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Ron Paul Fans Are Pre-Gaming The Republican Convention With A Massive Party

Ron Paul fans will close out the Texas Congressman's third and final White House bid with a three-day festival/rally, scheduled to take place in Tampa immediately before the Republican National Convention.

Organizers are putting final touches on an agreement to host the event at the Florida State Fairgrounds, and are also reaching out to Paul-friendly activists, celebrities, and musicians to appear at the event.

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AWESOME....what better way to

AWESOME....what better way to get focused and gain confidence in what we are doing! Hope to go myself but probably won't have the money!

Have fun booking a hotel

Have fun booking a hotel hehehehe

I agree this should be

I agree this should be cancelled..it shouldn't be a massive 'party' idk just think the timing is odd maybe this should happen after?

Think this thing is a Big Mistake

Have said so before and likely will again-Wrong Event, Wrong Time, Wrong Location.

Also, some have said this is OK because it is no different than the "Rally for the Republic" in 2008. The "Rally for the Republic" was different than this event and the circumstances in 2008 were vastly different than they are now.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

I think it could attract a lot of support

and good press

Yep, it could

....imagine if thousands of RP folks line up with signs as he enters the convention...with NO Romney people...

2 Chron 7:13-14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

I want to go and I'm not a delegate

Is there a contact for the organizers?

Google PaulFest Burns and poe

Google PaulFest

Burns and poe will be there singing plus a lot more!

I have to agree with these guys

If you are convention delegate, stay in your room and focus on your Job. The celebration will be all the sweeter when the battle is won.

At every event there are Jerks and while our jerks generally have good intentions they also tend not to like the bossy Police or security types that try to kick sand in your face. So, I can easily see a few of our jerks getting taunted into something that will be front page news the day of the convention and it will surely be blown way way way out of proportion. A story like this could be used as a springboard for the MSN to then tell the world that we are wreaking havok at the convention as well.

Please! If you part of the convention stay home.

Let's invite some Romulans to

Let's invite some Romulans to rock.
Let them hear the message of freedom.
Remember to act as ambassadors for Ron Paul.
Don't get in trouble.
It's good to go to bed early and start the next day early.

I disagree

I think this is a great opportunity for delegates to meet each other, organize, and formulate a plan. Also I'm assuming their will be delegates that are bound to Romney but support Paul attending. Some of these delegates might not be aware that they can vote for whoever they want and planned to vote for Romney because they assumed they had too. This would be a good opportunity to educate them.

Good Points

In a previous posting I mentioned that I thought it would be a great opportunity to get soft Rombots to switch to the Paul side. I assumed that if the event was well publicized with some great music many people including non Paul supporters would attend for the party. This "party" would be a great chance to swing them over. Everyone loves a party. Mix some awesome music with a great mood and some timely given speeches by Ron Paul leaders along with a few tear jerk stories and you have a recipe for enlightenment :-)

I see your point though. Those under the Ron Paul tent come from a very wide base, some of which could prove disastrous on national tv. A few skin heads with banners reading "Aryans for Paul" could result in MSM coverage that the Paul movement and Republicans in general do not need at the convention and at the upcoming election.

Would it be possible to screen people for objectionable items and signs at the entrance?

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

I don't see how any Soft Rom suppporters would attend.

Identify the typical, soft Rom supporter. They are typically middle-aged Tea Party wannabes and they've gone to so many outdoor concerts in their lives, that I doubt they will be attracted to this one, especially outside in the humidity & heat.
They are the ABO people. That is their hot button core, gut reaction motivation.
An acquaintance of mine, I shall refer to them now, swore up & down they would NOT get behind Romney, no way, no how. They started out liking Cain, then Gingrich and now find themselves parroting the 'good reasons' to support Romney. These pple don't see how deep the corruption is. They are afraid to. In denial of. Feel helpless against. Too small to fight against. So their fantasy is that the ills of America lie in one person and that is 0bama & the person they will line up behind is the one they hope will defeat him. Even with all my rational of educating them for months, they still knee-jerk to that GUT fear: Anybody But 0bama. Their fear is Ron Paul isn't supported by The Establishment & therefore we have to get 0bama out & then deal with Romney bc he is less scary.

Galatians 5:1
It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

I think the Dr. Paul old guard is underestimating

how powerful the movement has become. Maybe it's because CIA have successfully suppressed the vote at the polls. But if the organizers do a good job, then you'll see all kinds of people there. Grandma and Grandpa, ex-liberals, teaparty, conservatives. Strippers, skinheads, hippies, soccer moms.

Points well taken but...

I get your point but I believe that the main concern is over violence. Assuming that alcohol is served at this event (is it?) that could fuel some violence between opposed groups. Say "Jews for Paul" being spat on by "Aryans for Paul". Of course, that example is an exaggeration and I doubt that people would coalesce into easily recognizable groups but there is the real risk of violence.

Those that are into conspiracy theories will also be concerned that the event could be hijacked to cause harm to the Ron Paul revolution.

My opinion is that the organisers should take some of these concerns very seriously and plan for them. I hope concerns, however, would not be enough to cancel the event.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.


This has been in the planning phase for a long time by long time Ron Paul supporters over at ronpaulforums.

It will be a great way to coordinate our efforts before the conference, but to the media...we are just "celebrating".


now that you said it's a RPF plan I have some doubts. Before you talk strategy have a random code like characters do on Harry Potter to make sure it's not intelligence.

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We're having a bit of a rough start to our MoneyBomb but with some help I am sure we can make it a success :) PLEASE help us promote this and get it on the front page (of course donate as generously as you can). I don't know how to add a graphic to our post and make the graphic the link, I would greatly appreciate any help.

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This Pre Convention Party is HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS.

Big Red Flag for me, is the fact that the msm is covering THIS, but not so much the state convention fraud.
This sounds like a way to corral a lot of RP people in one place, either for identification or to stage an 'event' to where many are arrested unjustly as a 'mob'. The fact that the media is mysteriously "on board" and reporting about it and not state convention fraud is highly suspect.
Stay focused people, our most important battle is the remaining delegates to be elected & getting those delegates to the convention.
There will be PLENTY of hotel rooms available and PLENTY of time to party AND SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE once Dr. Paul IS the nominee.
George Washington didn't take time out to party just before Valley Forge.

Galatians 5:1
It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

I see your point but...

I understand your point about the potential for nefarious activity but in this day an age, a huge party like this is a kind of battle. Showing massive support while the media and the people of this nation are paying attention can be useful. If tens of thousands of people come in from across the country for a candidate that the MSM told everyone was unelectable, it is pretty hard to dismiss. Even if the party is broken up under false claims of "rioting" it will only serve to damage the GOP and the establishment. Oh sure, the liberty movement might have a black eye, but at the very least, people would pay attention. They may even wonder, "how did a supposed candidate that stopped spending campaign money continue to amass supporters? Where is Mitt Romney's party? Shouldn't he be the one with cheering crowds?" I would say one thing though. If I was a delegate, I sure as hell would NOT be partying - just in case.


It needs to be moved to the weekend AFTER. There is too much at stake.

reedr3v's picture

None of us has precognition; those who

are fearful of possible hijinks have no more knowledge than those who are look forward to a grand celebration. In 2008 we were carried forward by little more than grassroots energy and creativity -- and of course Dr. Paul's good message of Liberty/Peace. The Rally was a terrific antidote to disappointment, a wonderful benchmark of our movement.
This time the professional Campaign has chosen and led the way with strategy, and it seems mostly an excellent one, given our numbers and resources. The grassroots energy has been more heavily funneled into becoming and supporting delegates, that has worked well.

But the creative energy of many has not been tapped fully. In the liberty movement, many see other, diverse paths to fulfill their roles as freedom warriors. Decry that and try to push everyone into the same mold and you lose a lot of good energy.

How often in this world do we get to celebrate Liberty in the company of many individuals who care deeply and passionately about peace/freedom? If you think this is worthy, contribute strategy, money, time, energy, good will . I do. If not, pass it by, keep in step with the official campaign's requests and wait to see if they bless it.

Or best of all IMO, combine the two. Contribute positive energy to celebrate our values while donating all each of us can to further the business of getting Ron Paul as many delegates and as much influence as possible through official channels. Please avoid the negativity even when you are fearful. Give constructive and prudent advice, then be assured that the positivity of the r3VOLution is our best asset, the one that will bring us far more support long term than all the cautious, rational arguments in the world.

im sorry, but i have to vote

im sorry, but i have to vote this one down.


This is NOT a good thing folks.

As a matter of strategy, we do not want to have some sort of faux-celebration, or to invite an opportunity for GOP dirty tricks (and arrests?) to happen right before the critical Tampa Republican Convention.

We want the Tampa Convention to be the place where all the energy is focused, and where we use that process to deny Mitt Romney a first-ballot nomination.

Anything that we do which is not directly serving that goal, is just misplaced and misdirected energy and a waste of resources.

It is important to focus on the real business at hand, and that is to to organize like crazy and deny Mitt Romney a first-ballot nomination in Tampa.

Do not get drawn into any other distractions (or tricks).

Watch Out!

The media is covering this for a reason, they may say that this turned into a violent protest somehow, in order to cancel the Republican Nomination. I doubt it but you never know. They will pull anything to get what they want.

"To say, 'nothing is true', is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say, 'everything is permitted', is to understand that we are the architects of our actions.

The RNC will be tardy to the party

as usual.