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Granny Warriors Collecting Funds for a Grassroots Recount

Details here. Spread the word.

Show your stuff & donate! I'm sending in $100 as soon as I finish posting this.

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This voter fraud must be fought by any means necessary. What is at stake here is just as important, if not more so, that getting Paul elected! My position on this will NEVER change and that is why I have pledged $1000 to this extremely important recount. Let us save the Republic!!


Remember: Debt is a form of slavery.

Huh? Go drink some kool-aid

Seriously, you're out of your tree.

This is such a waste of money and time

This is such a waste of money and time its not even funny...

What a great idea! Lump us in with Kucinich...Ug...so now we can look even more crazy.

Thats a substantial amount of money already raised for a recount...why not put that money towards Newspaper, TV, & Radio ads in various super Tuesday states?


Another Plant

Obviously. Fraud must be fought by any means necessary. What is at stake here is just as important, if not more so, that getting Paul elected! My position on this will NEVER change.

Remember: Debt is a form of slavery.

What the hell is a Plant?

What is a Plant?

Garrett3000 not a plant

He reminds me more of a weasel.

Bob W., Naples, FL

So Then This (Recount) Is Over?

Vote RON PAUL 2008
I can see that RON PAUL has divorced himself from closer examination of facts and figures (the numbers) in Iowa and New Hampshire // so that means that this recount effort is over, isn't that right?

It certainly would be nice if the playing field was as HONEST as I believe RON PAUL is, and his outlook on the world is; unfortunately, I believe there are truly really bad people out there in the world that are greedy and sneeky and skillful and capable of all kinds of bad things -- even when it comes to taking advantage of an honest person.

I know we all must respect our man's wishes (and I sincerely do) BUT DAMN when (??) will this good against evil ever get a fair playing field if we continue to accept the odds stacked against us as they surely are.

Don't you just think that all the questionable history of those lousy Diebold machine use and the rumors of what got all this started in the first place and those related rumors of GWB stealing the earlier election process away from the People -- might be reason for serious concern here, folks.

Not trying to stir up a hornet's nest -- Just wanting what's fair to be fair (for both sides fair). I don't see how something like that can be a wrong thing to ask for.

Vote RON PAUL 2008


Instead of using the money for the campaign, or better yet at the grassroots level, we should piss it away on a recount in an election that we have ZERO chance of winning?

I think it'd be much better used if the money went to campaign ads in small local newspapers. Then again people on this website also think everything is a vast conspiracy against Ron Paul...maybe I should start drinking the Kool-Aid that everyone else is and see the world through Ron Paul glasses...


Dear Sir and fellow supporter of Ron Paul. If we except each other as we are, without name calling it would serve us all well. You believe on 911 the buildings fell the way the government and media said they did. I will not hold it against you for supporting this conspiracy theory. The recount is not to look back and say we won it is to show that it was done with error and that it must be corrected for the future. So we are looking ahead by learning from the past and applying the fixes that are needed. If the vote tallying is really broken then no one's vote counts for anything. Can you agree with this?

Best wishes to you. Keep on supporting Ron Paul he is supported by many from all walks of life ad does not need to separate himself from any. He has the support because of what you said. Why you support him is why I support him. If I am in a looney bin it is not a reflection on Ron Paul and his goals and message. He said it best at the last debate... Why are you even asking me about my supports beliefs.. They can believe what they want I do not believe 911... Can I please get in the debate and talk about the issues.. OK Paraphrased but that is what I think he said or got across in the end.. The question was BS and I am sick of this kind of politics...

Free market

Remember, its a free market. Many people are donating to this because they want a recount for their own purposes. Maybe they want their pet conspiracy to be vindicated, maybe they just curious. Not everyone donating to this would necessarily be donating to the official campaign. This is the truly amazing thing about this election. The free market has finally be opened up in campaigns. Never before would the average joe ever think about donating to fund a recount requested by a candidate who got 41 votes.

But they are, it awesome to watch. No reason to tell people "oh you should be spending your money somewhere else" They are spending it exactly where they want to, where they feel their money is doing what they want their money to do.

If Only...

If I could recomend your post I would ..

As I posted above...

This isn't just about the Ron Paul campaign - it's about ensuring that the voting system itself is fair and accurate. Do a little research on the Diebold machines that are used to count the votes and with very little effort you should be able to find the reasons why this is so important.

There is no more important issue, when you get down to it, than ensuring that the elections themselves are fair, tranparent and just. Without that, you don't live in a democracy, and it's that which is fuelling this recount.

I donated to it because the technology which has been introduced in recent years moves us backwards instead of forwards. What's wrong with paper ballots, counted in full view of the public? Surely it's better to be right than quick, and if this investigation shows serious errors then that's a major tick in favour of the class action lawsuit currently underway to remove all this suspect technology and get the voting system itself back to where it should be.=========================
Live Free or Die - Amen to that

Live Free or Die - Amen to that


January 12, 2008
New Hampshire Recount?

After a careful investigation, I have decided against seeking a recount in New Hampshire. I am confident that not asking for a recount is the right decision.

I carefully considered the arguments for and against a recount before instructing my campaign staff not to pursue it. Without a firm belief that vote fraud had taken place, and without the possibility that a recount would have increased the chances for success of our campaign, a recount would have diverted campaign resources, time, and energy away from crucial battles elsewhere.

We have taken concerns about vote fraud seriously. In Iowa, campaign volunteers carefully monitored the caucuses. Campaign staff placed Paul supporters in every precinct to watch and verify the voting and count. We had supporters phone in results from their precincts to a campaign hotline while others ensured that those numbers were reflected on the official display board at the Polk County Convention Center. The numbers our caucus watchers reported agreed with the official tally, and both results also aligned with the campaign’s internal polling. In relatively pro-Paul counties, our sampling pegged support at 11.5%. This is consistent with an overall 10% finish for the entire state.

In New Hampshire, while I would have hoped for a better result than eight percent, I am convinced that vote fraud played no role in this result. Rumors of vote fraud were investigated, and in the end they proved to be the result of errors in early media reports that were not reflected in the official numbers. In one notable case, when a campaign staff member contacted an individual who had on the evening of January 8 claimed that his vote had not been counted, the person said that he had made a mistake and that the next morning the error in reporting on a newspaper website had been corrected both in the media and -- most importantly -- in the official tally.

Many have expressed concerns that those ballots counted by machine yielded a 2% lower total than those counted by hand. However, machine counted vote totals were more than 2% lower for both John McCain and Mike Huckabee. Hand counted votes were more likely to be cast in rural areas. Results almost always vary between urban and rural areas.

My campaign staff and I have analyzed the numbers in New Hampshire and I have reached the conclusion that it was the high turnout -- not vote fraud or counting errors -- that left us with eight percent of the vote. Our total vote count of over 18,000 votes was well within what we projected given the efforts of our extensive statewide get-out-the-vote program, giving me no reason to believe that vote fraud played any role in the results of the Granite State's primary.

In both Iowa and New Hampshire there is much to be proud of. Taking both states together, I am honored that over 30,000 people cast their vote for me -- more than either Rudy Giuliani or Fred Thompson. Unlike many other candidates’ efforts, our campaign for freedom is growing and our message is spreading.

Now is the time to redouble our efforts. Our resources must be spent on the upcoming primaries and caucuses, and on ensuring that, with your help, we organize every state yet to vote with our Precinct Leaders program.

We can't win primaries and caucuses that have already happened -- but we can win those yet to come. To become the Republican presidential nominee, a candidate must have 1,191 delegates. Iowa, Wyoming and New Hampshire determined only 32 delegates, so we have much opportunity remaining.

Today, I ask you to join me in focusing on the battles ahead as we continue our fight for liberty and our Constitution.


Ron Paul


If you have contacts in New Hampshire

Please contact them and ask them to volunteer to witness the vote count. Also we need to make sure we get a number for each candidate, not just Albert


In NH the law says there must be PAPER ballots to back up the machine count. So that is what they will be counting. When a candidate asks for a recount he can be present and have others with him. I have done this before. Fortunately the one I took part in came out with the machines having counted 100% correctly.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Money needed to house family

Since Albert Howard and his wife and 8 children will be coming to stay in NH with him, they need money for that too.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

To Jane

While your imput is appreciated ( sometimes) please note on your messages that the Warriors Chip in is funding this and that donations should be sent to that fund so a complete transparent view can be had by people donating. You seem to have made several posts advising sending the funds directly to Howard? This is not the way we need to do this. We need to be able to account for every dime of donations which cannot be done if private donations are sent directly to Mr. Howard. Eric is working very hard to keep every thing open and above board and we do not want to have anyone worry about where their money was spent.

Granny Warrior

Granny Warrior

Another vote fraud story digg this folks


Warmest Regards
Stephen Dupont
New Bedford, Massachusetts

CANT GRANNIE WARRIORS redirect these funds??

Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I understand that a minor republican candidate (who signed up to run JUST FOR THIS REASON) *is* funding the republican recount - in fact has... he only had to pay $2,000 since he received less than 3% of the vote...
Now since we DONT need the recount monies and its useless anyway as the CAMPAIGN has to file for recount, not an individual... we cant do it for Dr. Paul..
Cant these monies be spent for the ADS mentioned here???
Grannie Warriors should in essence send the monies to these guys for ad time...

The Recount Will Cost At Least $65,000 Not $2,000 Only

RSK If your vote total is within 3 percentage points of the Primary winner, it only costs $2,000 total. Any other scenario, you are required to pay the full amount of which the minimum is $65,000.

Not True!

Gosh, read the earlier responses!!!

The $2,000 was just to get the ball rolling.

This is NOT a part of Ron Paul's campaign.

The POINT is that these DIEBOLD machines are going to be used in MASS, CONN and Vermont.

That is why he needs the money - if there is fraud confirmed then Kucinich can sue and make sure no more states use these machines.

Donate to the campaigns, to the separate ads, and then, if you have money, to the re-count.

This is about VOTER's RIGHTS!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

Two things I am *sure* of...

I *did* ask, correct me if I am wrong. BUT I AM SURE OF TWO THINGS... A. It is not RON PAUL'S CAMPAIGN that is going forth with the recount - he has divorced himself from it publically and B. It is Mr. HOWARD who is going forth with the recount...

I asked for clarification but got TROLL responses instead... (see I can hurl the word TROLL around also)... I wasnt sure about the cost... but the articles I have read stated A CANDIDATE WHO RECEIVED *LESS* than 3% can have a recount funded for $2,000 ---- I am pretty sure THIS is correct and not the forementioned article that states a candidate who looses by less than 3% can have a recount funded for $2,000

This is my understanding why Mr. K is funding the democratic recount, because he pulled in 1.5% and not over 3% of the vote so its costing him less... this is to PROTECT poorer candidates!!
In any case, my comment was not a troll comment - idiots...

I think the $2,000 was

I think the $2,000 was simply to file for the recount process to start. Now, according to the blog at the ChipIn, the Secretary Of State will get the ball rolling and let Albert Howard know how much it will cost to actually do the recount.

Check out the journal entries here:


Get your facts straight

Get your facts straight TROLL... You only pay $2000 if you are within 3% of the top candidate not if you got less that 3% of the vote..

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Tim, why is this cat a

Tim, why is this cat a troll?


Eh, he's been known the repeat the same error prone messages in multiple threads repeatably. Not a 100% troll, but enough to annoy.

My definition of troll is

My definition of troll is very liberal. It includes misinformation.. :o|

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Research is post, you will

Research is post, you will see that he is suspect on his support...

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