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To all who will be in Ft. Worth next week

for the TX convention....
Can we come to some agreement as to what we can all wear to alert each other we are DPers? We can put our user names under our name tags or maybe wear a bracelet that we all can identify. All suggestions are welcome, I just want to know who all my revolution friends are while there. I think I will feel more comfortable knowing my DP family is with me.

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If you are a delegate,

you should be on the delegate organization page for Texas and on one for your CD. If you are signed up for the statewide one, you will see my post with a suggestion for this. I will not talk about it on a public webpage.
If you are not signed up for this page, contact me and I will see about getting you on it. It is a necessary step for you to take, to be in the know, to be effective at the convention.

The #1 Thing To Remember:

Do not out yourself as a Paul supporter.

Don't say "Ron Paul" at the microphone, don't wear a Paul shirt or button, don't bring a Gadsden flag, nothing. Just go and blend in with the wannabe Bill Kristols and Karl Roves, and vote the way Ron Paul would.

The RPT is looking to throw us out and replace us with known establishment alternates. Don't give them the chance.

Another way to look at that is,

according to our RP coordinators, this is not about any presidential candidate. It's about YOU if you are going to run for delegate or alternate. You must present yourself at all times as the GOP's next coming. Talk about wanting to be involved so you can grow into a strong Republican who is all about beating Obama and the Democrats. Talk about what makes you a good candidate to choose over the others from your CD. That's who you are running against. If you don't have a lot of GOP involvement, talk about your involvement in groups that use Roberts' Rules and any convention experience you have. If you're new, you can also talk about how Obama's damage to the economy woke you up to the need to be involved in government and how from now on,you want to be on the good guys' side. If you know for sure that you can afford to go, promise that if elected, they can depend that you will not shirk. Just say that you are dependable.
If you are running for alternate, talk about how you know it's important to be there, in case you are needed. People talk about alternates as if they are just kind of sidekicks or something but they are really important; especially to us. Young voters often get elected as alternates because the more established party workers are considered to have preference. It is seen as a way to keep new blood interested.
You're representing yourself as a consummate Republican. Dress up to the best of your ability and print up some flyers or cards with your contact info and your CD no. Include any qualifications you can muster. Pass them out to all of your fellow CD caucus. Have other Paulers hand them out for you. Wear a button or sticker with your CD number on it. Consider shaving if you have facial hair. My own son wears a short beard because he looks so young, but he will be shaving it off in order to look very presentable to the older crowd. Don't think I'm telling you that you have to do this, but if you want to be elected, it wouldn't be a bad move. Remember who your audience is. Ron has sacrificed much for our nation, over the years. Hair grows right back. I promise. If you wear your hair long and you just can't bear to part with your crowning glory, at least put it back in a ponytail.
Practice your speech until you have it down cold and be willing to accept helpful criticism, especially from those with experience and who are on our side. Smile at people and be courteous to the ladies and older folks. It will make you stand out in a positive way if you hold open doors and such.
Good luck to all and I'll see you there.

How about this we all show up at the

party in the park the first night and that is when we will get to know each other, plus they are offering Parliamentary training on the most important points of Roberts rules of order. There will be music from Jordan Paige and Dr. Paul is appearing.

Don't Miss Rules Training!

Rules training, don't miss it.

If you are standing for election as a delegate/alternate,

it is considered wise to attend the GOP banquet, which is at the same time. You don't have to stay for the whole thing but make a solid appearance. Shake a bunch of hands and pass out your campaign card or flyer. You can get a card holder for about $10.00 if you don't have one yet. Don't conspicuously leave due to Santorum's appearance on the podium. Send someone a text to phone you and act like you are taking the call somewhere else for courtesy's sake. Then come and join us.

name tag

will have my username as my name tag... it's my name.

Still debating if it'll be wise or not to bring quiltingsando's flag.

Will be there starting early Monday morning floating between rules and platform committees most likely. If you go to those, I'll be the guy walking around with a portable printer to make it available to any supporter trying to do the Lord's work in committee.

you all should be

"Romney" delegates... SHHHHHH

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

how about

It doesn't work that way...

...but nice sentiment.

Yeah, great idea

we should all wear a sticker that says "Romney Delegate" haha.


We will be die-hard Republicans

determined to beat Obama.