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Granny Warriors Collecting Funds for a Grassroots Recount

Details here. Spread the word.

Show your stuff & donate! I'm sending in $100 as soon as I finish posting this.

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I am well aware of D.A. and

I am well aware of D.A. and his/her posting habits. I was just wondering what was the reason for the word troll to be thrown out in this instance. A person ask for clarification and they get slammed. Seems kinda troll like on the slammers part rather than the initial posters part to me.

Misinformation above

$2000 is for only filing. The funds are actually need for the recount itself because the state won't pay for it.

Note: the campaign said they cannot endorse a recount because of lack of proof.

This does not mean there cannot be one or they are against it.


Correct, and if the errors are enough that will cause a delgate gain, then there is no additional fee.

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They reached their goal.

The Granny Warriors already reached their goal and a recount is HAPPENING! The chipin counter isn't working, but they raised the total amount.


Where did you get your information?

I see not comments about this on grannywarrior.com

this is extremely

this is extremely important

better to fix it now, than after the election

every chance to stop these machines and fraud should be taken if you want to make sure your vote counts. This is much bigger than ron paul.
it is about a free society and democracy.

if your government cannot prove who won an election, why should you accept that president ????

Likely Headline

FOX HEADLINE!!! Recount yields no change in standings for candidates. Only minor errors. Although recount was sponsored by Al Howard it was funded by all of Ron Paul's conspiracy theorist followers. Meanwhile Ron Paul places 5th in South Carolina only 312 votes behind Rudy Giuliani.

Maybe 100 TV spots of JB's commercials could have gotten us those 312 votes. http://www.operationbroadcastfreedom.com/ only minutes left to donate!!

Are you still happy with your investment?? You are right I cannot tell you what to do with your money but I think we should keep our eye on the prize here. Maybe I am wrong and the recount will open eyes... but if the count was rigged... why can't the recount be rigged??

More likely headline

"Americans are too stupid to know that vote fraud is real and is what has ended America!"

We are to believe that vote fraud has gone on for hundreds of years in this country and others, and with all the tricks we have seen from the media and even the GOP, we are supposed to believe there is no vote fraud. I'm still laughing at the fools and/or trolls thinking that there is fair voting going on. If this was the intention, they would all be on paper and counted in front of the public. They are not!

Do you people honestly believe that we have "elected" these people to run our country? Why does it seem not to matter what the people think anymore and "elected" people continue to ignore us? Could it be because they cannot be voted out and so they don't care what the people think anymore?

The recount must be done even if it reveals nothing. It will bring more attention to this most important of matters if nothing else.

Bob W., Naples, FL

That post is one way to view

That post is one way to view the possibilities of the results of the recount Rich.

What I am wondering is why are you pushing Operation Broadcast Freedom at the expense of of the recount?

It's poor form on your part to lay down some negativety for one project to endorse another. Please keep in mind, I fully support Operation Broadcast Freedom.

Read this full front page

Tell me if you still feel the same way.

Why not give this money to a decent endeavor

Why don't we??? This is not very productive!!! 35,000 could have fully funded the Jeremiah Black TV ads in SC and NV. If you want to contribute you'd better hurry you have less than an hour. http://www.operationbroadcastfreedom.com/


Since a Republican and Democrat have asked for and are getting a recount - but have to fund it - there is no point RP asking for the same thing. Why not convert this grannywarrior recount fund in to a PAC and donate some or all of the money to help Howard and Kucinich?

affirmation: President Paul

affirmation: President Paul 2008
As much as I truly love the granny warriors, I'd love to see the money move forward to the next primaries. Who's to say that the "recount" won't be tampered?

affirmation: President Paul 2008

Fools errend

The ONLY people that can demand a recount is the canidates and Ron said no. So your collecting money in the name of an effort that cant happen. either return the money to the donors OR send it to the blimp and kill this chip in.

Not True.

The Republican ballots are being counted by Albert Howard.
The funds will go to him.

The Diebold machines are also being used n MASS, CONN and Vermont, so they had better find out now if there is a problem.

This has NOTHING to do with Ron Paul's campaign.

This is about Voter's Rights!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

My understanding is, its costing Mr. Howards far less to recount

only $2,000 since he was less than 3% to fund the recount... cant the extra monies the Grannie Warriors be redirected to the ADS for SC and NV??

Once Again.....

RSK My God are you ( D.A.) for real? Have you read any of the posts? You keep repeating the same thing over and over again. Something about 3% and $2,000. I've stated in my last post, as have many other posters, exactly how it works. It's very brief and very simple to understand.

Bigger than this

I think this issue is bigger than people give credit for. Regardless of whether this garners more votes for RP or not, it's about vote integrity, and that - IMHO - is more important than a few delegates in another little primary. Don't get me wrong - all the primaries are important - but if the process itself is flawed then what the hell are we fighting for?

This is about ensuring that the process is sound and, if this produces the results that it may well do on one side or the other, it could spell the end of criminally flawed machinery being an integral part of the voting process. In the primaries and beyond, I might add.

Live Free or Die - Amen to that

Live Free or Die - Amen to that

Ummm... In case you did not know...

There is a republican candidate requesting a recount. We are helping him in this effort.

There is nothing wrong with this.

You REALLY trust our government and Diebold, huh?

Your choice.

I always believe it's better safe than sorry. I don't think i want to have in the back of my mind "what if..."

In the mean time, I have already donated to grassroots commercials in Michigan and South Carolina.



Why are all of you spending SOOO much money on this!!! REFIGHTING past fights WHILE AT THE SAME TIME letting this GREAT EFFORT PERISH!!!!
These guys have made these FANTASTIC commercials that only about 52 people are going to see because nobody is funding it because we are trying to get some lame recount. Kucinich and this Howard guy are calling for a recount and they will probably be able to make it happen with out your support. If you could have just donated to http://www.operationbroadcastfreedom.com/
we could have completely funded their entire SC Ad campaign. We have future fights to win!!! We are gaining ground and momentum. finding 26 more votes for Paul and 73 more votes for Romney in NH is not going to help us more than FANTASTIC TV ADS in SC and other early primary states!!

Albert Howard is a limo driver from Ann Arbor, Michigan...

How in the world do you think he would be able to afford this on his own? It looks like it may cost as much as $67k. How many limo drivers do you know who can just slap down that kind of cash. Anyway, what business is it of yours what I and others do with our own money? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'm not completely comfortable with the final numbers from the Granite State. Isn't it great that Mr. Howard is willing to be the front to request the recount (after all, with 44 votes there's a distinct possibility that it could reward him with several delegates... lol!). No, Mr. Howard is actually a supporter of Dr. Paul. I greatly appreciate him being willing to do this to keep the exposure on him, not Dr. Paul. We get our recount and no bad press for Ron. Not a bad deal! And if it turns out that the good doctor was screwed... Well, well... Wouldn't that be a nice bit of press? And don't Americans just love underdogs and the downtrodden... They would flock to his campaign.

Albert Howard and the origin of his re-count $

RSK Mr. Howard stated he has financial backers. That's pretty much all he said.


conspiracy theories are more fun?

I don't care about recount!

I want to win in the FUTURE!!!! In the rest of the 99.8% of America.

The Ron Paul "Affair" YouTube - The World's Great's Ron Paul Fan

I found this today and it made my day! Enjoy!


Campaign for Ron Paul Now!

Go Granny Go Granny Go Granny Go!

Support BOTH Recount and Campaign

The re-count has already been approved. Ron Paul's campaign is NOT involved, however Mr. Howard is not doing it for himself.
The VOTERS have a right to know!
Kucinich is going ahead with the Dems recount, so Mr. Howard should too. They already have half the money; no point in turning back now.

IMPORTANT: The DIEBOLD Machines are being used in Mass, Conn, and Vermont as well. If there is a problem it must be pointed out and the machines must not be used in those states.

I'm sure Kucinich will be able to stop the machines from being used in the future, but only if fraud is proven.

Donations to recount go to Mr. Howard; they do not affect your campaign contribution limit.

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

Ron Paul's response to the NH recount

From Ron Paul.... www.RonPaul2008.com

Recount? (1/12/08)

After a careful investigation, I have decided against seeking a recount in New Hampshire. I am confident that not asking for a recount is the right decision.

I carefully considered the arguments for and against a recount before instructing my campaign staff not to pursue it. Without a firm belief that vote fraud had taken place, and without the possibility that a recount would have increased the chances for success of our campaign, a recount would have diverted campaign resources, time, and energy away from crucial battles elsewhere.

We have taken concerns about vote fraud seriously. In Iowa, campaign volunteers carefully monitored the caucuses. Campaign staff placed Paul supporters in every precinct to watch and verify the voting and count. We had supporters phone in results from their precincts to a campaign hotline while others ensured that those numbers were reflected on the official display board at the Polk County Convention Center. The numbers our caucus watchers reported agreed with the official tally, and both results also aligned with the campaign’s internal polling. In relatively pro-Paul counties, our sampling pegged support at 11.5%. This is consistent with an overall 10% finish for the entire state.

In New Hampshire, while I would have hoped for a better result than eight percent, I am convinced that vote fraud played no role in this result. Rumors of vote fraud were investigated, and in the end they proved to be the result of errors in early media reports that were not reflected in the official numbers. In one notable case, when a campaign staff member contacted an individual who had on the evening of January 8 claimed that his vote had not been counted, the person said that he had made a mistake and that the next morning the error in reporting on a newspaper website had been corrected both in the media and -- most importantly -- in the official tally.

Many have expressed concerns that those ballots counted by machine yielded a 2% lower total than those counted by hand. However, machine counted vote totals were more than 2% lower for both John McCain and Mike Huckabee. Hand counted votes were more likely to be cast in rural areas. Results almost always vary between urban and rural areas.

My campaign staff and I have analyzed the numbers in New Hampshire and I have reached the conclusion that it was the high turnout -- not vote fraud or counting errors -- that left us with eight percent of the vote. Our total vote count of over 18,000 votes was well within what we projected given the efforts of our extensive statewide get-out-the-vote program, giving me no reason to believe that vote fraud played any role in the results of the Granite State’s primary.

In both Iowa and New Hampshire there is much to be proud of. Taking both states together, I am honored that over 30,000 people cast their vote for me -- more than either Rudy Giuliani or Fred Thompson. Unlike many other candidates’ efforts, our campaign for freedom is growing and our message is spreading.

Now is the time to redouble our efforts. Our resources must be spent on the upcoming primaries and caucuses, and on ensuring that, with your help, we organize every state yet to vote with our Precinct Leaders program.

We can't win primaries and caucuses that have already happened -- but we can win those yet to come. To become the Republican presidential nominee, a candidate must have 1,191 delegates. Iowa, Wyoming and New Hampshire determined only 32 delegates, so we have much opportunity remaining.

Today, I ask you to join me in focusing on the battles ahead as we continue our fight for liberty and our Constitution.


Ron Paul

No Recount Is Necessary

I don't think that sending the money for a recount would help Ron Paul. Donate the money to his campaign so he can win the upcoming states.


Link to NH newspaper as experts explain away Vote Fraud

here is the link and comment section:

Warmest Regards
Stephen Dupont
New Bedford, Massachusetts