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Observations From an 18 Year Old

So I "woke up" about a year ago and since then a few parts of my life have changed pretty drastically. They include Television, music and my diet and I firmly believe the three of these affect how our species thinks more than we understand.
I haven't watched TV in nearly four months, but my friends still do and a lot of what they watch promotes drinking and partying, which isn't entirely bad, but people want to act like the people on the TV shows. This means that instead of reading and learning or just discussing somewhat deep topics, nearly all of my friends only talk about partying, girls, money and videogames. It's pathetic...This doesn't even include the subliminal programming that i am convinced is in all TV shows. Long story short TV is extremely dumbed down.
Music is very similar to TV. The whole entertainment industry is in cahoots with the government in dumbing down the youth. All radio/popular music is about girls, money and alcohol. When people hear this same message over and over again they see it as true. They think that money is the key to happiness when in reality money is far from what makes a person happy.
Last up is diet. My friends can and do eat froot loops for breakfast, pizza for lunch and McDonalds for dinner. Are you kidding me? A diet like this definitely slows down brain power and capacity. Not to mention, the health risks associated with this type of diet. I try to tell them what they're doing to their bodies, but they don't listen. They're convinced that at our age they can eat anything with no side effects. Anyways this is how a lot of my people my age act nowadays. They are all stuck in the cash race, but what they don't realize is that the race will prevent them from living happier lives.
Thanks for reading! This was my first post here. RP2012!

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Good for you!

You are investing in your future. It won't be long before you realize those other kids are going no where fast. You, on the other hand, are making something of yourself!

Well done you!

This is what grassroots are all about!