., comes in.

Rules aren't in force until the state convention body ratifies them.

So, for an accurate delegate count, 1) state party rules must be ratified at convention, 2) individual delegates must be selected and confirmed, and 3) state party leadership must be willing to enforce watever rules were ratified by the convention body when the delegation gets to Tampa.

That's not hard for the Texas party chair, since the delegates are not allowed to actually vote until the second ballot. In the first, the party chair reports the vote allocation. It'll make free-agent and abstain votes almost impossible for us...

The title is incorrect

The MSM is far from sound asleep. I keep seeing these titles and it bothers me. They are not sleeping. They are not confused about how the delgate process works. And they are not stupid. They are just doing their corrupt jobs. They want to convince the sheeple that Ron Paul quit and Romney won so We The People will quit as well.

I have news for you MSM,,,,,, IT AIN'T HAPPENING!!!!!


MANY reporters ahve no idea how the delegate process works. they've been educated to believe we live in a democracy, not a Republic.


The WagTheDog Newscasters have suits and ties and fresh haircuts, some with tight fitting short dresses and painted faces, and their job is to read the teleprompter.

Since MSM Want MItt To Lose

I think they are doing all of this on purpose so that when the times comes it makes Romney's campaign look that much disorganized... Just my opinion. Elites want Obama more than Romney, he has proven already he will do whatever they say.

I thought Ron Paul needed 20 %

of votes to be able to get some delegates at the TX convention. I'm confused.

No that is just for the

No that is just for the purposes of being "bound"

We can still possibly go into the Texas state convention in mass and still walk out with 100% of the delegates.

The conventions are a powerful force. The conventions ARE the GOP.

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

don't see any thresholds

even for being "bound"


looks like RP gets 18 "bound" from the popular votes.

The 20% threshold

Refers to whether or not a candidate gets delegates from district caucuses. Since no one besides Romney got over 20% in any district, Romney basically gets dibs on the CD delegates. The bound delegates for the other candidates will come from the at-large pool.


I stand corrected

Shazad---why do you like Romney versus Paul...considering

Romney doesn't even have a platform? Or are you just a status quo type of person?


There is no sense or reason to it

It is purely to be contrary to everything Antisocialistic.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Only If...

Only if we adopt the rules as they are presented, which we will not. the first draft of the rules have a clause eliminating state party term limits, which fails every year, and will fail this year. Then we go to the amendment process, and we'll amend the delegate apportionment process to reflect convention sentiment and not be bound to primary results. Maybe even unbind the delegates at the RNC and make them free agents... Whatever we can get thru.

POOF. Paul victory.

Cue Romney crybaby lawsuit...

That is their intention

They lie.

Their basic point

Is that Romney became the nominee a month and a half ago, so what happened last night was not really news. Also, using the Green Papers number that they quote to show that Romney technically doesn't have 1144 bound delegates today, Romney will pass 1144 delegates next Tuesday. So they're arguing that the newsworthy event was either in early April or it will be in early June.