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Important Daily Paul Quote: "We won because of the alternates that showed up."

Northstar Freedom's recent comment from today deserves its own headline because what he said is so important.


From Minnesota Experience... Please read.

Hey we won because of the alternates that showed up!

My wife was a 22nd alternate out of 25 Delegates and got seated on Saturday when we voted for our Ron Paul National delegates. It was because of these alternates that we won the State of Minnesota.

It's because of alternates that they won the State of Maine, it will be because of you that we will win the State of Washington.

Remember in Minnesota, we won one national delegate in the CD convention by one vote!

Please show up and meet with your RP State Coordinator as they will have the master plan.

Liberty is a long process and I thank you for taking the time to become a alt delegate!


Words of wisdom, and endurance. Thank you, Northstar Freedom!

Ron Paul needs ALL of his alternate delegates to show up in force come June! The "Great Flood," of delegates is coming.

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2nd to last alternate here in

2nd to last alternate here in my district, definitely going to WA state convention and bringing a couple other delegates with me. We will do this.

And Texas!

PLEASE don't forget Texas!

If you are a Texas delegate/alternate, it is vitlaly important that you make the Satruday 8am session to vote for national delegates. That's our bread and butter.

We all know the GOPers are going to go out and party Friday night and be hung over and sleep late Saturday. Let's scoop those positions!

Liberty Bump

This post should sit on the front page for awhile. Especially with all the conventions coming up!

Alternates it is becoming more and more important that you show up! With Romney "clinching" the nomination a lot of Romney types will likely stay home leaving a seat for YOU!

Take this seat and give Dr. Paul the White House!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

I've been an alternate twice,

I've been an alternate twice, and I've been seated twice. It's actually easier to become an alternate than it is to become a delegate because no one really cares who you are or what you think if you just kind of shrug and say, "ya, I'll be an alternate". In Nevada, in the last two Presidential cycles, EVERY SINGLE alternate that was present was seated. In most cases there were still vacancies. Clark county had 1400 delegate slots and only 700 were filled. You could have been alternate number 699 and you would have been seated. If you can't become a delegate take an alternate spot. You will more than likely get seated.

Live Free or Die Trying

Way to go. I am an unpaid

Way to go. I am an unpaid alternate but going anyway to probably get turned down, but hopefully we can integrate a vote on bringing forth more alternates???

Freedom Lovers Unite : to bring in our last chance for what was a great country back again into the hands of the people.

Alternets will

Alter the RNC! its Ron Paul or Ron Paul!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

I was an alternate in Texas 4 years age, got seated to vote...

...almost every time.

Many delegates don't show up because their preferred candidate has dropped out.

Alternates play a major role in all convention votes.


Please, please! It's very

Please, please! It's very important we have some sort of alternate scoreboard so we can keep track! Maybe not hard exact numbers but even something small as a % of the total alternates can prove that we still have one last thing before we drop and die!

"one last thing before we

"one last thing before we take off and fly,"...

I think that's what you were trying to say.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Alternates won our AZ national delegates too

Because of our alternates in my Congressional district, the "official" results show our CD represented by a Ron Paul delegate and alternate. We would have lost those spots without our alternates!!