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Patriots Fighting ‘The Ballot Box Establishment’

My 1st post to the DP though I have had it as my Home Page for a couple years! I have been a Ron Paul supporter since his '88 run for POTUS.

I am a Vietnam Vet, 62 years old, disabled and fighting for benefits, but enough about me.

This last few years has brought tears to my eyes as I have watched this generation seeking to reclaim the values that I and my fellow vets thought we were defending.

In Nam we had a saying...."Ain't no thing!".... but to many of us it was the loss of our youth, our future, and coming home(as many brave young souls and brothers didn't) to find that same feeling echoed in the hearts and minds of those we served, against us.... well.... some wounds don't heal so well.

Many trips to VA hospitals, clinics, in many states, the view is the same. The faces change, the wars change, but never the pain, suffering and lost youth. Now, there is a new element added to the grief I feel when on these many visits to the doctors. Upon the grounds, like the rock festivals of old, tents, vans, buses....housing homeless, jobless vets, used, broken, outcast, by those they served, forgotten relics, tools of undeclared wars for some corporate interest.

Therein lies the problem! Corporations have NO feelings, they are NOT people, the carry nor do they offer PRIDE for having served our great nation. Those in Washington have no understanding of the emptiness, the suffering, the sacrifice, other than that their speech writers intone on teleprompters. America sleeps as the hawks and vultures circle!

But you PATRIOTS! I have never been more proud of anything in my generation, and I have seen miracles! Man walk on the moon, microwave ovens, personal computers with wireless communication, cell phones more capable than a 12 story building full of equipment in my day!

My tears are of joy! My heart heals with each passing day as I watch and read of this generation fighting to reclaim my lost soul, and the pride of the nation I proudly served.

My action hero, the champion of my sanity, the savior of my waning pride for the past many years has been Dr Ron Paul. A doctor in deed, who has helped to heal me though we have never met, and now you patriots bring life back into dimming eyes, a shallow shell of a broken vet.

With tears welling within me, and with appreciation beyond words alone, this vet thanks you, and I truly believe through your efforts, we may once again see pride restored to this great nation in my lifetime, providing me yet again, the greatest miracle of this lifetime!

I thank you! The Revolution continues! Perhaps you will allow this broken vet among your ranks?

I offer this, yet another sign NONE of us stand alone!


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Who I am....nobody special, a Ron Paul supporter, a Marine Vet

Seven weeks ago I had surgery so I could walk, sit comfortably, and move about again.

I am a Marine Veteran, Vietnam era, OA cancer cell survivor, boots on the ground 68-70.

I have been fighting for benefits for 30 years and have received none....but medical. Another story... No job (lost to the oil spill), No welfare, No retirement, but skilled in computer sciences, and by the grace of God able to live from month to month on my abilities, and support my family (between hospital visits).

I provide through selling laptops (I rebuild) and repair at a weekend flea market booth where my Ron Paul bumper stickers, hand bills, super brochures, yard signs and palm cards are freely available and on display. My small American flag waves proudly above these items, and I have distributed 100's of these items to locals and travelers thru my small part of Florida! Over 300 donated RP bumper stickers and SB's have channeled thru my small effort alone. I have stolen many of my customers from The Grinch, Robme and others, who changed their vote for our good Dr. My idleness has NOT been wasted as my body has, and as my strength returns, so does my effort....which brings me to begin posting.

I have seen the trolls, read the posts, clicked the links, done the time.... and can probably quote RP gospel as many here, and do so daily in my poetry and peer-2-peer social sites and with business contacts.

A troll I may be, or appear, in the physical (improving of late).....but sickness does things to a body. My soul and conscience are clear however, and my support is "Paul or not at all!"

Perhaps we will meet at the Ron Paul Festival if my volunteer status should be accepted...perhaps even if it is not, as finances are a large issue in my existence.

FYI.... The link is from "The Personal Liberty Digest" to which I am a subscriber. Many are excellent submissions on the site , some even I don't agree with politicly, but then even many supporters of the good Dr don't agree with everything....for instance his compassion to NOT disrupt, strike back in revenge, even tho we are slighted at every turn....but I will ALWAYS yield to his experience and principaled example, giving him the benefit of ALL doubt! As we all should!

The race for POTUS is his to win or lose, but the battle is ours, in that regard, he is the General!

If you can read this thank a teacher. Because it's in English thank a soldier!

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
- Alexis de Tocqueville

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You have NO track record Mr. 5 hour & 28 minute member

You have no track record and you have been a member 5 hours and 28 minutes. You have one post and no comments. Your story line doesn't hold up and then this article referenced ?????? and more?????

Who are these people who want information reported to them????

Back off

Get a grip Ms. 24 weeks 4 days member.

I lurked on DailyPaul for years before feeling compelled to register so that I could post a comment. No need to jump on a guy who is just sharing his inspiring story with us.

Please explain. Where does he ask for information?

I thought he was just telling his story. I wasn't born when the Vietnam war was happening. Where does his story line not hold up?

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to have Daily Paul Homepage for two years and a member of Daily Paul for less than a day. No track information to posts or comments.
This elaborate sob story may very well be true, it is the request at the end of the article for information to be submitted to americanstatesman.org that may relate to another post about the 9th circuit lawsuit and an ongoing discussion about legitimacy of the source of the post suggesting questionable motives of the participants.

Strange that this post should show up at this time from this person and he has no track record on the Daily Paul.

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Thanks for the post

and the article. So true. BTW I was drafted in 1970. That was the year the draft lottery used up all of the possible numbers by June...

Jan 70....a smile fades....

Unable to land at LAX due to crowds of protesters, our flight is diverted to LTA ElToro, a military airbase. We are told it is best not to wear our uniforms when leaving the base, as our campaign medals for service in Vietnam may cause us undue problems, so the purchase of civilian clothing was recommended before obtaining passes.

Our welcome home was one of warning against the very people we thought we were there defending.

At 19 years old, a war veteran. Dumped without ceremony on an unforgiving nation of his birth and service.

Some wounds just don't heal when a nation and it's leaders fail to learn from their mistakes.

If you can read this thank a teacher. Because it's in English thank a soldier!

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
- Alexis de Tocqueville

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Good article, thank you.

Good article, thank you.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father