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Want to help a local freedom candidate?

Here in Florida we have a similar shadow party to Nevada's. On the way out as govenor Mr Crist appointed the former REC chair's wife to a vacancy due to retirement on our county commission rather than waiting until the next election. And then they fought our 8 year term limits amendment all the way to the Florida Supreme court.

We won a few weeks ago.

So now their guy cant run again and we have an open seat up for election and the shadow party has put one of theirs to fill the seat which will give them entire control of our commission with a billion dollar budget. They then issued a press release showing support of previous RINO chairs to make it look like the new liberty minded REC is behind this candidate. We ARE NOT!

They have lots of money and we don't. We have lots of volunteers among 3 grass roots groups. The Ron Paul group, the Tea Party group, and the 9/12 group. Enough of us that we can get a good candidate elected.

We have found that candidate we all can agree on and I know him personally and recruited him to run. The catch? We have until next Friday morning June 8 to cover the ballot filing fee of $4713. We have raised about $2000 already.

We all know the RP people here could easily get him the rest of the way. He has a thermometer on his website showing online contributions. Add about $1000 to that from offline money. Folks I know there are about 200 people reading this right now. And I know you have been hit up time and again for money. But seriously if you are reading this and give $10-$20 each he will have the money in 24 hours.

This will put one of ours on the county commission. For the cost of just 1 lunch or 2 coffees you can change Sarasota County and defeat the shadow party. Are you up to it? Randy can really win. He has our support can we get a little from you.

PLEASE take a moment to contribute just $10 to $20 on www.voteforrandy.com . If you doubt my commitment search these boards for me and see how long I have been here. Our family met the full legal amount for Paul and have given the full legal amount to Randy. Please help. Thank you all for your dedication to liberty!

To see the collection thermometer go to campaign contributions and then click the click here to make an online contribution and then when that screen pops up it is at the top. Up to $1270 already.

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In reply to your questions.

I can tell you that Randy’s heart is pure. His desire to do the right thing is foremost in his mind, and his ethics are unshakable. He is the best candidate we’ve got in order to regain this extremely important seat to send a message that we’re strong, we’re out here, and we will be heard. This is our first major step towards cleaning house.

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Maybe it's my eyes...

but I'm looking at your Web site trying to find at least one objection to our endless unConstitutional wars and can't find any. I did notice strong support for the Paul Ryan budget that is guaranteed to continue growing our federal leviathan for the next 30 years.

Didn't see any support for Ron Paul.

Am I not looking in the right places?

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Remember this is a county commission race

The commissioners have no federal responsibilities. Wars and federal budget are not a part of the campaign. Agenda 21 has taken a large hold of our county and we need well informed people that stand against it and with property rights. Also our small county has a $1 billion dollar budget! He is for shrinking it. He is for eliminating red tape on businesses. I can tell you there are LOTS of RP bumper stickers at the taking our country back meetings. There are a ton of tea party people that once informed back RP. And remember we are up against the old establishment so we need to build a coalition to succeed.

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Yes, but...

you've come on the DP requesting money that might otherwise go to supporting the Liberty Movement, which exists because of Dr. Paul's positions on the wars, the federal budget, and other national issues.

I think it's reasonable for us to ask if your candidate holds views in keeping with the R3volution. It would be helpful if he listed not only his positions on local issues but also on those issues that draw us to Dr. Paul. After all, national politicians usually start at the local level so we need to be wise with our funds from the ground up.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

I understand

and if you haven't hit your limit for RP by all means send it there first but if you can't give anymore to Paul this is a local option where we only need a mini-bomb to make huge progress in my county.

I'd love to donate to a candidate...

...that represents the ideals of the liberty movement, but I don't see a whole lot on that website that leads me to believe that Randy is that candidate.

I might think so if I met him in person, but that website is cobbled together with very little information about whom that candidate is, what is his platform, and goal should he be elected into office.

It's all well and fine to be fiscally "responsible", but how? and more importantly there is a link to another website founded by him called...


Which seems to be nothing more than an Anti-Obama Anti-Democrat page. I see links on that page that are Pro-Romney, Pro-Rubio, Anti-Islamic, and Pro-Catholic.

I'm sorry... but that doesn't strike me as being in-line with this movement. It seems more like the co-opted "Tea Party" that is really just the Rhino right in disguise.

Since Randy founded Englewood's Tea Party group "Taking Our Country Back" you guys pride yourselves on getting Marc Rubio into office?

Rubio has proven himself to be nothing short of a traitor to the American people. He's a Romney endorser, Pro-Big Government, and Pro-War Machine GLOBALLY.

If these ideas are who Randy aligns himself with I see no reason to support him, especially with my hard earned money.

If I am wrong about any of the above? I apologies... but that is where your links and candidates record have lead me. If his platform or agenda is different than that you all have not done a very good job of pleading your case!

Good luck to you!



A IzUnReal firster, not any change just two chickenhawk rino's was their choices.


Please standby....

Yes, you have good observations and have very good questions. I commend you for your due diligence. I am composing a very detailed reply to address your concerns, and will post it shortly. In the meantime I know Randy and I can tell you I wouldn't be supporting him if I didn't think it would help our movement.


But I don't have a dollar to my name. I live from day to day, not week to week or month to month.

nice giant paragraph,

nice giant paragraph, couldn't hang

fixed it.

Sorry about the run on.

ok guys and gals

a lot of people reading this and not taking action. I know we are all tapped out but how about $5 even? There is enough people on here that even that would put him over. We know we can win this seat if we can just got on the ballot. They are assuming we can't afford it. Let's show them different.

Ouch. Paragraphs.


I know right...

Sorry. Fixed it now.

For Freedom!

Put another Stake in the heart of this evil!

Great work!

It looks like the goal is close. Thanks for being so active. Hopefully more people will see this post and not only donate but get involved in their local GOP so we can have more stories such as this one.

Thanks everyone.

It is starting to show already. The ticker is a few minutes behind.

Lets keep it up!!!


Yeah, I'm gonna help this guy out. Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it. The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic join us. I commend this guy for (at least trying to) becoming a hero!