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Win California Moneybomb!


The Ron Paul campaign announced it will channel its financial resources and staff to delegate and convention operations instead of upcoming primary states. This includes California, which votes June 5th.

It’s up to the grassroots to carry Dr. Paul’s message and deliver a strong showing on June 5th!!

Please help us raise as much money as we can for this money will be used to reach out to as many Ron Paul supporters as possible (the more money we raise the more people we can reach) and have them vote on June 5th and ask them to reach out to as many people as they can. When we are successful with this effort we are sure the results will even surprise the most fervent Ron Paul supporters among us. We appreciate all the support we can get and let’s have a June 5th that will forever be etched in our minds as the day that we took Liberty back in California!

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy."

― Ron Paul

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i believe the primary use will be for a robo calling phone system to identify Ron Paul supporters and then get them out to the polls.

this will benefit our liberty candidates as well...

we have also spend a lot of money the past few days on sigh making materials. we hope to put up several hundred hand made signs over the weekend...

What will the money be used for??

There's nothing on the site that says anything at all about the money being spent to campaign for Ron Paul, but there is this page that seems to indicate that the PAC will spend money supporting candidates for Central Committee positions. What gives?

Winning ;)

Basically what squeek says. we've tried it with Assembly District 50 and identified our people. then we call them individually tomake sure they vote and tell others to make sure they vote for him and other local Liberty candidates. Depending how much we raise and how fast, we can cover a certain amount of Congressional Districts. all PRESIDENT Paul supporters will also hear a message besides us calling them back and the missed calls when they call back will hear the same message... something like that ;)

I need this banner as the link. Anyone know how?

How do I put a banner up as a link? The link below is what we need



i dont use reddit but a lot of people do.
is this on reddit? cause it should be...

don't use reddit

to be honest with you not sure what reddit is. if someone will do it would be great (and i will look into what that is since i've seen it been mentioned before).


reddit is a news site that works like the daily paul where you can up and down vote story's and comments.

i just joined and added this page


we could use some up votes on reddit now as well...

Reddit user of 4 years

Your link in your comment does not go to a reddit page, it goes to a dialypaul page. If you want to get help from the reddit community, I recommend posting to favorable sub/r's there, like these :


General reddit community is NOT pro-Paul on this site, and I've spent 4 years campaigning for him to them, so I know how up-hill the battle can seem.


thank you :)

from reddit !!

[–]AnonymousRev 1 point 14 minutes ago

20.12 donated FTW

from reddit !!

[–]AnonymousRev 1 point 14 minutes ago

20.12 donated FTW

Please help us. Please up

Please help us. Please up vote and spread this around...



This post is LEGIT and has a good reason for being here...

Please vote this post up, because every vote DOES count. We are working hard here in California, targeting the exact congressional districts that have the highest chance of flipping for Paul and winning delegates. We are hanging banners, canvassing, phone calling, you name it. Even the smallest amount is better than nothing. We are into making NOISE over here! A couple bucks from you will get you some great photos of banners and activities soon on the DP. why not!?

Waste of money that could

Waste of money that could otherwise be spent more efficiently.

Ron Paul knows he will not get a single delegate in California, even if he had $5 billion to spend in the next 6 days.

if you're not helping...

please keep your negativity out. we have not stopped winning since 2007 and we have more on the table now than ever before (in california especially). we have a HUGE opportunity to make a crack in the establishment GOP... so seriously, please promote it and donate or just be a silent bystander. I mean no disrespect but what we are doing has taken sooooo many sacrifices from so many people, the last thing we need is a naysayer.......

Help promote this please

If anyone reading this has the means/power/authority to help me make it nicer and a top post I would greatly appreciate it. If you want to talk to me to see who I am feel free to check me out on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/vrezh.zatikyan or email zatikyan.vrezh@gmail.com or call at 310-709-0098