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A federal court has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional

A federal court has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, saying it denies federal benefits to married gay couples. The law defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.


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If Conservatives hadn't been wasting their time

trying to get an impossible marriage protection amendment passed and instead concentrated their efforts on the Marriage Protection Act, this wouldn't be happening.

I remember reading...

I remember reading an article once on WorldNetDaily (probably better called ZionistNetDaily, they stop at nothing to kiss Israel's rear end) in which the writer said that Ron Paul's position on marriage (that the govt' should not have a say in the matter) was misguided and that the govt' has always been involved in marriage....

Which is BS, of course. Any thoughts?

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I agree with this because of

I agree with this because of the federal benefits that married people receive is unequal treatment, but at the same time as a single person living with his girlfriend I am also unequally treated because I also, do not receive those benefits. Give no one benefits and we'll have no problem.

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The point is, there is

The point is, there is nothing stopping YOU from obtaining those benefits. It is your choice to not take advantage of them.


Government protected marriage is currently not an option for homosexuals. But today, many heterosexuals choose to simply live together. The only reason that homosexuals demand "marriage rights" is for the benefits. Otherwise, living together would suit them just as well as the heterosexuals. If it's just "marriage" that they want, find a preacher and get it done - no problem.
Ron Paul is right - get the government out of marriage and one takes away any financial incentives - then marriage would only appeal to those who have moral or religious motives.