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Review Time Video! Mitt Romney is Not The GOP Nominee

Another great truth blast from Review Manify 'Review Time!'


also see Rony2012 and send in a video response

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Tireless Minority !!! Ron Paul 2012 !!!
PS: This guy "is" absolutely correct. Well done!

MSM Propaganda Continues...

Thank you for this passionate video. You bet that in Tampa the establishment will see the Ron Paul Revolution win. Very few individuals support Romulan but, the Banksters support both Romulan and Obomney.

The MSM are the creatures of deceit.

Unbound Delegates!

This is why Paul supporters have to boycott the media. I say, watch one day of programming on all the TV media stations, write down the name of every advertisement, then send letters to all the advertisers that if the media does not come clean within the next two weeks, all of us boycott every product that is advertising on the third week.
Do not forget 42 USC § 1971 - Voting rights Section (b)
This is better than rule 38. Rule 38 does not matter compared to this Federal Law. Remember the comments by Jerry Davis at Lawyers for Ron Paul:


2. "ALL of the 'binding' IS under civil constitutional law....VERIFIABLY...ILLEGAL."

3. "We are not even going the rule 38 route, ANY means of manipulating a vote, whether by proxy or by unit, is illegal."

4. "The RNC's use of these rules in their very nature, are illegal, but no-one has brought this to the table yet."VOTE ANY CERTAIN WAY...PERIOD!!!! ALL of the "binding" IS under civil constitutional law....VERIFIABLY...ILLEGAL."

He is talking about this law. I have read this over and over again. I studied law in college for two years with a 3.86 GPA (not that that matters, I am not a lawyer) but I do understand legal writing. This one is written in a way that makes it easy to understand.

Read it here: http://us-code.vlex.com/vid/sec-voting-rights-19251307
This Federal Law also answers what is happening in Mass. Read it all.

Yu Heard It..Mr. Average Joe American....Shut Up About Romulan!

lol....This guy is so freaking cool...Romulan is going to get a big freaking surprize in Tampa...Now, shut up about that!......Ha!

The big envent is in Tampa...We will take over the GOP..

when you feel like giving up,

when you feel like giving up, know that the truth always prevails.

Can't wait.....

to see you guys in TAMPA !!!!!!



This Guy Speaks The TRUTH !

MSM is the enemy of the USA !


Mmm, that was tasty!

This is the crack in the dyke. The beginning of the end for these rats. That and the "trillion dollar lawsuit that could end financial tyranny" (see divinecosmos.com). These are real lawsuits. Everything David Wilcock and Ben Fulford have been saying is actually happening. This is getting really good.

I would love to see him at Liberty Fest!

He would do an awesome spot!

Hopefully this massive

Hopefully this massive premature statement takes the heat off of us at the state conventions.
If people who get their news from regular sources(most of Romney's "supporters") think he has already won, than why should they bother to show up to vote or become delegates?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

That's the whole idea. Stop

That's the whole idea. Stop them from squirming.

Bottom line is we will have a majority. They know it and we know it. And plenty of people to abstain will deny him a first round nomination. It's pretty much over. I don't see a path to the nomination for Romney.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

I'd argue

I'd argue that Romney has at least an outside shot at getting the nomination.

Yea, especially

If you look at the CNN delegate count where they already gave Rob-ney all the delegates in my state of WA, even though our convention just started & we don't elect delegates until Friday!! Also, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts, Iowa, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota...Go baaaa somewhere else Shazad...

But ABC news just told me

But ABC news just told me Pres. Obama called Mitt to congratulate him on his winning the nomination... surely they wouldn't lie about such a thing? :)

Obama hopes he won lol

Obama hopes he won lol


do a thread on this news today... "Obama congratulates Romney's win as the nominee of the Republican party."

Keepin' it real.

ALL roads lead to Tampa!

ALL roads lead to Tampa!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Woot! That's the truth!


Look at this bull!

"Mitt Romney is the Republican Party's official presidential nominee"

"Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee"

"Romney officially won the 1,144 delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination"

"The tally was enough to give Romney his “magic number” — the 1,144 delegate votes"

"Romney has locked up the GOP bid for president"

"Romney has won more than 100 delegates while clinching the Republican nomination for president"

Yep, propaganda machine in full force

Ignore it and pass on the video in the OP!

This article I read on DP is concerning!

Now the sourcre of this could be total bullshit, but I don't see why this can't real, This video from insider report is saying that Obama is going to send CIA kill teams to take out delegates and RP, and blame it on the iranians and syrians to invade them. It's a real chance they are trying to pull something off to invade, but the RP part is deeply frightening me, may liberty help us, please tell me it's BS


Take it down a notch

The report you link to is conjecture at best... most likely total BS. There are plenty of things to be mad about without this nonsense. Turn your energy into support for RP and the Delegates. Not trying to be rude but c'mon...

Guess everyone falls once in awhile

I hate seeing those gloom and doom crap

Sing it, fellow patriot!!!

Good job!!!

bump for the rant!

bump for the rant!

Ron Paul or Bust

A very truthful and entertaining rant!

I really like his energy and style!

All roads lead to Tampa!

Thanks for the embed!

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