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Granny Warriors Collecting Funds for a Grassroots Recount

Details here. Spread the word.

Show your stuff & donate! I'm sending in $100 as soon as I finish posting this.

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What happens to the monies

What happens to the monies hear if Dr. Paul does not call for a recount?

Don't you think you need to find out his position on this before you go raising money toward it.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

no time for that

RP puts earmarks in for his constituents not for himself.

he'll do it for us

This chipin is setting a

This chipin is setting a precedent for the coming, more expensive recounts in other states.

grass rooters taking action as always i love it!

thanks for helping out... i'm a little short on cash these days but $25 donation is better than none.

i still can't belive the national campaign has the audacity to tell us that 65,000 is too much to be spent on a recount...

why don't they poll us and when they see it's something the majority of us want, we can setup another money bomb to put the 65,000 back into the campaign.

Just dropped

a hundred dollars for a good cause. Thanks, granny for setting this up.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.


Have we told the Obama people about this, so that they can chip in.


We absolutely should be looking to do a recount because I guarantee they will use these machines over and over to get the results they want. They have been perfecting it for years. Hell they're already selected Bush twice using voter fraud and suppression, and they will continue as long as they can get away with it. Bev Harris can do an investigation sure but do you want to find out there is fraud now or in two years time?

Looking to further primaries for vindication is useless if they use diebold machines.


I've seen HQ. It's not all that bad. The only problem is that they don't have the grassroot enthusiasm as we do. Don't get me wrong, they are working hard. But... when I was there, I saw 0, I say 0 bumper stickers on their cars. I have 5 on my car. I cant jump to conclusions and I am pretty sure they are doing ok... but if you want a change, go there yourself and stop gripping about it. I went there to venture around and it looked alright. My only complaint was that they seemed unenthusiastic after the day of the tea party money bomb, which was strange. If you want a change, go do it. One of the best lessons I have learned in my lifetime is this...Don't say it, Do it. Like we have seen, if you don't like the way things have gone, then do something about it.


If they can't put a bumper

If they can't put a bumper sticker on their cars then they should be fired.

There is no excuse for that.

agreed a champion of freedom

agreed a champion of freedom and liberty is nothing without ACTION and ACTION is not just griping on blogs and forums

Of course this is

... the right thing to do... Granny will need HQ to make the request for a recount, I think. If we can't trust the vote count--and Sutton is proof that we can't--then $65k for billboards or radio spots won't even matter. We need HQ to initiate this pretty quick. We at least need a spotlight on Sutton. How many Suttons were there?

"I killed the banks"

Digg it...


you post this as a new thread?


you post this as a new thread?

Not a Waste of Money!!

Any fraud or appearance of fraud MUST be ended NOW!!

Yes it is true that a 4th versus 5th or one delegate versus no delegates will probably not make any difference in the overall nomination process.

However, the PRECEDENT that all American voters MUST set is that voter fraud will not, and cannot be tolerated!!

Should a recount show that Ron Paul or Barack only picked up a few votes that meant no change than so be it. The bigger picture to ALL involved in the process is that WE ARE WATCHING thus your attempts, or thoughts of shenanigans Will Not Go Unnoticed!

And yes… I just donated.

What if?

What if some fraud is found in favor of Paul? Paul supporters are no less without sin than anyone else, so a malcontent Paul supporter could just as likely intentionally give Paul some fraudulent votes. I suggest thinking long and hard before doing this.

I think the money is better spent on campaigning.

Any fraud must be exposed.

Any fraud must be exposed. The intent of a fraudster is another case.

I AM GIVING, this sends a message to Super Teusday States, NO CH

NO CHEATING... if no-one disputes NH votes and there *was* vote fraud, then its going to continue...
I want my mind set to rest... I want peace of mind for Super Teusday...
Here is a chance for all the ALL TALK AND NO ACTION people to get angry and get results...

P.S. THESE people are very knowledgeable and WILL make sure the money is used properly and well... they are well-established in the Ron Paul community and have LOTS of respectability...

Who is Granny Warrior???

I'm all for the recount and ready to donate to the cause, but I have questions.

I need to know who Granny Warrior is and exactly what experience they have in handling something like this. I saw their web site, but it didn't tell me a whole lot. Certainly we would want someone who is educated in these matters. We don't want to cause the campaign any embarrassment.

I would feel better if it was being done by the campaign headquarters instead and that our donations were going directly to the campaign to help fund it.

Also, did Granny Warrior clear this with campaign headquarters first?

I don't feel real confident about donating. Just my gut feeling. I think I'll hold off until I can get more information.

"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson

Who is Granny Warrior!!!


She is a true patriot! She has inspired me and everybody around me in ways nobody else could have. On the day she heard that Ron Paul was running for president she had her 30+ RV primed and ready for action. She took a beautiful RV and plastered it with red white and blue, Ron Paul pictures, and bumper stickers, etc. She has followed Ron Paul since he first ran in the 80's. If there is a starter for the grass-root campaign for Ron Paul it is granny! She now travels with buddy the monkey. Ron Paul was the only person in Congress to hear her out on animal rights! I traveled with her to the Boston Tea Party where we raised 6 million dollars. During those 4 days on the road with this amazing woman, I learned more than any college professor could ever teach me. She deserves respect, attention, and our support. Please visit Grannywarriors.com or the ronpaulroadshow.org. She has spent thousands of her OWN money on sending her freedom waggon across country (4MPG) to spread the sweet message of freedom to apathetic Americans. She needs our support now that she is hosting a new radio show from her RV. Please buy a gallon or more of gas for her and support the founder of our grassroot campaign. I truely hope you get to meet this amazing woman and her monkey (buddy) who travels with them, as they spread the word of freedom. Chris Moore, Mike, and Linda Hunnicut gave up their jobs to go on the road and spend ALL their money to support the cause. They really need support with their journey's. It takes lots of spirit to drop everything on a dime, especially high paying jobs, and head on the road. So...Please donate if you can to help them out!!! They are true American Patriots and they NEED our help. tune in to their station from 5-6pm M-F.

Danger Dane

Power to the freedom fighters and power to the peaceful

What you gonna do if the HQ

What you gonna do if the HQ is sitting on their asses?

The Grannies are on their way to NH!

I saw at www.godlikeproductions.com that the Granny Warriors were en route to NH to file for a recount! It this is true, HOOOORAAAAAYYYY!!!!

By watchman08 | January 10, 2008

The grannywarrior was just on with Jack Blood.They are flying Albert Howard to

Mannchester NH right now so he can file for a recount.The deadline is tomorrow.go to

grannywarrior’s website and contribute to the recount now!!!!!! www.grannywarrior.com

[link to www.ronpaulwarroom.com]
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When the government fears the people, there is liberty.'
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Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.

[link to www.youtube.com]

Bev Harris can probably file

Bev Harris can probably file freedom of information requests for all of the information she would need to conduct the investigation as she has done before.. So the campaign does not necessarily need to cry fraud.

At any rate the granny warriors are trustworthy and the money will be put to good use.

For those who think a recount is a waste of money...

I'm not one to be cavalier with other people's money but we are only talking $10-$20 from the RP supporters to have a recount. This is well worth it to expose the FRAUD and DECEPTION.


Its would be better if this money is spent toward upcoming primaries.


We've sent 20 million, we've ended up near the bottom the last 2 times. This 67k is going to make all the difference? I appreciate your opinion, however, I want a recount.

I don't know why people abuse caps

but I think I know why vote fraud exists-- the elite can't cheat if the voters won't be beat. We need to stop this NOW

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$65k is just some change

$65k is just some change money.