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Envious of Ron Paul “Conventioner’s “

Sorry, I am venting on the superior lack of activism in my area.

It seems that the states where there are conventions for delegates have the Ron Paul people participating at exemplary levels. I wish I was with you taking on the bad guys. I envy you all.

In Western New York, we have Ron Paul Hypocrisy. The RP folks are gung ho for RP and discuss, and especially key him, to who they can. And, that’s, … about it.

Last night has convinced me that I cannot expel my energy at the level I have been, to inspire these folks to get involved in the political process. They don’t want to do it, period. They do not want to become committee people, nor attend Party meetings. They just want to inform people to become aware.

As soon as they find out whom or what are the bad guys, they – run away. They want no part of working the local bad guys only the world wide ones - virtually.

However, they love that the Paul people in other states are kicking butt in the political process; hence, these Western New York Ron Paul people are hypocrites. RPH's.

We have petitioning starting on June 5 for committeeman in the Republican party. So how many RP people from WNY are going to petition out of two RP meetup groups that have a total of over maybe 100 local members out of 240? Honestly, probably 3 or less, if that. And I think one is doing it as an obligation to me.

And you know how many RP veterans from 2007 and 08 are becoming committeemen, excluding me? ZERO! This includes four that were and are the coordinators from those RP meetup groups. These are our inspirational RP Liberty Movement leaders for Western New York.

The Conventioner’s are working real people whom you see the whites of their eyes. Our locals talk and key about real people only if they can’t see the whites of their eyes.

Yes, I am wearing my frustration on my sleeve and I have come here on the DP to display it. I am deeply saddened by our RP locals and ecstatic for the nationwide conventioner’s.

I am at the end of my whit’s here. So I have a suggestion. How about we have part of the Chip’in for activism go to pay some of those who led the conventions and have them come to my area and try and inspire these RPH’s to get off their butts.

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tony m, we need those people too!

I understand your frustration completely, also understand why they don't want to get involved. It is easier not to, for sure. I understand it more every county level meeting I attend. But - those are people who might just sneak up on the polls in November and do a write in vote. Now that's the most feared senario IMO. Millions of people who have not been 'seen', going to the polls like ants to a dropped ice cream cone!

Don't be discouraged. Take some time for a recharge maybe. I highly recommend a recent TMOTT video!


(posted here: http://www.dailypaul.com/237159/tmot-romney-loses-nomination... )

I'm a 20 something and I only saw older people at my county

convention. Mostly people over 35 were participating. I don't know if it is the delegate fees, or not being able to wake up early in the morning, or what. I have heard it is like this all over. I look at all the livestreams of the conventions and it shows it. Yes, there are young people, but not like what you see online on all the blogs.

There are no fees

to get involved in anything in my neck of the woods. What it takes, is showing up. Bodies.

Yes, here, it is the older folks kicking butts, not the young ones. Our college students are non-existent unless it is on the computer or phone I would say.

But as far as hard activism, the kind they admire, nothing.