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2012 Election: Obamitt

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This is not my title

It's the actual title of the youtube video. It's kind of growing on me though. They really are assholes.

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It's already been posted around here

at least once.

You're right

I always search for the video code before posting. I must have copied and pasted an extra character or something, because when I searched it didn't come up. Nope, that wouldn't explain it, just tried that. Maybe I had copied a code from another video I was posting in between searches and forgot.

But it was never embedded. Why not? It's a great video exposing Obamitt.

So I guess you deleted the video description of Obama and Romney as assholes, but didn't think the video was good enough to embed? You don't think Romney and Obama are assholes? I think they're much worse than just assholes.

Why don't you like the video?

We Need to Consider Some Alternative Candidates

Who can we vote for in November?

They sure are!!!


American bank owned scumbags

American bank owned scumbags

More like American Traitors

Both should be hung.

The (Not So) Many Differences

The (Not So) Many Differences Between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama
on almost every major issue, mitt romney and barack obama share the same views. they agree on alot. they would never admit that, and the mainstream media would never say that. but they really do!

assault weapons ban
medical marijuana
global warming
"man made" climate change
foreign policy



Right, again! Liberties!

Massive violations of our law and liberties.

Unconstitutional laws which violate our liberty; assassination and detention of American citizens without trial.

Dont forget the biggest one of all

Monetary policy

Government bailouts, bank fraud, and the Federal Reserve.

Right! Counterfeiting!

Both Obama and Romney support counterfeiting, which is the core issue which makes all the others possible.