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It's PAULFEST Or Bust! I'm Getting There If I Have To Hitch Hike! 100,000 People Expected! A Once In A Generation Event!

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I'm diligently working right now to help with the Tampa push

Early next week I will know for sure when the short film/extended commercial I've been working on will be ready for public consumption. The ending scenes make it clear that Tampa is the end game. Want to do my very best to inspire twice the estimated number to show up......or even more!

And even more importantly, a Ron Paul nomination. We need to settle for nothing less.

you are not a true patriot

you are not a true patriot unless you come to Tampa for the convention. We will need all hands on deck! signs, bumper stickers, pamphlets, shirts, hats, the works need to flood this place. Tampa needs to be Ron Paul country!!!!!!!!!

Hitch-hike, Walk, Ride your bike, Trike, or Pogo stick!

Just get there!!!

Loose Moose


This is NOT a good thing folks.

As a matter of strategy, we do not want to have some sort of faux-celebration, or to invite an opportunity for GOP dirty tricks (and arrests?) to happen right before the critical Tampa Republican Convention.

We want the Tampa Convention to be the place where all the energy is focused, and where we use that process to deny Mitt Romney a first-ballot nomination.

Anything that we do which is not directly serving that goal, is just misplaced and misdirected energy and a waste of resources.

It is important to focus on the real business at hand, and that is to to organize like crazy and deny Mitt Romney a first-ballot nomination in Tampa.

Do not get drawn into any other distractions (or tricks).

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Since you are repeating your post from another

thread, I'll repeat mine from the same thread:

None of us has precognition; those who
are fearful of possible hijinks have no more knowledge than those who look forward to a grand celebration. In 2008 we were carried forward by little more than grassroots energy and creativity -- and of course Dr. Paul's good message of Liberty/Peace. The Rally was a terrific antidote to disappointment, a wonderful benchmark of our movement.

This time the professional Campaign has chosen and led the way with strategy, and it seems mostly an excellent one, given our numbers and resources. The grassroots energy has been more heavily funneled into becoming and supporting delegates, that has worked well.

But the creative energy of many has not been tapped fully. In the liberty movement, many see other, diverse paths to fulfill their roles as freedom warriors. Decry that and try to push everyone into the same mold and you lose a lot of good energy.

How often in this world do we get to celebrate Liberty in the company of many individuals who care deeply and passionately about peace/freedom? If you think this is worthy, contribute strategy, money, time, energy, good will . I do. If not, pass it by, keep in step with the official campaign's requests and wait to see if they bless it.

Or best of all IMO, combine the two. Contribute positive energy to celebrate our values while donating all each of us can to further the business of getting Ron Paul as many delegates as possible through official channels.

Please avoid the negativity even when you are fearful. Give constructive and prudent advice, then be assured that the positivity of the r3VOLution is our best asset, the one that will bring us far more support long term than all the cautious, rational arguments in the world.

Put your energy and focus on TAMPA

There is nothing to celebrate if TAMPA goes bad.

That's where we want to be putting all our time, resources, and focus.

Food fun and liberty !!!

Can't wait!

and music!!

Can't wait for the line up!

Loose Moose

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Free sleeping space in Wisconsin if your're passing through

Contact me directly - my landlord lives 40 miles away

and the basement will be nice and cool in the August heat...

Florida is only a 20 hour drive from my front door.

"Home is where it's hardest."


It'll be Paulfest, then a few days later Ron Paul will be the...

....Republican nominee!!

Loose Moose

All the Liberty people

in one place they just might turn the place into a big FEMA camp lol!

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

It'll be like 1776!!

Can't wait!!!!!

Loose Moose

Dress in period costume!

That would be fun! An army of Union Soldiers!!!

I am jealous

I have to work, this is the busiest time of year for me. This will be history in the making. 20 years from now they might mark this point in time when America turned from the forces of tyranny.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

You're right...."HISTORY IN THE MAKING!"


Loose Moose