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Texas Vet RP Delegate Needs Help for Texas Convention!

This chipin is for a friend of mine in Texas. She is a long time Ron Paul supporter who primarily spends her time on Facebook and other sites. I wanted to tell you a little about what she has done and ask you guys to help her out on her journey to the Texas State Convention. First off she doesn't need much but I would ask that we give more than she is requesting. I know she had to quit her current job and take another one in order to get the time off to attend the convention even though she had hours available for vacation she was denied the time off for the convention. So she quit. The job she is going to will actually be harder for her to make ends met. When I was talking to her about it, she had the same attitude that so many of us have - but if it means that Dr. Paul becomes President than it will be worth it.

Never let it be said we did nothing....

Also I know she has a plumbing problem at her house but has put off getting a plumber there because of the convention - so she is turning the water on and off as needed (at the street) in order to use the money she has to go to the convention as a delegate for Dr. Paul.

She will be staying with her niece and taking sandwiches and such to eat reducing her cost. Her nieces husband has been scouting free parking within walking distance to reduce that cost....

She is a vet and has been a supporter of Dr. Paul for years - much longer than I have even know about him. She more than deserves our help. Let's flood her with generosity...she will not be paid for the days at the convention and will be facing a rough time when she returns... again her response was - it will be worth it if I can help Dr. Paul become president.

Help me help her stand for our liberties!

If you want more information please contact me. Thanks for all you guys do for liberty!


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Is this your friend?


If so, thanks for the rest of the story.