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FCC complaint deadline 5/31

The Ron Paul 2012 campaign headquarters is in Springfield, VA, which is covered by Washington DC news. Every so often, these news stations & radio stations have to submit to have their FCC license (broadcast) renewed. Viewers (not sure if thats website viewers or actual TV viewers) are invited to submit comments/ complaints to the FCC/ news station about programming, news coverage & why the license should/ should not be renewed. There could be others, but this affects NBC. Keep in mind, NBC nightly news, national, is also aired on this channel. If you feel NBC Washington has not lived up to its journalistic expectations, that they haven't given Ron Paul the coverage he deserves & if they didn't pay enough attn. to the office in Springfield, you have the option of airing that in the form of a comment/ complaint. Cut off time is probably before 5 PM Eastern. There is a form on their website it can be submitted through with the option of submitting also to the FCC. Not sure if you actually have to be in their viewing area to have the comment/ complaint considered.

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I have a complaint to the

I have a complaint to the FCC: Howard Stern needs to get Lupe Fuentes on his show more often!

The FCC never bites the hand that feeds them.

I don't recall the FCC ever denying the renewal of a license of corporate media. The FCC only picks on little guys, per their master's orders.