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Make a List of Romney Delegates-HERE

Let's make of list of Delegates who support Romney.

They let's start converting them through email, phone calls, doorknob hangers, personal private mail, fedex, whatever...to the CONSTITUTIONAL

Start the list:

l. Chris Christie-NJ
2. Michelle Swissmiss Bachmann-MN

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California delegates

California hasn't had its primary yet, but the Romney (and Paul) delegates have already been chosen; which ones get to go to Tampa will depend on the outcome of the primary in each congressional district. So once the June 5th primary is over, look up the delegates for any districts that Romney won.

California This is the list for California -- scroll down to Page 5 of the pdf to see the names of all the Romney delegates.

Here's how to get their contact into: first of all, go to the FEC website here. Type in the delegate's name, and select California. Search for people who have donated to Republican candidates or the RNC. Some people can't be identified by this method, if they haven't made any political contributions, or if they have a very common name -- but about 75% can. That will give you the city where they live, and their zip code.

Once you have their city and zip, go to whitepages.com or Zabasearch.com to find their street address and telephone number.

The rest is up to you. Adopt a delegate?

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This is wonderful! Yes...I think everyone needs to adopt a

delegate and very methodically and nicely educate that person OVER and OVER about Ron Paul...

Do not worry about hitting them too many times as all of us are still learning, right?

Ladies and Gentleman pick your targets!


Ohhh How to overcome the

Ohhh How to overcome the massive Romney delegate count of 2? What should we do?

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

If you list the Romney delegates

Then by process of elimination they can figure out the Ron Paul Delegates......or does it matter at this point?

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

I agree

Not to say this is the intention of the poster, but I think it would reveal our delegates.
I would think delegates still need to keep their heads down.

2 delegates

Yep thats about all he has.. lol

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Just blanket email spaceh's masterpiece to ALL delegates :-)


If they don't "get it" after reading THIS, forget about them. Just be super polite to them and move on to another person or more fruitful projects, like tending vegetable & rose gardens :-)

I disagree...this is a sales process. I think the average

number of contacts it takes to "get" a customer is 7 contacts. Could be wrong...but I know it's not "one".

They have to be caught in a receptive moment....and just becaus they got the email that day does not mean it was a good day...maybe their car broke down...maybe their lobbyist brought the wrong kind of birthday cake to them...who knows.