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hey NY! Ron Paul wants to protect your right to drink soda if thats what your prefer

Freedom= Ron Paul!

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The law IS ridiculous, but:

The law IS ridiculous, but: 1. You do not help the cause by spreading bullshit. No one is banning soft drinks. and 2. Ron Paul would not put a stop to this even if he WAS president. He would be very much AGAINST a federal law preventing this law from going into effect.

It's a States issue

It's up to the people of NY to take back their power from their tyrannical governor. But we liberty lovers will support you all the way!

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States rights issue

I don't think RP would get involved with any of this nonsense. This is a states rights issue, not federal. If they want to ban it, it is their right to do so. This has to be attacked from a local level. The people have a say in this if they would only speak out!

federal power vs. states rights

I agree that Ron Paul wants to diminish federal power so that the feds stop controlling the states -- but I disagree where you said that "if the states want to ban it, it is their right to do so".

The feds have no right, but neither do the states.

Where does a state or local government get the right to use violence or theft against peaceful soda sellers?

this kind of BS

brings all sorts of rage to my mind.

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is out of his freakin' mind on this one. Get that schmuck out of office, it was bad enough he re-wrote the rules to stay in another term, but this abuse of power is ridiculous.